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“I train models constantly so they can be good trainers, not just good models.”

We were delighted that Lourdes, from LourdesStudio, accepted our invitation to be part of our #VideoChatStories project. Lourdes is a very well known model, who built success on two fronts: as a model she managed the performance of an income of $71529 in one month, and as a studio owner she developed a business strategy that annually records over 50 thousand appearances in the top models video chat with the highest revenues on the international platform Jasmin.

I would like to start by asking you: What does it mean to have a studio nowadays?
It means a lot of involvement, hard work, and also dedication. Both the models and us, the studio owners, have to be very dedicated. From the very beginning, when I started my own studio, I aimed for really good results, and was most interested in the quality of the model for Lourdes Studio.
I have a very dedicated team of ex models from our studio, and I find it very important to avoid hiring a random trainer who doesn’t have anything to do with this industry and this job. I don’t even really like to call it a job, because it’s something that we really enjoy doing, otherwise we couldn’t be models and we couldn’t express what we usually do. So basically, our trainers are ex models of our studio who wanted to quit modeling or just have a break, and choose to become trainers instead. Probably that’s the reason we have these amazing results: they know exactly what they are doing. I train them constantly so they can be good trainers, not just good models.

Why did you decide to start your own studio?
I was already a video chat model for years, I was living in Germany, but I had lots of friends in Romania. It’s a long story… I’ve been living in Germany for about 25 years and a lot of my friends told me they wanted to do what I was doing, because I was very open with my job. There was a problem though. In Romania there were only studios run by men and the girls would really wish to work for a woman or with a model who can really teach them what to do. So, at that point, I decided to leave my life in Germany behind and come to Romania. I was obviously missing home, but I came back also because I was in need of friends whom I could open myself towards, and tell them about the problems in the videochat industry. We are indeed sometimes burdened with a lot of negative energy from everything that happens, and we really need to get rid of all that. We can’t do it at home, so we are doing it with someone that understands what’s happening. I really wanted to have friends that do the same thing that I do, to spend time, and have fun together, and at the same time to exchange experiences one with the other.

How do you decide between a free or a premium cam site?
It’s not me who’s choosing, the models are by what they express and desire. They don’t come especially for a freemium camsite, but along the way they realize they are good entertainers for example, and being on a premium cam site you can’t really express that because you don’t have enough time, they take you in private, and if you talk too much it’s not so well. I was never the owner that imposed something, and I wouldn’t like it to be totally freemium either. I always tell models if they are glamorous and if entertaining is involved, we can go on fermium. Otherwise, I don’t want that typical freemium with undressing in free chat, and everyone seeing you like that. We keep nudity for the private zone at our studio, but, as I was saying, the model is the one to choose the best option for her.

What is the biggest challenge for you?
Model’s confidence in herself. They are usually very disappointed with other people in this industry, people that promise too many things that don’t happen afterwards, starting with the amount of money they can earn and don’t actually get to the model’s professional growth which doesn’t happen as they promise. And then there are threats like “if you leave us it can happen and that…”. We don’t do stuff like that, our contract is very clear, if you want to leave tomorrow, you are to do so, no restrictions at all. It’s your decision, your life. Also, sometimes models don’t evolve, or they get stuck somewhere. At that moment, us, as owners, have to do something, we have to help models evolve, grow. Obviously with their help and implication, but we still have to do something about that. Read more articles here

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It’s quite easy to reach a high level, but very hard to maintain yourself there

Since the beginning of the adventure in the video chat industry (2001), the BEST STUDIOS team has focused on performance. Vision, work and professionalism, determination and devotion, confidence and courage characterize them, ensure their success and make them one of the best!

In less than a year since its launch, BEST STUDIOS has reached an impressive level of notoriety, being recognized as a top brand worldwide in the industry. Testimony in this sense are the awards and certifications obtained, the financial results registered by the organization in general and by models in particular, as well as the interest shown by potential investors in accessing their franchise system.

We had the pleasure to talk to Maria Boroghina, Best Studios Operational Manager, and found out some insights of the Best Studios Company, together with lots of tips and some spicy facts from the videochat industry.

How did you start to work in the live cam industry?
At one point I was looking for a job, back then you could find a job in the newspaper. At first, I found a studio in Bucharest, I went to an interview, they even asked me money to open up my model account, I didn’t find that pro enough. I have searched again, and then I found an ad for a studio based in Holland, so I said I will give it a try.

Were they asking you money back then to start an account, because I know they are free now?
They don’t cost anything now, and not even then, but they were also studios that were offering you this service for a fee.

How is Maria describing herself?
I’m a totally normal woman, happy most of the time, and sometimes unhappy, full of life, surrounded by many beautiful people.

How do you think your colleagues are seeing you?
Well, now it depends on who you’re asking. My colleagues are at the same time my staff. For some of them I’m their boss, for some I’m a friend, for some I’m even more than that, I’m their family. And then we also have the models, the old ones I consider them my friends, the new ones only know me from Youtube, and for other models I’m that presence in the studio from whom they can learn something.

What is it like to be the operational manager of Best Studios Company?
Hard! It’s even harder than people imagine. Everyone thinks that at a videochat studio, the manager is doing just a bunch of tasks, and even that what we do for them is not a big deal. We are a huge company, we have 97 people in our staff, so there is a need for lots of managers. We have a General Manager, a Development Manager, I am the Operational Manager, a Manager for the franchise, a Models Recruitment Manager, an HR, and then everybody is taking care of his own part. I’m doing a lot of marketing tasks, and also a lot of recruiting and training for the models, and also I’m helping them to integrate into the studio. I can say that there are sometimes quiet days, and then there are days in which I have tons of things to do and I worry that I don’t have plenty of time to finish my tasks.

In which section do you have to invest, so you can have constant profits? In the marketing section? In the training of the models? In their traffic?
We don’t buy traffic for our models, and I believe the most important thing you have to invest in is your staff. Even if you have the most beautiful studio in the world, or the best technology, if the staff is not a quality one, then you will never have success. I would say that you must have people with a good heart, with whom you can go further. This is the major investment you can make. And after this, if you are a big studio, of course you need pretty buildings, beautiful rooms, a good internet connection, the latest technology, connections with the cam sites. There are many factors that can bring you benefits, but 90% of the process is about the human resource in your studio.

Which is the biggest challenge for your studio?
Depends on the day. One day the challenge might be to maintain the studio clean, on another day is to keep your staff happy, and on some other days to keep the models happy. But I think the most important thing is to maintain the standards we have now. It’s quite easy to reach a high level, but very hard to maintain yourself there. I think this is the biggest challenge for us.

How do you see this industry in the next few years?
I don’t really know what to say. If you had asked me 2 years ago what would happen, I wouldn’t even think about the pandemia. [..]You can see the whole interview on our Youtube Channel #VideoChatStories and while you are there don’t forget to hit the subscribe button and stay tuned for more interesting, unveiled stories! Read more articles here

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“I think camming is the future, somehow everything is heading towards there.”

We were so happy to have Robert from Elitta Studio as part of our #VideoChatStories project. Robert has managed to build a strong, young team, in full development and with over 4 years of experience in the video chat industry. A team dedicated 100% to this field in order to offer the best conditions to their models. Here are some insights from our exclusive interview with Robert.

From your own perspective Robert, what is it like to have a studio nowadays?
It’s a real challenge. You need to be very ambitious. Having a videochat studio means to help people grow, help them find their way in this industry.

Why have you decided to open a studio?
It was actually a friend`s suggestion. Meanwhile, we stopped collaborating, but we remained friends. He came with the idea to start a business like this.

How do you decide between a free or a premium cam site?
I’m not making the choice. We collaborate exclusively with a premium cam site. The models that work with us choose the cam site, or they come to us because we work with a certain cam site.
We only collaborate with a certain cam site. To work on more sites at once, like others do, models need to have distributive attention. Then again, as a model, you end up earning the same amount of money no matter if you work on one single cam site or more. Cumulating the income, you will see you have the same results. Often a model that is working on a multisite scheme is actually choosing to work on a cam site that she actually likes, and the others will be left aside.

What is the biggest challenge for you?
We face challenges every day. There is some competition out there, and you have to come with something new, so you can maintain your business. You always have to come with something new. Every studio offers certain advantages to their models, and you have to keep up with all those. Hiring someone new is probably the greatest challenge, because you start working with people.

How do you see this industry in the next few years?
I think videochat is the future, somehow everything is heading towards there. The technology has evolved so much, everybody is using Facebook, Instagram, all the social networks. Platforms evolved with the internet, and everything is so accessible nowadays. You can go online even from your phone, you can be in touch with your members from anywhere. And I think that is the future of the online environment.

Tell is a short funny story from your own studio.
The funniest story I think was when my colleagues went to some filming in Lepsa, and when they left, they actually forgot one of the models there. They stopped on the way to buy some water or something like that, and only after 60 km they realized that they left without the model, and they had to go back for her.

Do you think Romanian models are rated as they should be by the cam sites?

I think all the models are treated the same. Romania is probably one of the biggest models markets in the world, therefore it is possible to have some advantages. Read more articles here

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“I’m not playing a character, but somehow, both my sides, the dominant one and my normal human one, are meeting in the middle.”

An exclusive interview with the one and only Mistress Kennya. The only Goddess you will ever need to serve from now on, a supreme Romanian beauty, television personality and educator of men. Here is a revealing Q&A with Oana, the woman behind Mistress Kennya, and insights from the BDSM videochat industry.

Oana, I would like to start by asking you how Mistress Kennya describes herself?
I couldn’t describe myself, and I don’t want to be narcissistic. How could I describe myself? I’m a normal person despite all appearances, a warm person, a woman like all the other women. I don’t think there is a different thing to describe me as Mistress Kennya. I’m a normal human even when I become Mistress Kennya or when I am Oana, even though I always tried to divide these two characters. After all I realized that I’m not playing a character, but somehow at the middle of the way, both my sides, the dominant one with my normal human one, are meeting. I’ve learned to combine them. I’m an absolutely normal person, the only thing is that I practice BDSM, and fetish. These are the only things I can say about myself.

How do you think your employees see you?
Before they get to know me, it’s exactly what I was saying before, at first they think I am a very strict person, a tough person, very cold. Then, after they get to know me, I think they see me as the best person in their life. The thing is that the people who remained next to me are the people who resonated with me. I don’t have employees, they are my friends. Even though they say this expression really often in our industry “we are a family”, in my studio I really have a family. I don’t like to say that I hired somebody, but I like to say that I’ve adopted somebody. I am, somehow, their mommy at the studio. I think this is the word for it, I think that in my studio they see me as their mother, not as their boss.

Let’s talk about regrets! Do you have any regrets since you’ve entered this industry?
The only thing I regret is that I didn’t start earlier, I’ve started pretty late, I was already 22 years old. I heard back then about the videochat, but you couldn’t have too much access to the information, and that’s why I’ve debuted so late. And the second regret of mine is the image I’ve created as a Mistress, because people around me don’t really understand what BDSM is, they think it’s a bad thing and that it’s about fighting and stuff like that.It can be a good thing too, but basically this is my regret, that this image I’ve created keeps people away, they actually look stressed in front of me, and everywhere I go they would know that Kennya comes. They would be like, “Be quiet!”.

Which is the biggest challenge for you as a studio, or for you as Mistress Kennya?
The biggest challenge for me, sometimes,is not to quit being a model. The challenge is to keep up with the changes that come for the videochat industry, and to keep on being a model while I’m a trainer too, let’s say it like that. This is the real challenge, to be able to divide myself between being a trainer and being a model, because I don’t want to give up on the last one.

Do you think Romanian models are rated as they should be by the cam sites?
I don’t know if I should answer this question. Everybody saw that certain camsites favor certain countries. From us, they ask for the maximum of everything. Read more articles here

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