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“I train models constantly so they can be good trainers, not just good models.”

We were delighted that Lourdes, from LourdesStudio, accepted our invitation to be part of our #VideoChatStories project. Lourdes is a very well known model, who built success on two fronts: as a model she managed the performance of an income of $71529 in one month, and as a studio owner she developed a business strategy that annually records over 50 thousand appearances in the top models video chat with the highest revenues on the international platform Jasmin.

I would like to start by asking you: What does it mean to have a studio nowadays?
It means a lot of involvement, hard work, and also dedication. Both the models and us, the studio owners, have to be very dedicated. From the very beginning, when I started my own studio, I aimed for really good results, and was most interested in the quality of the model for Lourdes Studio.
I have a very dedicated team of ex models from our studio, and I find it very important to avoid hiring a random trainer who doesn’t have anything to do with this industry and this job. I don’t even really like to call it a job, because it’s something that we really enjoy doing, otherwise we couldn’t be models and we couldn’t express what we usually do. So basically, our trainers are ex models of our studio who wanted to quit modeling or just have a break, and choose to become trainers instead. Probably that’s the reason we have these amazing results: they know exactly what they are doing. I train them constantly so they can be good trainers, not just good models.

Why did you decide to start your own studio?
I was already a video chat model for years, I was living in Germany, but I had lots of friends in Romania. It’s a long story… I’ve been living in Germany for about 25 years and a lot of my friends told me they wanted to do what I was doing, because I was very open with my job. There was a problem though. In Romania there were only studios run by men and the girls would really wish to work for a woman or with a model who can really teach them what to do. So, at that point, I decided to leave my life in Germany behind and come to Romania. I was obviously missing home, but I came back also because I was in need of friends whom I could open myself towards, and tell them about the problems in the videochat industry. We are indeed sometimes burdened with a lot of negative energy from everything that happens, and we really need to get rid of all that. We can’t do it at home, so we are doing it with someone that understands what’s happening. I really wanted to have friends that do the same thing that I do, to spend time, and have fun together, and at the same time to exchange experiences one with the other.

How do you decide between a free or a premium cam site?
It’s not me who’s choosing, the models are by what they express and desire. They don’t come especially for a freemium camsite, but along the way they realize they are good entertainers for example, and being on a premium cam site you can’t really express that because you don’t have enough time, they take you in private, and if you talk too much it’s not so well. I was never the owner that imposed something, and I wouldn’t like it to be totally freemium either. I always tell models if they are glamorous and if entertaining is involved, we can go on fermium. Otherwise, I don’t want that typical freemium with undressing in free chat, and everyone seeing you like that. We keep nudity for the private zone at our studio, but, as I was saying, the model is the one to choose the best option for her.

What is the biggest challenge for you?
Model’s confidence in herself. They are usually very disappointed with other people in this industry, people that promise too many things that don’t happen afterwards, starting with the amount of money they can earn and don’t actually get to the model’s professional growth which doesn’t happen as they promise. And then there are threats like “if you leave us it can happen and that…”. We don’t do stuff like that, our contract is very clear, if you want to leave tomorrow, you are to do so, no restrictions at all. It’s your decision, your life. Also, sometimes models don’t evolve, or they get stuck somewhere. At that moment, us, as owners, have to do something, we have to help models evolve, grow. Obviously with their help and implication, but we still have to do something about that. Read more articles here

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AJ Studios – Don’t dream it, Live it!

Located in Cali, with offices in Medellin, Armenia, Pereira, Cartagena and Bogota, AJ Studios is one of the best positioned company in Latin America in the video chat sector, thanks to the legality of their actions, the commitment towards their team of professionals and strategic allies, in order to provide a high quality service achieved by cutting-edge technologies, and the dedicated support for their models. Last but not least, AJ studios team is also the main organizer of Lalexpo, the most important international webcam event in Latin America.

How was your studio born?
Before AJ studios we were in the travel and consulting business, we had an upscale bed and breakfast in Colombia focused on international clientele. Besides accommodation we offered a wide range of services such as private interpreters, bilingual Car service, private investigators, consulting on purchase of real estate in Colombia or investment opportunities among others. We got a client from the US who came to Colombia with the project to set up a cam studio and hired us to help him get started and signed a one year management support contract. So that’s how we came in contact with the cam business.
We started in the industry when the word “monitor” was only used to refer to the computer screen, there was no such thing as a broadcast manager, payments were received through
Epassporte and the popular sites back then were Naked, Cams, PeekShows and PrivateFeeds.
Since then, we have come a long way of experiences that today has positioned us as one of the best studios in the world.

Since you started your studio, what was your most challenging period?
Definitely, it was in our beginnings. During the process of getting into the industry, we had a loss of 240 million pesos during the first year (over $62,400 today), which we took as a somewhat expensive crash course on the do’s and don’ts of running a webcam studio.
Starting AJ Studios was not easy, we have had obstacles just like so many other businesses, but if you never quit and are passionate about what you do, it pays off in the long run. This business has become extremely profitable, and has opened so many doors for me to travel and to meet exceptional people from all around the world. The industry is full of possibilities and opportunity.
Currently In Colombia, the industry faces several challenges, starting with the absence of legislation that regulates the activities of this industry. This leaves in limbo those who are part of it. The lack of a regulation not only affects the Colombian government, it also puts at a disadvantage the men and women who work daily and who do not have the protection and benefits enjoyed by a common employee as medical benefits, justifications for applying for a loan in a financial institution or employment recommendation letters.
In view of a mostly moralistic society, which in many cases mistakenly associates the webcam business with illegal activities, the Colombian Association of E-Commerce for Adults (Asocea) was created by us, with the mission of generating better opportunities for companies in the industry.

What kind of marketing strategy have you adopted: social media platforms, adwords, referrals?
Since our brand has a very high reputation, referrals are one of the most common recruitment and marketing channels for us.
Also our strategies are focused on the management of social media platforms, which is one of the most active media channels in the industry. This has allowed us to achieve a very important position and create a community for our models and the girls who want to belong to our studio.
Through our social networks we provide valuable information to our models about training, tips for their broadcasts, support, contests and additional benefits. Read full article here

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FLIRT STUDIO – More flirt and relations than shows

Flirt Studio was opened in 2011, in Izhevsk, Russia, by Artem, an ex-model in St. Petersburg, who after studying the market, came to the conclusion that it is more tempting to open a studio in a province where there are no other studios. The lack of competition and a minimum investment gave him a fairly quick start, and after years of sincere and hard work, Flirt Studio became one of the best studios in Russia, relying more on a “flirt and relation” strategy than shows.

Artem, did you receive any advice/consultancy from any other studio or from any other experienced person in this field when you started?
Yes, I originally made an agreement with two experienced people in the industry who helped me with opening the studio, for which I am still grateful, but then our paths diverged. At that time the studios didn’t communicate with each other as they do now, and to get or give advice to a competitor was something out of the realm of fiction, so there was no place to get information and I had to rely on my own experience. Well, it gave a certain hardening in business. Taking the Russian market as an example, I think we made a huge change by organizing Russia’s first webcam summit – WTF; changes that were influenced by Romanian summits.

Is there any financial difference between last year and this year’s 1st quarter? Is there any increase in profits?
We have quite a big drop compared to last year, as our partner site has changed the terms of cooperation, so it is quite difficult to switch to them to cover the losses and change the style of work.

Since you started your studio, which was your hardest period?
I think it was 2018, by that time we had made some serious progress in the industry, we had our first summit successfully and the studio was growing at a steady pace upwards, but unfortunately your success in Russia is quickly noticed by other people, well due to the fact that this business is quite “gray” in Russia, the police became interested in me. This was my second criminal prosecution (the first was in 2013), but rather more serious in terms of charges. It’s hard to tell about it in two words, these stories are enough to make a short series on Netflix. Thankfully all ended well, but these wars set the studio back a couple of years in development.
How did you handle it?
My very good and very expensive lawyers handled it ha-ha, and honestly, it was just pure luck.

Read full article here

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Money Studio – wins “Best Cam Studio Worldwide”, at YNOT Awards, 2021!

One of the biggest awards went to Money Studio by becoming the winners of the “Best Cam Studio Worldwide” category.

Money Studio won the  “Best Cam Studio Worldwide” title at YNOT Awards 2021, in Prague.
The night had amazing energy and one of the biggest awards went to Money Studio by becoming the winners of the “Best Cam Studio Worldwide” category.
Money Studio is a live cam studio from Romania, and their success was recognized at YNOT Awards 2021.
This is a great achievement, and we would like to congratulate Money Studio for their efforts!

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