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Jay Temporarily Steps Away from YNOT Amidst Harassment Allegations

YNOT, a leading platform in the adult entertainment industry, has responded promptly and decisively to allegations of harassment involving one of its co-owners, Jay. The magazine initially took actionable measures to demonstrate its seriousness in addressing the issue, while emphasizing its commitment to operating with integrity and maintaining a safe environment for all.

Jay, while denying any allegations of physical assault, has taken full accountability for making others feel uncomfortable through his words or actions. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, he has voluntarily decided to take a temporary leave of absence for an unspecified period. During this time, Jay will focus on personal growth, reconciling with his family and those affected, and seeking essential mental health treatment.

In an effort to be transparent, YNOT communicated the situation first to its employees and sponsors, and now directly to its readers. The magazine expressed appreciation for the concerns raised and assured its community that it will listen and learn from those most affected. YNOT remains committed to delivering high-quality industry news and events while fostering a safe space within the industry.

However, following the initial announcement, new information has come to light, altering YNOT’s understanding of the situation. As a result, the magazine held a difficult discussion with Jay, leading to the crucial decision to permanently remove him from all aspects of the business. Both YNOT and Jay agreed that this was the appropriate choice, considering the safety and well-being of individuals in the industry.

YNOT acknowledges the seriousness of the discomfort caused by Jay’s actions and expresses deep regret for those who have experienced pain as a result. The magazine also recognizes its own misstep in not fully comprehending the extent of the issue initially. They express a renewed commitment to validating the voices of women and victims within the industry, vowing to eradicate such behavior from the public realm and behind closed doors.

Moving forward, YNOT reaffirms its dedication to being a positive force in the industry, taking inspiration from those who courageously shared their stories. The magazine pledges to ensure that incidents like these never happen again and hopes for Jay’s sincere commitment to personal growth and improvement.

In conclusion, YNOT Magazine has taken significant steps to address the harassment allegations, including the temporary leave of absence for Jay and, subsequently, his permanent removal from the business. The magazine remains resolute in its commitment to promoting a safe and inclusive environment within the adult entertainment industry, learning from this experience, and supporting the healing journeys of those affected.

Source: Connor Young, CEO and co-owner @YNOT

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Kinkly announces collaboration with to expand product line

Kinkly, the Canada-based Sexual Education Center and Encyclopedia, is excited to announce a new partnership with, the internet’s one-stop destination for all things erotic.

This collaboration marks a significant expansion of Kinkly’s web shop, which already features a wide range of popular sex toys and accessories. As part of this partnership, Kinkly is now promoting a selection of 20 exclusive branded items, including fashion pieces and unique accessories.

Kinkly aims to gradually expand this selection by introducing more products step-by-step. Additionally, they are preparing to launch their own line of branded merchandise in the near future.

“Since our collaboration with other brands, we have been continuously working to find synergies,” detailed Martin Jäger, Head of Content Strategy and E-commerce at Kinkly. “I’m thrilled that our efforts are now visible to our customers with the exclusive opportunity to sell merchandise. We look forward to expanding our selection and achieving similar collaborations with other major brands like LiveJasmin and Loyalfans.”

The addition of branded items enhances Kinkly’s commitment to providing diverse, high-quality products to its audience, further solidifying its position in the retail market.

About Kinkly:

Kinkly is the premier digital destination for adult sexual education, dedicated to providing comprehensive and accessible information on sexual health and wellness. Through its web shop, Kinkly also offers a selection of the most popular sexual accessories.

About is a well-established name in the adult community, offering a wide range of high-quality services and content. Serving as a one-stop hub for videos, cam sites, and reliable reviews, provides users with seamless access to features and membership options, all under the same domain.

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SexLikeReal: The world’s first live passthrough cam shows

This month, adult VR platform SexLikeReal launched a new feature that completely transforms VR cam shows into something much more immersive, interactive, and intimate. It could be the biggest thing that has happened to x-rated live streaming since the launch of the webcam.

The cam girls section of SexLikeReal and other VR platforms have been hugely popular for years, offering up-close live interactions with stunning models streamed in superb quality VR. Now we’ve taken it to the next level thanks with the introduction of passthrough camgirls.

This unique new feature uses the augmented reality (AR) technology found in modern VR headsets, such as the Meta Quest 3, to create the most immersive and intimate experience possible. It uses AR and green-screen technology to place the camgirl into your room, right there with you, live and direct. Think of it as inviting a stunning model around to your home to hang out, then watch as she gets hot and heavy!

SexLikeReal has been at the forefront of Passthrough technology from the start. The video library has the world’s most impressive and highly-rated AR content available anywhere, and it’s all incredibly easy to use through the SLR platform on the DeoVR app.

Now the team have taken this knowledge and applied it to the world of live camgirls, making for an awe-inspiring adult experience. It’s like having a strip club in your own home, at the press of a button.

Camgirls who are interested in trying out the latest and most awe-inspiring technology should contact us HERE.

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Etsy Bans Adult Toys and Accessories

Etsy, the popular e-commerce platform, will no longer allow the sale of adult toys and sexual accessories. The company announced this policy change in a recent memo, sparking frustration and anger among its loyal vendors. Starting July 29, Etsy will remove listings for sex toys such as dildos, vibrators, and similar products, as well as items depicting sexual acts, genitalia, or sexually charged slogans related to familial relationships like “daddy” or “mommy.”

Alice Wu, head of Etsy’s trust and safety team, stated the policy was updated to “keep our users safe.” However, vendors have criticized the decision as “lazy” and a “crushing disappointment.”

“The ban will essentially close the doors of many handmade makers in the adult toy realm like ourselves,” said Preston Stevenson, an Etsy vendor, in an interview with The Guardian. For small shops like his, which have invested significant time on Etsy, the 30 days’ notice is insufficient to transition to a new platform with similar traffic and exposure.

Stevenson and his partner Laura Norden, who have been selling handmade sex toys since 2018, expressed concern that their site traffic will not recover if they move to another platform. “Bans like this one further the idea that sexual health and pleasure are taboo or something to be ashamed of,” he added. “It has broader impacts on society as a whole.”

Alexandra Houston, founder of the UK-based fetish apparel platform Charmskool, criticized Etsy for catering to the mass market instead of remaining loyal to its users. “Etsy wants anything creative as long as it is beige and middle of the road. It doesn’t want anything risqué anymore,” Houston told The Guardian, noting an increase in former Etsy vendors migrating to Charmskool.

Simply Elegant Glass, another affected vendor, penned an open letter to Etsy on Twitter, condemning the company for its “lazy solution” under the guise of community safety. “Protecting children from adult content is a noble interest, and we agree it should be pursued. But that’s not what you’re doing here, is it?” the vendor wrote, arguing that a blanket ban is an easy fix for non-compliance issues Etsy created. “It’s a solution that targets buyer retention and appeases investors and advertisers.”

The transition to other platforms is complicated by many payment processors’ refusal to work with vendors advertising adult toys. Anna, founder of Simply Elegant Glass, told the BBC she feels “betrayed” by Etsy’s new policies. “As creators who have helped make Etsy what it is and remained loyal for years, we feel betrayed,” she said, advocating for explicit labeling of sexual products rather than an outright ban.

According to Anna, a large portion of their profits came from Etsy sales, and moving to a new e-commerce site would be like starting from scratch. Other vendors echoed her concerns, worried that new platforms may not generate enough income.

“It’s like having your house burnt down,” Houston said, reflecting on the difficulties of establishing a new business presence after relying on Etsy for years.

This decision by Etsy is not only a business challenge for vendors but also raises questions about societal views on sexual health and pleasure. Many see the ban as a step backward, reinforcing outdated taboos and stigmas.
This decision by Etsy is not only a business challenge for vendors but also raises questions about societal views on sexual health and pleasure. Many see the ban as a step backward, reinforcing outdated taboos and stigmas.

Source: BBC

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