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The kinkiest sex festivals in the world

Festivals are great for taking a “breath of air” and having unique fun. Some festivals can amaze you with their story, based on old legends and some events, even seem incompatible with various “rules of the country”, but tradition means tradition, and this can be really captivating! Today we present to you some festivals that have caught our attention and maybe it will arouse your curiosity to join some of them. Enjoy!

The Pon Festival, Indonesia

The Pon Festival, Indonesia
The festival takes place at Mount Kemukus, also known as the Sex Mountain, and it’s about couples that must have sex with strangers 7 times a year. The Pon Festival has visitors arriving at a shrine to have sex atop the mountain believing that it brings good luck, based on the legend from the early 16th century. What is interesting, is that the effect of the tradition “works” only if you have sex with the exact same person, all seven times throughout the year during Pon this means that you must meet every 35 days with the partner.
The ritual involves prayers and people are bringing flowers to the graveside of Pangeran Samodro, one of the sons of a Javanese king, and ends up with the washing in sacred springs, and only after that, you can choose your “mate” for the ritual.

Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco

Folsom Street Fair, San Francisco
The event started in 1984 and still maintains its popularity to this day. The festival is attended by those interested in BDSM and leather articles, and it annually reaches a number of 250,000 people present at the “kinky” event. People are “sharing” sexual fantasies, are selling sex toys, leather articles, fetish tools, also there are two stages where Indie music and electronics play accompanied by erotic performances and there is also a dance floor. The dress code is a “free one”, and this can mean that people can also present themselves naked, or you can see the most interesting outfits. The event takes place in San Francisco in September.

Nudes-A-Poppin’, Indiana

Nudes-A-Poppin’, Indiana
Nudes-A-Poppin’ is an annual pageant (contest) in the United States, where nude women and men are competing in erotic dances. The event started in 1975 and it is known to be the biggest nude event in Indiana, unfortunately, like many other festivals, it was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. Nudes-A-Poppin’ is supporting the resort and the local economy, as the event itself serves as a fund-raiser. The event has many contests such as wet T-shirt contest, the sexiest pole dance competition, naked oil wrestling, and others. Spectators are allowed to take photos, but the use of video cameras requires a permit.

SEXPO, Australia, South Africa and UK

SEXPO, Australia, South Africa and UK
The event started in 1995 and it includes a health and wellness seminar theater, special interest zones, live stage entertainment, bars, exhibitions, and often there are coming guests and celebrities from the adult industry. The event is designed to provide a fun, vibrant and safe environment for open-minded adults. Other activities like fetish demonstration, female stage acts, and the amateur Strip Competition is also taking place during the festival. It is a perfect combination of socializing and shopping while admiring others’ performances.

The Festival of the Steel Phallus or The Kanamara Matsuri, Kawasaki, Japan

The Festival of the Steel Phallus or The Kanamara Matsuri, Kawasaki, Japan
The Kanamara Matsuri is held in Kawasaki, and it’s a festival that takes place on the first Sunday in April, and it is dedicated to dancing, drinking, having fun and this joyful environment wouldn’t be that joyful without cross-dressing, penis-shaped lollipops, and a few giant phalluses.
The origin of the festival can be traced back to an ancient Japanese legend. A vicious demon hid inside the vagina of a young woman after falling in love with her. The entity’s jealousy provoked him to bite off the penises of two young men on two separate wedding nights. The woman sought help from a blacksmith, who fashioned an iron phallus to break the demon’s teeth, which in turn led to the item’s enshrinement at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki.

There are many erotic festivals every year all around the world: “Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex”, Australia, “HUMP! Film Festival” USA, ”The Oscars of Erotic Film” Cannes, France, “Love Parade”, Berlin, and many more. People from all over the world are joining such events/festivals to have fun, to interact, to dance, and to create new memories, which is always nice. Read more articles here

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The History Of The Bikini – From Scandalous to Glamorous

There are very few clothing articles that have impacted our culture as much as the bikini.

Back in the 18th century, swimwear was generally defined as a garment worn for activities such as bathing or swimming. People believed that bathing in the sea had considerable health benefits and was encouraged for both women and men. However, immersing oneself completely was discouraged, especially for women; society considered it unsuitable for ladies.

During the Victorian period, women used tiny houses on wheels, known as bathing huts, to get in and out of the sea. Horses would draw the bathing huts into deeper water. Then they changed into their swimwear before lowering themselves into the ocean water. Read full article here

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Are You as Hard as Nails?

If you decide to pursue a career in online modeling, do you need to have a robust and unbreakable character? Or, can you survive if you are as sweet as pie?
It can seem an impossible task when you first enter the world of online models. You’ll see many indomitable and seemingly positive characters. Some of these characters will try to convince you that having a disposition like theirs is necessary for success. Is that really the case?

Like other careers and jobs, online modeling comprises individuals with varying skill sets and characters. Some people are born leaders, and others prefer to be led. It is how we interact and make a cohesive society. In the cam world, things are much the same, in that some provide the services while others consume.
The consumers themselves are a plethora of individuals, every person different from the next, all with diverse tastes and requirements. Therefore, it should be no surprise that those offering the services are also highly diverse.

How thick does your skin need to be when working as an online cam model?
Whatever you may think or have been told, you don’t need to be as tough as nails to be a successful cam model. Professionalism is way more important and the key to ensuring each day is as good or better than the last!
Being positive is essential, and a great way of making sure your career moves forward.
However, do not be under any illusions about some of the things you may have to deal with on a daily basis. Some people go out of their way to be rude or make disparaging comments. Thankfully they are in the minority; you must not let these people get to you.
Also, remember that everyone has bad days occasionally, and it’s too easy for them to say or type something they will regret later inadvertently. If you react badly to someone’s outburst, it will be remembered (and not in a good way).
To stay on top, you need to always be polite, even when you feel like offloading every expletive you know. Remaining courteous is also key to making you feel good. Oftentimes, these rude individuals will return with a huge apology and could even become one of your best clients!

How far is too far?
As a cam model, it’s vital to understand how the site you are streaming on works. It’s easy to skip the ‘Read Me’ pages and jump straight into earning mode. Then, when you are confronted with a scenario such as a rude customer, you don’t know what to do. Panic sets in, and you stop broadcasting because you don’t know how to handle the situation.
You can mute rude people on some sites, which can be very useful if you are in a group show. They may not even be aware they have been muted. Ensuring that you do not respond negatively is critical as the last thing you want to do is offend all the other people in the group. And, you certainly don’t want to start a verbal war within the group.
If a customer becomes very rude and abusive, you should be able to block them. However, once again, it’s crucial that you don’t react too negatively or too quickly. If you think they are a real problem, you should contact the site directly and explain the situation. Allow them to take any action that may be required.

Always being on top
Knowledge means power (in a good way), and the more you understand, the easier things are all around. Spending time reading all the information available will prove beneficial in both the short and long term. You will be much more relaxed, less stressed, and able to deal with even the most demanding situations.
Being in charge will give you the edge and allow you to concentrate your time and efforts on those who deserve it!
It does help if you are prepared to see at least some good in everyone. Even the rudest people must have some good days and always remember. They are spending their money on you! There is nothing wrong in taking that money for what is, in fact, a job well done.

Keeping up appearances
Some models can wind down at the end of every day by watching some TV or perhaps reading a book. Others may find it harder, especially if you have encountered particularly challenging clients. A wind-down routine can help you separate your life offline from the virtual one in which you work.
If you’d like some more information on how to strike a balance between work, rest, and play, please take a few minutes to read my article, which further explores the subject.

Needing external help
Very occasionally, models find themselves in a position where they cannot deal with the emotions and consequences of a rude or abusive client. As a studio owner, you can use pointers to recognize when they may need help or advice. It is harder to pinpoint the time when you may require external assistance as an individual.
Some models can vent to their friends or other models; others are alone with no confidants.
There are organizations such as Pineapple Support that provide 24/7 online emotional support. They also offer free and subsidized professional therapy and advice to all performers and producers who have been active in the adult online industry within the last six months.

Do not suffer in silence! Reach out and accept as much help and advice from like-minded people and organizations as possible.
Be Positive and Be Strong! You Know You are Worth It!

Love Carla x

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Is my profile description catchy?

Success in the webcam industry requires not only an attractive appearance, character, and original image but also an individual profile that stands out from the rest. In order for the members to pay attention to you, remind that you need to be able to stand out from the crowd, be brilliant!
It is important to know how to write about yourself on the site, in order to arouse the genuine interest of the visitor after the first words. Your profile should become your business card. This is why your profile design should be built based on the main secrets and tricks, as it will help to significantly increase the popularity and earnings. The most important ability is to attract and retain the sympathy of the members. The process of promoting a cam model’s profile supposes a lot of attention on details and also, the technical equipment of the studio may be involved. About 70% of success in this industry is directly determined by a very attractive profile! Read full article here

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