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Build your kingdom on social media platforms

Information and communication technology have changed rapidly over the past 20 years and today we’ll talk about social media. The development of social media platforms is continuous, and every day comes with plenty of useful upgrades. How much time you spend promoting your social networks and what content you “decorate” them with, is extra special, particularly in case you are a camgirl. There are numerous platforms where you can act as a “self-promoter”, however, it would be helpful to navigate a social media platform, where user traffic has a significant number. Each platform comes with its unique features, and the first tip for you would be to pick the platforms that have shown to be the most suitable to promote you as a camgirl, and we encourage you to concentrate on their functionality at maximum capacity so that your content would reach as many people as possible, that are interested in this industry.

How to know your audience and how to form a fan base?
Based on our steady examination and common opinions accumulated from models who have come to have admirable success on social platforms, we concluded that Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are the trendiest and the most appropriate at the moment to create an “image” in your own “kingdom” of fans.
If you are not yet familiar with Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok, we recommend that you access the short beginner training that you can find on Youtube.
When we refer to Twitter and Instagram, they are the right ones to engage your content since these platforms offer you the opportunity to find out your audience, their age, where they come from, and what finances they have. All data referring to your audience can be easily accessed in the “Analytics” section, where you have a monthly report. On Instagram, you can change your personal page into a business one. At the point you reach 10K followers, you can attach to your story, links to your Twitter account, or any other link you would like to share.
Be sure that applying some “promoting strategies” by yourself, can be very helpful in creating that “business card” or “brand” and this way, you can reach those people that are familiar with the industry and you will start interacting with them. Without a doubt, you will see your followers’ number growing.

Suggestions and tips
Tweets are currently indexed in the Google search algorithm, so we suggest that you don’t use more than 3 hashtags. In general, use hashtags such as locations, cities, and descriptions. (Example, “#americanmodels”, “prague”, “losangeles”, etc.) The primary hashtag shall be at the beginning of the tweet, it will allow you to attach links to your cam site.
Researching the most popular hashtags and adding them to the post, also can help you gain more audience to your tweet.
We additionally recommend tweeting not less than 3 times a day, and attach to your posts’ graphics such as pictures, emoticons, GIFs. It is a helpful tool if you want your post to be impactful.
As said above, audience analysis is fundamental since it assists you with sorting out who reacts to your account and how to approach those intrigued.
Polls are also a good procedure, particularly if the question arouses curiosity. You can utilize it as a type of “feedback” from your followers.
At the point when we talk about Instagram here, we can add TikTok as well, in light of the fact that the tips shared are valid for both apps. To be specific, the next chapter is about going LIVE.

Going LIVE is a direct way to connect with your fan base in real-time. Lighting and sound quality are also important to create “that connection” with the individuals who are watching you.
As well, the feature to go live with a friend doubles the chances to increase the group of people who are following you, this way, you are making an “exchange” of fans with the friend.
While going LIVE you can feel the HUMAN interaction between you and your followers. Thus, you will get closer to them, and they will find out more about you, as a person.
In order to maintain the audience, and to “develop” it daily, it is necessary to “create a relationship” with your followers, by answering their comments, questions and, obviously, by being constant in posting videos.
Be sure, by making an effort to “take care” of your account to look impeccable, professional, and catchy at first glance, you will grow your account without any problem.
It is extremely important to be honest with yourself and be true about your passions. Social media networks are “full” of everything, and that’s why nowadays authenticity is what people are looking for. So, act naturally!
Persistent activity, through daily posts on feed and story, is a must if you want to be successful as a camgirl on social networks and not only.
Dear models, be achievers, not just dreamers. We suggest you have a can-do attitude when it comes to growing your audience and don’t give up when things may not be the way you would like them to be. It’s all about willpower and mindset. Be a go-getter! Read more articles here

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Whoreoween: Honoring Icons in Sex Worker Costumes

Whoreoween is an innovative twist on Halloween, offering sex workers a chance to step beyond the usual sexy nurse outfits and honor legends from their industry. This event serves as an opportunity to pay tribute to current and historical figures, bringing a sense of uniqueness and recognition to a community often overshadowed by stereotypes.

Dita von Teese, a modern burlesque icon, serves as a perfect inspiration. Known for her performances, Playboy appearances, and burlesque acts, she embodies the essence of a seductress. Her costume would include a classic 40s pageboy hairstyle, a sequined corset, opera gloves, statement earrings, and bright red lipstick, preferably in MAC’s Viva Glam I or Ruby Woo shades.

Marsha P. Johnson, a pivotal figure in the Stonewall uprising, is another inspirational figure. As a gay liberation activist, trans woman, and drag queen, she advocated for gay, trans, and sex worker rights. Her costume would feature a flower crown, 70s-style glamour with a slinky dress, faux or vintage fur, sequins, and bold jewelry, capturing her spirit and role in the gay rights movement.

Dee Dee Ramone, known for his role in the Ramones, also worked as a sex worker. His costume would reflect his classic punk style with tight vintage jeans, a DIY sleeveless t-shirt, and a leather jacket.

Ms. Mona Stangley, from “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” portrayed by Dolly Parton, offers a Western-inspired look. The costume could include big hair, flouncy prairie dresses, or a satin corset with a sheer robe, embodying the spirit of the 80s Texas madam.

Zorita, a groundbreaking burlesque dancer, is known for her bold performances with snakes and a famous ‘half and half’ act. Her costume would include fishnet stockings, ruffled dresses, spangly heels, and possibly a tiara or two platinum streaks in the hair.

Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh, 1920s Sydney gangsters, provide a unique option for a doubles costume. Their outfits would reflect the era’s fashion, featuring heavy coats, top hats, or beaded headscarves, emphasizing their toughness.

Josephine Baker, an American-born dancer, actress, and WWII spy, offers a glamorous choice. Her costume could include glittery earrings, a beaded satin cocktail dress, and a classic 20s hairstyle. The famous Banana Dance outfit, featuring a pearl necklace and an artificial banana skirt, also represents her iconic status.

Lycoris the Mime, from ancient Rome, presents a historical option. Her costume would include traditional white robes, perhaps with floral headpieces, reflecting the mime artists’ role during the Floralia festival.

Lastly, Bettie Page, a 1950s pinup and fetish model, offers a vintage choice. Her costume might include a leopard-print leotard, sheer dress with faux fur, or classic black satin lingerie paired with shiny black heels.
Whoreoween provides a platform for sex workers to celebrate their history and culture, offering a way to honor icons who have made significant contributions to the industry and society.

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2023 Celebrity Halloween Hits and Misses

As Halloween rolls around, the unveiling of celebrity costumes becomes a highly anticipated event, reflecting both triumphs and transgressions in fashion and fandom. 2023 proved no different, with an array of high-profile personas embracing the season’s spirit through an eclectic mix of costumes.

The celebrations of 2023 remind us that Halloween is not only a display of creativity but also a reflection of our times. It’s a balancing act between homage and originality, between respect for tradition and the thrill of innovation. This year’s array of costumes, from the star-studded to the minimalistic, confirms that celebrity Halloween looks will continue to be a pop culture spectacle, for better or for worse.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, whose stature often overshadows any character he attempts to portray, tried to channel soccer legend David Beckham with a ‘90s-era jersey and a blonde wig. Despite the effort, the familiar face of this wrestler-turned-actor was still the main highlight.

Keke Palmer brought a touch of narrative to her costume. The actress and singer, accompanied by her son Leo as a mini mad scientist, transformed into Frankenstein’s creature. This whimsical yet heartwarming costume was well-received, as Palmer humorously credited her son for giving her “LIFE,” a play on her role as a mother and Frankenstein’s creation.

Adele, the vocal powerhouse, took to the stage in Las Vegas, embodying the dark elegance of Morticia Addams. Her rendition was both fitting for the Queen of the Night and adored by her audience, capturing the gothic essence of the beloved character with a long black wig and striking nails.

However, not all costumes were met with applause. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s “Kill Bill” ensemble sparked controversy. While visually striking, Fox’s decision to flout SAG-AFTRA guidelines amid an actor’s strike resulted in significant backlash, with some labeling her actions as insensitive.

Meanwhile, Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber paid homage to pop art and ‘60s fashion icons Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick. The couple’s costume, timely for Butler’s rising fame, was both a cultural throwback and a fitting tribute to Warhol’s enduring legacy.

Florence Pugh took a different route, embracing a more casual, last-minute look as a nod to Guy Fieri. The simplicity and relatability of her costume resonated with fans who appreciate a more spontaneous approach to Halloween.

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Revolutionizing Desire: The Rise of FPOV Porn

In the realm of virtual reality (VR) adult entertainment, the concept of female point-of-view (FPOV) porn has sparked interest but remains underexplored. Content creators like Lee and Erika Lust have noted that many women seek a deeper connection than traditional porn provides, craving emotional resonance alongside physical stimulation. They suggest that the industry has not fully grasped or catered to female sexual preferences, which extend beyond mere visual cues to include psychological engagement.

One of the key players, Sex Like Real (SLR), has experimented with FPOV content, responding to specific requests from their audience. However, despite attempts to innovate with scenarios like the “boyfriend experience” and narratives of female empowerment, these ventures have not always been profitable. SLR’s findings indicate that the financial returns on FPOV content don’t yet match those of conventional porn, suggesting either a mismatch in content or a niche audience.

Only a small fraction of SLR’s user base identifies as female, which might indicate limited demand. Nonetheless, industry executives like David Chapman of SLR speculate that the true number of female users is underreported due to shared devices among couples. Chapman and his colleagues believe in the importance of catering to female viewers, not only for diversity but also because VR porn can provide a safe space for exploring sexuality.

The technological barrier presented by the high cost of VR equipment also contributes to the limited reach of FPOV porn. Not everyone can afford the gear necessary to enjoy such immersive experiences, as pointed out by Lust, who acknowledges the success of her VR film “360 Degrees of Lust,” though less than her other works.

The content itself has been critiqued for not fully capturing women’s diverse tastes. A superfan of FPOV, known as Super Smash Cache, has highlighted the industry’s narrow depiction of male attractiveness and the scarcity of content that appeals to her preferences. This suggests that a wider range of male portrayals might better satisfy the diverse desires of female viewers.

Conclusively, there is a consensus that while there is an audience for female-centric VR porn, the industry needs time to adapt. More women in development and production roles could catalyze this change, fostering content that resonates more deeply with female viewers. As the technology becomes more accessible and content more diverse, FPOV porn has the potential to redefine what is desirable in adult entertainment.

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