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Pandemic impact

The pandemic situation has gotten all the world by surprise, and of course the Romanian live cam industry wasn’t an exception. From losing jobs to reshaping businesses, all to keep up with the problems it brought, which we are still dealing with even now.

This article is about the new challenges the Romanian live cam industry had to deal with, the changes that had to be made and how some businesses grew over this period and why in some cases they weren’t that successful.
We spoke with over 130 studios, and here’s what we found:
Nothing was easy at all! Because of the new changes in local Romanian tax policies, a part of the studios moved their headquarters to foreign countries for better tax fees.

Even though the cam sites weren’t that supportive, the Romanian studios still did not lose profit during the challenging 2020. And this was thanks to their entire time dedication for the good functioning of their business and their devotion to their studio, but most important to their team. They invested more in advertising, they hired more models and tried to improve their business tactics.

More than 50% of them claimed that their earnings grew at least 50% from the beginning of the pandemia and until now. How did they do it? What was the key to their success? Or, which do you think it was the cause of their failure?

30% of them said that they had to readapt their entire concept to a brand new one. For example, from the image where the model was in her room, with her glamorous look, to the idea of the model being at her office. Others had to divide a huge studio location into a few small ones, or they even had to make their studio a virtual one. And some of them even changed from single models to couples.
But all of these seemed to work, and you would be amazed how good it did.
All of these measures seemed to work amazingly well, and you would be surprised how fast the results came in.

The other part of the studio owners said that they had to invest more of their savings in their studio so the business could keep up with the lack of earnings. They had to find new ideas, new strategies so the business could go on, they couldn’t even hope for increasing their profits, they just hoped that their studio would be able to stay on the market.

As for the rest of the studios, the pandemia hasn’t brought too many good things at all. Indeed, the request for work was bigger, which was like a dream, but still the targeted market of models wasn’t there anymore, and we are talking about the students here, as the universities closed.

So, was the beginning of 2021 more challenging than the beginning of 2020?

The answer is YES! But even though things happen as they did throughout the world, the Romanian live cam industry grew more and more month by month. If the Romanian live cam industry was considered to be one of the top in the market worldwide, now it got even more prosperous as new studios came along in this field. There were few questions we’ve asked the studio owners: What was the most challenging thing for you this year?

What would you like to be changed in the relationship between you and your cam sites?

Do you have plans in the future to invest in the long term or short term?

When we asked what was the most challenging for them as studios this year, the answers varied.
30% of the studios we talked to, said that the most challenging for them was to motivate the models to go online when the things didn’t really go as they planned, with the change of rules that came from the cam sites. The models struggled to keep their vibe up when it came about the hours spent in front of the camera, and the lower earnings they had. Then some of the models feared the restrictions that the pandemic brought, but then everything was solved with the traveling declarations.
50% of the studios said that the most challenging for them was to find a way they could readapt their business, to find a new concept and make it work. And they did make it work, just for this beginning of the year their profits grew higher with 50-60%.
10% of them said that the most challenging for them was to keep the same standards even if their earnings weren’t really as they would have liked them to be, the rate of their profits going down with almost 30%, everything was so unstable for them, and the last 10% of them said that the most challenging for them was to find models.

To our second question (what would they like to be changed in the relationship between them and their cam sites), 30% of the studios said that they would like everything to be equal, even if some studios are smaller or some are bigger.

40% said that they would like the communication between the cam sites and them to be improved, it seems that they can reach really hard to them when they have a query.
15% said they would like the cam sites to be more understanding of their needs, plus they would love lower standards from the cam sites.
The last 15% said they would love to have a better collaboration with the cam sites.

About their future plans, even if it’s short term or long term, 70% of the studios would invest more on advertising or on training their coaches and their models.
10% would like to try something new as porn vr, plus they would like to increase the awareness of their studios.
20% would invest in the environment where they work, they would like to change the age limit for the models and would like to give the same quality in the future as they gave until now.

These being said, the pandemia was and still is unmerciful, and even if they had to bring money from home, or they had good profits, the Romanian live cam studios had to work harder and harder during this last challenging year.
On a more optimistic note, now that the world seems to get back to normal slowly we can’t wait for all of us to get back together and attend the events we all really love. Read more articles here

Finance & Business

France’s top court rejects core of law attempting to block top tube sites 

As reported by Xbiz, A Paris court of appeals rejected at the end of last month  the attempt by local War on Porn groups, led by an extremist Catholic organization, to use France’s media authority and the courts to block the most popular adult tube sites in the country.

Considering that most tube sites use a pop up to confirm their users are over the age of 18, French media regulator ARCOM went to court in March and April to demand that French ISPs block Pornhub, YouPorn and RedTube, all owned by MindGeek,  as well as Tukif, xHamster, XVideos and XNXX.

The recently formed agency ARCOM considers this measure does not make it possible to guarantee that only an adult is likely to access the pornographic content available.

Rees reported that last on 19th May the Council of State, an appeals court, issued a ruling rendering null all the activities taken up by ARCOM in connection with the initial requests to order a block of adult sites.

The age-verification mandate was secretly added to a quickly approved domestic violence law during an atypical and sparsely attended COVID-era session of the French Parliament in July 2020.

The law that specifies that adult companies should be required to institute measures beyond simply asking an internet user whether they are of age, also empowers a government institution, like ARCOM, to demand that the president of the judicial court order the ISP providers to immediately block infringing sites in the entire country.

Therefore, the Council of State specifically pointed out in the annulment of the proceedings against tube sites, the role played by the extremist Catholic organization Civitas in orchestrating the campaign against adult websites over supposed failure to comply with the 2020 law.

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Finance & Business

BCAMS Magazine, the 9th issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

It has been a magnificent year for BCAMS Magazine, and we couldn’t appreciate your trust and support more!

BCAMS Magazine is already celebrating the reach of 150 alluring cam models from all over the world. This edition is dedicated to the models featured in our magazine. These goddesses have been an inspiration for us and for the entire live cam industry. Each feature can be found on BCAMS Magazine’s website.

Our purpose from the beginning was always to put these international cam models in the worldwide spotlight, so each one’s hard work can be recognized and acknowledged appropriately.

“BCAMS Magazine is a fast-growing one, and each issue proved the strong connection made with the live cam industry. Thank you for your trust and support.”

Find out all the good news IsLive has prepared for you! We wonder, do you know what the cam site is bringing different on the market?

Moving forward, meet our new models featured in this issue, who are meant to delight your mind, soul, and body in all possible ways, who will make you clear your mind and think only about them.

Cam Stars Studio is also revealing what kept their success growing since 2008 and which is their business motto. Search for the article and find out more about them!

As we are making our way through the magazine, we were curious: have you ever heard about the term Fictophilia? Let’s find out if you are a fictosexual!

All this and more awaits you in our ninth issue of BCAMS Magazine!

Read the full magazine here

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Cam Sites

IsLive goes international, and brings a different kind of training

Islive, the largest cam site in the Netherlands, came in its present form around 2003. This year the cam platform is coming with some brand new changes! Counting on the industry-recognized experts together with the onboarding training program, all the models who will stream on IsLive will be able to understand its ways better and will reach the top standards everyone desires. And that’s not all, read more about IsLive in the following article.

What do you bring different from the other cam sites on the market?
ClubIslive is different from other cam sites by being the largest in the Netherlands.
Going international was not just about expanding the company into different regions. Our goal was to re-connect with ‘Today’s models’. The industry has changed and models worldwide are experiencing new challenges and opportunities.
Globalization, for example, Social Media, is something we want to explore with them. At the same time, we offer different options in terms of sorting and positioning on our domains. So we could still provide the localized solution that we are so well known for.
We all do that by starting a different kind of training.

A different kind of training
We at ClubIslive are determined to predict the potential of the Models the moment they register on the site. Making the first step towards becoming a Model on a new platform is challenging:
Models have to understand the structure of the site, what it represents and how they can use it to contribute to their success.
With the comprehensive onboarding training program, Models will be “guided” from the first step they make and ensure that they understand the “ways of the site” by a series of entertaining but also educational “achievements”.
ClubIslive is a great platform for experienced but also beginner Models who wish to learn about the industry and understand the meaning of creating your own business.
This is a topic our Team is very well equipped for.

Industry recognized experts
At ClubIslive we find it imperative to have a team equipped with the latest trends and know-hows about the industry. We have trainers with over 10 years of experience from different platforms.
All coming from different backgrounds, we have merged our experience and expertise to maximize the quality of the training we can provide our Models on ClubIslive.
Nikki Night and Sandra Lugger have experience in Model training as they are both cam coaches in their own specific regions, not to mention that they were models themselves in the early stages of camming.
This brings more flexibility and experience we use to adapt to all kinds of Models.
Personally, I had the privilege of working with many successful Studios over the years. These were studios mainly from Romania but also located in other countries. The fact that I am currently located in our local Bucharest office, offers the opportunity to meet with my partners and provide localized training.
Furthermore, our Customer Support Team consists of very experienced and knowledgeable people whose only focus is helping models to become better on ClubIslive every day.

Where do you see your new program, ClubIsLive, in the next few years?
Our company has been in the adult industry since 1996 and Islive was formed around 2003. We KNOW the industry and know the people within the industry. Therefore we were able to put together such a great team!
Our vision is to expand the ClubIslive community on a global scale.
2022 will bring some super exciting times for ClubIslive, including a new platform.
We plan to have quarterly updates with features that are inspired by our model’s feedback.

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