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Pandemic impact

The pandemic situation has gotten all the world by surprise, and of course the Romanian live cam industry wasn’t an exception. From losing jobs to reshaping businesses, all to keep up with the problems it brought, which we are still dealing with even now.

This article is about the new challenges the Romanian live cam industry had to deal with, the changes that had to be made and how some businesses grew over this period and why in some cases they weren’t that successful.
We spoke with over 130 studios, and here’s what we found:
Nothing was easy at all! Because of the new changes in local Romanian tax policies, a part of the studios moved their headquarters to foreign countries for better tax fees.

Even though the cam sites weren’t that supportive, the Romanian studios still did not lose profit during the challenging 2020. And this was thanks to their entire time dedication for the good functioning of their business and their devotion to their studio, but most important to their team. They invested more in advertising, they hired more models and tried to improve their business tactics.

More than 50% of them claimed that their earnings grew at least 50% from the beginning of the pandemia and until now. How did they do it? What was the key to their success? Or, which do you think it was the cause of their failure?

30% of them said that they had to readapt their entire concept to a brand new one. For example, from the image where the model was in her room, with her glamorous look, to the idea of the model being at her office. Others had to divide a huge studio location into a few small ones, or they even had to make their studio a virtual one. And some of them even changed from single models to couples.
But all of these seemed to work, and you would be amazed how good it did.
All of these measures seemed to work amazingly well, and you would be surprised how fast the results came in.

The other part of the studio owners said that they had to invest more of their savings in their studio so the business could keep up with the lack of earnings. They had to find new ideas, new strategies so the business could go on, they couldn’t even hope for increasing their profits, they just hoped that their studio would be able to stay on the market.

As for the rest of the studios, the pandemia hasn’t brought too many good things at all. Indeed, the request for work was bigger, which was like a dream, but still the targeted market of models wasn’t there anymore, and we are talking about the students here, as the universities closed.

So, was the beginning of 2021 more challenging than the beginning of 2020?

The answer is YES! But even though things happen as they did throughout the world, the Romanian live cam industry grew more and more month by month. If the Romanian live cam industry was considered to be one of the top in the market worldwide, now it got even more prosperous as new studios came along in this field. There were few questions we’ve asked the studio owners: What was the most challenging thing for you this year?

What would you like to be changed in the relationship between you and your cam sites?

Do you have plans in the future to invest in the long term or short term?

When we asked what was the most challenging for them as studios this year, the answers varied.
30% of the studios we talked to, said that the most challenging for them was to motivate the models to go online when the things didn’t really go as they planned, with the change of rules that came from the cam sites. The models struggled to keep their vibe up when it came about the hours spent in front of the camera, and the lower earnings they had. Then some of the models feared the restrictions that the pandemic brought, but then everything was solved with the traveling declarations.
50% of the studios said that the most challenging for them was to find a way they could readapt their business, to find a new concept and make it work. And they did make it work, just for this beginning of the year their profits grew higher with 50-60%.
10% of them said that the most challenging for them was to keep the same standards even if their earnings weren’t really as they would have liked them to be, the rate of their profits going down with almost 30%, everything was so unstable for them, and the last 10% of them said that the most challenging for them was to find models.

To our second question (what would they like to be changed in the relationship between them and their cam sites), 30% of the studios said that they would like everything to be equal, even if some studios are smaller or some are bigger.

40% said that they would like the communication between the cam sites and them to be improved, it seems that they can reach really hard to them when they have a query.
15% said they would like the cam sites to be more understanding of their needs, plus they would love lower standards from the cam sites.
The last 15% said they would love to have a better collaboration with the cam sites.

About their future plans, even if it’s short term or long term, 70% of the studios would invest more on advertising or on training their coaches and their models.
10% would like to try something new as porn vr, plus they would like to increase the awareness of their studios.
20% would invest in the environment where they work, they would like to change the age limit for the models and would like to give the same quality in the future as they gave until now.

These being said, the pandemia was and still is unmerciful, and even if they had to bring money from home, or they had good profits, the Romanian live cam studios had to work harder and harder during this last challenging year.
On a more optimistic note, now that the world seems to get back to normal slowly we can’t wait for all of us to get back together and attend the events we all really love. Read more articles here

Finance & Business

BCAMS Magazine, third issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Welcome to the second issue of BCAMS Magazine
The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

“BIG thank you to all those who read our magazine, we were astonished by the number of views! So thank you for your trust and support!”

We have to admit we are glad summer is over. Don’t get us wrong, we love the long weekends on the beach, tanning, the mojitos while reading the latest ”gossip” in the industry. However, we are of the opinion that all good things must come to an end, and we look forward to fall as the start of something new – the start of our November BCAMS Summit 6th edition , for example.

We have a lot of plans to look forward to, but till then, as the days are getting colder, we are here to warm you up with our 3rd issue super selection of top cam models around the world. You are going to fall for these hot and ardent ladies! Aaand this issue we put the spotlight on Stefano Jakub, our first cam male model feature! Get ready to be intrigued and mesmerized by these gorgeous performers!
Moving forward to business aspects, Alex Lecomte from 7Veils helped us to deepen our knowledge on social media marketing services for adult entertainment. Also you can read all about why sex toys sales went up during social distancing and which is the market trend in the following years.

As you might have noticed on our cover, we have an exclusive interview with CEO – Jon Buckheit, to gain valuable insights into the cam company’s staying power and future plans.
Furthermore, we present to you the story behind one of the biggest studios in Russia, Flirt Studio.
While Carla Sez brings another controversial subject to our attention: gender specifics.

This issue we would like to introduce you also to the Cock Cam! That’s right, there’s now a gadget that fits around a man’s penis and records all the action! How about Sex Robots that have sensors to react to your touch? Intrigued?

All this and more awaits you in our third issue of BCAMS Magazine!
Make sure you keep updated on our latest news by following us on
Twitter and Facebook!

Read the full magazine here


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Finance & Business – a global operation fueled by potent marketing reach and strong affiliate programmes

With a strong recruitment and model management system, helms an entire department focused on winning over models and studios around the world. The platform with its various interactive offerings connects users intimately with cam models, via services that include texting, calling and teledildonics. From the great minds behind, came Streamray, one of the very first camming endeavors back in 1999. Utilizing the famed dating site’s traffic, Streamray eventually evolved into, becoming a global operation fueled by potent marketing reach and strong affiliate relationships. To gain valuable insight into the cam company’s staying power and future plans, we had the pleasure to speak with CEO – Jon Buckheit and here is what we found out:

Where do you see in the next years (2-3 years)?
In the next few years and beyond, we will continue to give models the best camming platform in the business. We will also keep innovating new camming technology to bring our users the best experience possible. We have some big things in store, but you’ll have to wait and see.

Which was the most important thing that helped to have this amazing success?
There’s no secret formula to build a great camming site, just a lot of good ideas, hard work, and most importantly, the best cam models in the business.
What was the most significant change that you did in the system?
Our most significant change over the last few years has been the transition to Cams 2.0. We overhauled the entire site and continue to work long hours to make our new site the best it can be.

Who is the model that has the biggest experience and has been the longest on your platform? (you can mention her nickname or them.. if they are more)
We have many models who have been with the site for a decade or more. Several have been with us since the very beginning in 2001, and we’ve loved watching them succeed on our site for so many years. Read full article here

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Finance & Business

Dropping the last veil on social media strategies

Since starting in 2010, 7 Veils has become an award winning company with an award winning team.
What makes 7 Veils unique is that they know the needs of adult entertainment, social marketing differ from the mainstream and create successful marketing strategies that work with adult entertainment to create deliverable results and long term success on the social networks. We were thrilled to chat with Alex Lecomte (Director of Sales & Marketing at 7 Veils) this month, who helped us to deepen our knowledge on social media marketing services for adult entertainment. Check out the whole interview!

Alex, can you tell us a bit about 7 Veils Media, especially for the new people in the adult industry?
7 Veils Media is the leading social media marketing services for the adult industry. We manage brands and performers’ social media accounts to generate traffic, increase brand awareness and take care of the possible customers’ questions or issues. Our services are a mix of social media engineering and community management. Our posts are based on a balance between sales and e-reputation. To perform, we use SEO techniques, digital marketing concepts, behaviorism theories and influencer marketing; but moreover, we use common sense which is something very valuable nowadays especially when it comes to social media dynamics.

Photo: Alex Lecomte Director of Sales & Marketing at 7 Veils

What does it take to develop a successful social marketing campaign?
Everybody is looking for this secret-magical post that will become viral but it’s impossible to predict. Social media marketing is based on natural human behaviors and so it makes it, by essence, very unpredictable and ephemeral. It is important, yes, to monitor the followers’ growth, but people tend to focus on vanity numbers instead of key elements: not all the buyers are following the brands on social media platforms and vice-versa. Patience is also very important to succeed. It is a very slow process to gain someone’s trust: it requires time and consistency. This is why, in my opinion, to build a successful campaign on social media platforms, you need: time, consistent content elements (pictures, messages, videos…) and a coherent strategy.

Learn more about 7 veils

Read full article here

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