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MelodyHero is an online performer passionate about expressing her authenticity and sex-positivity. She loves to explore and travel, and her long-term goals include finding a place to call home and helping her family when needed. She has the privilege and choice to do things she is passionate about and wants to invest in those things. She is a great manager when under high stress, but she often experiences burnout. To manage stress, she needs to make time for herself and not get too wrapped up in her online life. She is also very creative and finds her best ideas during stressful moments. Her secret power is that no one can ever tell her real vs. fake orgasms!

What would you like to tell your fans?
I would tell them, “My Loyal Occult following, I cannot believe I am someone so memorable to each of you, but I am so glad to be someone memorable enough to be followed cross-platforms, servers, accounts, and inconveniences! Thank you to my heroes! (And my pretty fairy pets.) A giant kiss blew to you! Those few support me consistently-even while I’ve been in several abrupt, and this past rather long, “cryogenic status- hiatus,” but even frozen in ice, I get notifications (tons of them!) BUT when I see you send me financial support “just because I was on your mind,” -It really melts my heart so much, so that melts my Ice tank goes to room temperature, and I feel much more of a reason to leave my icy palace, and it ignites a fire of desire to be who I feel I was when I had started streaming-hopeful again and whether your tips are large or small they help me more than anything to get the time to be online! Dedicate creativity and ideas to my streams and clips, and socialize all over the place! I love it and want more than anything to have the time to do so. Thanks to you all, big n small, you have been my performances, health and wellness, s, my happiness, my hobbies I want to share with you, my survival, and my vacations-which I don’t think is as important as it IS. Because but then I burn out and take a hiatus again and again, so don’t doubt my gratefulness!

How do you define success?
There are so many types of success. Sometimes success is letting go of control, which can be miserable, but it needs to happen…I recently had to do something like that over the past few years. I’m sure many people may relate to the feeling. More consistently, I feel Success is learning and knowing yourself. The process of forgiving yourself and being kind to what again you could or couldn’t control and continuing to carry on, you are enough. Success is going through a lot and never becoming Jaded; no guilt and shame are not worth losing yourself in. Confidence is a success! You don’t need a romantic relationship or to be a bodybuilder; those are both fine but do it for YOU! So you are proud of only you, not now I can—no! Confidence is vital to living in your skin. Despite one’s circumstances, always try your best and know after; you did.

What are your short-term and long-term goals?
A short-term goal is to be more present on fan sites like reigniting my onlyfans and edit videos. I’ve got a lot to do there! And posting and becoming more active on social media, too, sharing a little more live content and just “day in the life” kind of stuff.
It’s Been difficult to do so recently- you don’t go out, watch tv, or see friends. There isn’t much sexy stuff to show behind any curtain. It’s just me procrastinating on some assignment and overthinking everything I do say, and you can see the feeling in my selfies, even if I smile, being fearful and having trouble trusting new people, and not calling old friends. It’s a bad place to be, and I’ve been in it; 2020 just meshed into 2021, and it was all a big but quiet trainwreck for me. I felt like I was speaking so little to anyone that I was afraid to become mute, which was very scary. I am usually so extroverted instead of this boisterous impression leaping into conversations of people I do not know at all-it all felt like I should keep myself to myself. I was not prepared to be hurt. Yet, I pretty much socialize online 80% or more of the time! I felt I needed to be very cautious with what information I give out, but it’s a paradox-if you withhold, people will pry at you out of suspicion, and I would rather be the one to expose myself, ha-you could say. Before anyone else! I mean, here I am, and I want to be myself. I think that’s the whole point. I’m pushing myself here to be brave enough to be vulnerable, and it’s my URL. I’ll be me; nobody else can know me to impersonate or replace for sure! Ultimately I think we all want to be understood. I want to keep being myself and putting my authenticity right next to roles of fantasy! Live-streaming pretty much anywhere would be a great goal to achieve, and if I could make it more and more of a regular thing, that would be amazing!

As for long-term goals!
A schedule I can actually set in stone has been a long time goal for a long time; now, that would be a dream! That, and saving up to make sure I can help if my family needs anything and I can find a place in the world I’d want my home to be. First, though-I need to explore a little more (travel to real places outdoors of the internet!).

What drives you to succeed?
Well, the foundation of a career is about making money-but it never stops there. My drive to keep going is that I have the choice and privilege to do these things I’m passionate about. I want to invest in the things I just mentioned, other people’s success, my traveling, and a place to call home. Those are big goals, but on the regular day-if, I’ve been consistently going online or posting content, and my regulars are there-I always want to be present and active as much as possible. I want them to know they’re consistently helping me to be consistent, and my success is due to them, and it’s an honor to be there at the same time to do whatever we feel like. I’m very sex-positive, and I often forget the rest of the world hides its habits! I feel like It’s almost my duty to come from some time travel machine in the future, and I want to have everyone be able to compare the world to the one I’m beaming through rainbow connections of tangled up fiber optics, or at least my cables are a mess…I want to express acceptance and the sex-positivity fetish-friendly fantasy-my room is a sanctuary. I love questioning EVERYTHING… For the most part: No shame! No guilt, no manners!

How do you manage stress?
I’ve been told that I manage myself and my teams really well under super-high stress, but after that, I have a lot of trouble enduring stress or perceiving it correctly. Having very distractible attention doesn’t help either! So I do experience burnout a lot. I need to see the value in ‘vacations’ and ‘rest’ between stress. The concept eludes me so often that I have difficulty making time for myself and not getting too wrapped into this becoming my life never goes offline. I know it has to be so common to burn out and come back as I do, but I think I’d rather burn out than have nothing but constant live streaming and snap chatting and only fans and twitch gaming. No “days off” or a week’s vacation after a 24-hour stream should follow; otherwise, I think you’d lose yourself in that is kinda terrifying. As much as I say that a life without stress is wonderful, once in a while, I realize why all the greatest artists struggled. During the most mind-bending stressful moments in my life, I find myself being the MOST creative state that can be accessed through a flow state, and I create so much music and art and random things that I look back on as if I had done it while dreaming…unlike the greatest artists, I am not an iconic poet, rapper nor DJ just yet. I wish I had on my shoulder; a little fairy-god-vlogger to videotape what I get up to because I’ll rap battle my friends, on the phone and hardly believe the words that come out of my mouth! All kinds of ideas spark themselves and illuminate a dark place in time. There are even ones of my own as if a spirit is dancing through me…or… I may need a screaming shout and kick dust around, maybe even dance to some cathartic music, HOPEFULLY, unusual where nobody will think I’m too crazy for doing so!

What do you like most about yourself?
So I don’t know exactly what was going through my mind as I chose “MelodyHero” as my consistent online username, but my observations of my psyche make me think this might be my unconscious expression that my music taste is the best of all time. I got the best playlists! Musicians, bands/groups, artists, whether they are well known, new or old, massively famous or the most unappreciated obscure music, I can find something I enjoy in every genre; ok, almost every genre…almost.

How do you handle criticism?
I have been taking a lot less these days since I started using a new microphone, and I don’t live in an apartment where the heating and cooling system shakes the entire floor and walls loudly, haha. I totally understand and love when some kind soul says, “bb ur mic is muted,” and I can’t thank them enough for saving me from talking to myself all night!
There are some things I can’t stand! And that’s when people give me business advice, and they don’t perform or even are knowledgeable enough about the online adult industry to be giving any advice; they maybe are a salesperson, and they don’t know how insulting it feels to be told what obvious sales techniques I already know. I have studied on my own time so many hours from industry pros and counsel specific to my cam and content marketing etc., so I’m just trying to be polite before I spontaneously combust from frustration.

Do you have secret power?
I do have a secret power. No one EVER Knows my fake vs. real orgasms!
OMG, I love when they say before a show, “oh, I’m a pro. I always know when girls are faking, it-so don’t do that.” Of course, they have now just challenged me! They always have the same amount of fun, I know for sure! Either way! I’m the best actress! What do they expect from the best? I don’t feel bad because I keep it to myself, and it is always fun to do so for real! Ultimately though, my body feels like doing what it wants and not always “on command” of what I want. But I do find just as much joy in making the voyeur or viewer have the most sparkly fireworks of orgasm and fun they possibly can! That is, first and foremost, to me. So now, if you say you’re a professional who can always tell a real or fake “O, ” don’t let me know! (I prefer the real ones built up with a lush and a pillow, I’m a bit of an edge queen…)

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