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Xlovecam: The MONTHLY TOP 5 VR contest – Starting August 1, 2023

VR streaming is undoubtedly the streaming mode that will increase a lot in the coming months. The Xlovecam platform is now ready for VR. Users can now connect in 3D. To make the experience extraordinary, models can stream in 3D.

For models who stream in VR, Xlovecam is introducing a new contest starting August 1, 2023 : The Monthly TOP 5 VR contest contest (strictly for models streaming in VR).

Each month the 5 best VR models are awarded with cash prizes as follows :

  • First place: €200
  • Second place: €100
  • Third place: €50
  • Fourth place: €25
  • Fifth place: €25

The best VR models are those that have accumulated the highest amount of VR bonuses/ actions / virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys on the month.

The contest will run each month, closing time being 00:00 Central European Time (CET).

Contest Details & Rules:

  • To be able to stream in 3D on the Xlovecam platform, you must use the VR CAM 01 camera, which is the only one compatible for the moment;
  • Bonuses and all sales via the Actions Panel -Sex toys, virtual gifs, live actions- are taken into account as long as they are given in the VR environment (users must wear a VR headset).
  • Amount of sales from bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys from different customers carry better value in comparison with same amount from a single member. For example a model having in a month €100 in bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys from 10 customers will win the contest in front of a model with the same €100 value but from 5 customers;
  • If there is equality, the number of bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys will be taken into account. For example, a model that has earned 100 euros in bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys with 10 clients and 20 separate bonuses will win over a model that has earned 100 euros with 10 clients and only 15 separate bonuses/ actions/ virtual gifts/ interactive sextoys ;
  • In case of equality between 2 or more models the prize will be divided between the models ;
  • Any attempt to cheat or fraud will result in temporary or permanent exclusion from the competition.

The contest results will be displayed monthly in your model manager on the Monthly TOP 5 VR contest page.

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LiveJasmin Unveils Multi-Toy Magic for Enhanced Streaming Experience

LiveJasmin is excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary feature designed to elevate live streaming sessions: Multi-Toy Magic. This innovative functionality allows performers to connect and simultaneously control multiple Interactive Toys, offering a new level of engagement and excitement for audiences. By integrating multiple toys into their performances, streamers can create a more dynamic and interactive experience for viewers, ensuring memorable moments and heightened enjoyment.

To maximize the potential of this feature, LiveJasmin advises performers to name each of their Interactive Toys for easier management and control during live sessions. It’s also important to note that a BlueTooth dongle is required to utilize this feature, as white dongles do not support the Multi-Toy Magic capability.

LiveJasmin is eager to see how performers will leverage this groundbreaking feature to create unparalleled streaming experiences and forge deeper connections with their audiences.

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Embrace Independence with Anti-Valentine’s Celebration on is calling all singles and those who relish their freedom to join in the Anti-Valentine’s celebration, a special event dedicated to the joys of being unattached. This unique weekend event is designed for those who want to revel in their single status, offering a perfect counter to the traditional Valentine’s Day narrative.

During Anti-Valentine’s, highlights the pleasures of having no commitments, especially when it comes to enjoying the freedom of sex without strings attached. It’s a time to appreciate personal successes without the need to share them, from the earnings of your work to the autonomy over your schedule and choices.

While acknowledging that being single comes with its set of challenges, encourages everyone to focus on the benefits for this special weekend. With a Weekend Bonus Ranking, there’s a significant incentive for participants to enjoy and spend their earnings however they see fit, all in the spirit of celebrating independence. invites you to broadcast a sexy show on their live platform, embracing the freedom and joy of being single or desiring to be. It’s not just about Anti-Valentine’s Day; it’s an opportunity to celebrate autonomy and self-love throughout the year. Join the celebration of independence and enjoy the financial rewards this weekend on

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CAM4 Presents the MyShopVideo Contest: Elevate Your Broadcasting Career with Carly Rae Summers

Europe – CAM4, in collaboration with Carly Rae Summers, is thrilled to announce the launch of the MyShopVideo Contest, offering European broadcasters a chance to shine like never before! This exclusive competition promises exciting prizes, unmatched exposure through CAM4 and the awesome Carly Rae Summers herself.

Key Dates:

  • Submission Period (12-25 February): Participants can submit their best MyShopVideo creations, showcasing their unique talents and personalities in online broadcasting.
  • Regional Assessment (26 February): A distinguished Grand Jury led by Carly Rae Summers will select the top 10 winners, featured on CAM4’s social media channels.
  • Carly’s Video Release (1 March): Carly Rae Summers will unveil her highly anticipated video, shared across CAM4 and Pornhub channels.

Your Big Goal: Go Viral with CAM4 Participants aim to go viral, expanding their audience and positioning themselves for growth alongside Carly Rae Summers.

Achieve The Top and Win Big Top creators earn praise from Carly Rae Summers and fantastic prizes, including:

  • 1st prize: $250
  • 2nd prize: $175
  • 3rd prize: $100
  • 4th to 7th prize: $50

Rules and Regulations:

  • Verified CAM4 broadcasters eligible.
  • Videos uploaded to MyShop.
  • The top 10 finalists receive model release forms.
  • Participants must be in select European countries (FR, IT, ES, UK, SE, DE, AU, NL, or AUS).
  • One entry per account; one prize per person.

Join the CAM4 MyShopVideo Contest today! For media inquiries, please contact:

Alexandra – al*******@ca**.com

About CAM4: CAM4 is a leading platform for live webcam performances and adult content creation, connecting broadcasters with a global audience.

About Carly Rae Summers: Carly Rae Summers is a celebrated figure in online entertainment, known for her captivating performances and vibrant personality.

Join the conversation: Website

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