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FAQ – Model of the Month Award

The dashboard:
After the session begins, each model will be provided with a secure dashboard (a password will be sent by email).

Upload videos:
You can upload a maximum of 5 videos, be sure to be MP4 or WEBM and have a max file size of 100 MB.

Unblock videos:
From the dashboard, you can make them public only once you have received your desired number of votes (which you chose the limits).

Only one vote per IP address/device per day will be allowed and recorded in our systems.
VPN/Proxy/Bots/VPS are strictly prohibited; any votes received through such means will be removed immediately.

Boost votes:
We permit fans to boost their votes by up to a maximum of 2x. Any money collected through these boosted votes will be sent directly to the models, minus only the PayPal transaction fees. Please note that while models can indeed boost their own votes, this particular action will not be included in the total money collected from the fans.

Winner Announcement:
The winner will be announced on the following month’s first hour(s).
After the BCAMS Bot has checked all posts and votes.

The list of nominees will be made available to the public before the contest begins.

If You Don’t Win:
You are always welcome to participate again!

If You Win:
We invite you to have a video interview with us, and additionally, we will send you a trophy and printed magazine with your interview. The latest video interview can be found here: YouTube.

The main goal of this contest is to have fun to create real engagement and social media sharing, allowing fans to participate actively in the voting process.