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FAQ Current Edition

The March edition will commence on Monday, 13th March, 00:00 PST, and end at the last minute of this month.

Personalized cover:
After clicking on your photo will see “download cover” or share your dashboard after the session starts.

1) You can view your stats (free and paid votes) from the dashboard.
2) We send stats by email each day, including free and paid votes.

Each model will have a link and password for accessing their dashboard.
Through the dashboard, models can upload up to five videos with a maximum size of 100 MB each. They will also be able to select a cover for the video and set a limit for when the video can be unlocked.

Weight of each vote:
1) Annonymous vote = 1 point
2) Public vote (a tweet vote) = 3 points
3) Pinned tweet = 10 points per day
4) Pinned video tweet = 20 points per day

Paid Votes:
Your fans can boost a vote by paying for it ($2/ea). The maxim of 2 votes is allowed.
The models can receive their commerce through PayPal, Revolut, or Wire, with a commission fee as low as 5-7% (we keep only the fee for commissions). Alternative payment methods can be considered if necessary.

Winner Interview:
The winner interview will be hosted by Nikki Night.
The latest interview can be found here: YouTube

Good luck,