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Cam Sites Model Contests: 18.000 Euros in cash monthly

In the fast-paced world of adult entertainment, models are constantly looking for opportunities to showcase their talents and build a dedicated fan base. , a leading adult webcam platform, recognizes the importance of appreciating and motivating cam models. To this end, the platform hosts three exciting and rewarding contests:

  • “The Daily Top 5 Model Contest”,
  • “The Monthly Top 5 VR Contest”,
  • “Best Converting Model Contest”.

These contests offer not only fame and recognition but also substantial cash benefits for the models, helping them grow professionally and financially. Let’s delve into the details of each contest and the benefits they bring for the aspiring models on

“The Daily Top 5 Model Contest”: €14 000 paid out monthly to models

The Daily Top 5 Model Contest is a dynamic competition that runs every day, giving models the chance to rank among the top performers based on their daily earnings. This fierce competition encourages models to put their best foot forward, engage with their audience, and offer captivating shows. The benefits of participating in this contest are twofold.

Firstly, it offers models a chance to be prominently ranked on the homepage. This prime visibility can attract more viewers and potential fans, increasing their exposure and potential earnings significantly. Additionally, models who consistently make it to the Daily Top 5 gain a reputation for reliability and captivating performances, further enhancing their popularity and fostering a loyal following.

Secondly, the contest provides financial incentives. The platform also actively informs users of models in the top 40 and how much they may need to rank higher. Models who secure a place in the Daily Top 5 receive attractive cash prizes. This not only serves as an acknowledgment of their hard work and dedication but also acts as a motivating factor to continue delivering top-notch performances.

“The Daily Top 5” winners get the following cash prizes each day:

  • First place: €200
  • Second place: €100
  • Third place: €75
  • Fourth place: €50
  • Fifth place: €50

In Total, over €14,000 paid out monthly to models.

“The Christmas Cash Contest: Best Converting Model contest” (December): €38 000 paid out to models

The Best Converting Model Contest, held annually in December, focuses on converting free users into paying customers. Models who excel in persuading viewers to become paying members are eligible for this contest. Participating models can reap numerous benefits from this unique competition.

Firstly, the contest provides a platform for models to enhance their sales and marketing skills. It encourages them to engage effectively with potential customers, create a loyal fan base, and offer personalized experiences that entice users to invest in their shows.

Secondly, the Best Converting Model Contest rewards models not only based on their earnings but also on their ability to establish lasting connections with their audience. This recognition highlights the importance of building meaningful relationships with viewers, leading to a more sustainable and successful presence on the platform.

The last contest held in December 2022 celebrated 205 models with following payout:

The cash prizes are as follows :

  • €8,000 for the 1st place
  • €5,000 for the 2nd place
  • €2,000 for the 3rd place
  • €700 for the 4th place
  • €300 for the 5th place

From 6th to 205th place: €100 per model.

In Total, over €38 000 paid out to models.

“The Monthly Top 5 VR Contest”:

As technology continues to revolutionize the adult entertainment industry, virtual reality (VR) content has emerged as a game-changer. recognizes the potential of VR shows and, as such, introduced the Monthly Top 5 VR Contest starting on August 1st, 2023. This contest seeks to reward models who excel in providing immersive VR experiences to their audience.

Participating in the Monthly Top 5 VR Contest comes with several advantages for models. Firstly, it allows them to tap into a niche market and stand out from the competition. By offering interactive and lifelike VR shows, models can attract tech-savvy users looking for a more intimate experience. This opens up new revenue streams and expands their fan base.

Moreover, VR shows require a higher level of technical expertise and creativity, encouraging models to invest in their skills and production quality. Consequently, they can develop a unique brand identity, making them more memorable to their viewers.

To further incentivize participation, the Monthly Top 5 VR Contest offers cash rewards and special recognition for the winners. This recognition boosts the models’ reputation within the industry and serves as a testament to their adaptability and commitment to innovation.

The following cash prize is paid to The Monthly Top 5 models:

  • First place: €200
  • Second place: €100
  • Third place: €50
  • Fourth place: €25
  • Fifth place: €25


“The Daily Top 5 Model Contest”, “The Monthly Top 5 VR Contest”, and “The Christmas Cash Contest: Best Converting Model” Contest are exceptional opportunities for models on to excel, gain recognition, and boost their earnings. These contests encourage models to constantly improve their skills, invest in cutting-edge technologies, and engage effectively with their audience. Moreover, the rewards and recognition garnered from these contests propel models towards long-term success on the platform.’s commitment to nurturing and celebrating models reinforces its position as a leading adult webcam platform, attracting top talent and providing unparalleled experiences to viewers worldwide.

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Introducing Stripchat’s Flirting Mode: Earn with Non-Nude Interaction is revolutionizing the way performers can earn by introducing its innovative Flirting Mode. This new feature caters to those who prefer engaging in conversations and building connections without delving into explicit content. Flirting Mode is an enhancement for non-nude models, offering a fresh approach to online interaction.

Key Features of Flirting Mode:

  • Non-Nude Public Interaction: Flirting Mode allows performers to engage with viewers in public shows without having to perform any 18+ activities. It’s an ideal solution for those who want to keep their interactions light and flirtatious.
  • Visibility in Age-Verified Regions: With the new age verification laws in certain regions, only non-nude content can be displayed to viewers until they confirm their age. Flirting Mode ensures compliance with these regulations, allowing performers to be visible in these regions.
  • Special Flirting Category: Performers using Flirting Mode will feature in a special Flirting category. This unique section lets performers tease and engage viewers without the need to undress or engage in explicit activities.

How to Enable Flirting Mode:

Performers interested in switching to Flirting Mode can easily do so by navigating to “My Profile” and selecting the “Flirting Mode” option. This simple adjustment opens up a new avenue for interaction and earning potential.

Performing 18+ Content:

While Flirting Mode focuses on non-explicit interaction, reminds performers that all hot 18+ content can still be performed in private settings such as private shows (including Group and Ticket shows), spying features, private messages, and through photos, videos, and custom panels on performer profiles. encourages performers to explore Flirting Mode as a new way of connecting with their audience and potentially increasing their earnings. This mode is a testament to Stripchat’s commitment to offering diverse and adaptable platforms for performers to thrive in the adult industry. For more information and a detailed guide on Flirting Mode, performers can visit

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Cam Sites’s Christmas Elf Extravaganza: A Festive Giveaway is delighted to announce its Elf Extravaganza Giveaway, spreading the joy of Christmas with an exciting opportunity for its community. From December 4th to 10th, 2023, the platform is offering a chance for 10 fortunate individuals to win exclusive Christmas merchandise, perfectly timed to bring extra sparkle to the festive season.

How to Enter the Giveaway:

  1. Engage and Share: invites you to show your festive spirit by liking and sharing their promotional post. This is a wonderful way to spread the holiday cheer among your network.
  2. Follow and Join: The community is encouraged to follow on social media platforms (@AdultWorkcom and @AdultWorki). This will keep you in the loop with the platform’s latest updates and allow you to join in on more such exciting events.
  3. Tag and Multiply Your Chances: To spread the festive mood, suggests tagging two of your friends in the comments section of the giveaway post. Each separate comment with two tagged friends is considered a new entry, increasing your chances of winning.

Celebrating the Festive Season:

This giveaway is not just about winning; it’s about being part of a larger community celebration. is eager to see its members participate actively and enjoy the season’s excitement. Winners of this exclusive holiday merchandise will be selected randomly and contacted via social media.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The giveaway period is from December 4th to 10th, 2023.
  • Multiple entries per participant are allowed, enhancing the chances of winning.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly and notified through their social media accounts. extends warm wishes for a festive and joyous season. They encourage everyone to join in the fun and experience the magic of Christmas through this giveaway. Good luck to all, and may the festive spirit be with you!

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Cam Sites

ImLive Unveils GROUPCAMS on Mobile for the Ultimate DOUBLE Webcam Experience

[ANDORRA] – [07/12/23] ImLive, leading provider in adult webcam experiences, is thrilled to
announce the expansion of its mobile offerings with the introduction of the highly anticipated
GroupCam feature. Now, users can enjoy an exhilarating DOUBLE video chat, engaging with two hosts simultaneously from the palm of their hand.

ImLive’s commitment to enhancing the mobile experience takes a giant leap with the migration of GroupCams, previously exclusive to desktop users. This popular feature revolutionizes user engagement, offering a unique and immersive webcam experience.

GroupCams empowers users to select a second ImLive host from their favourites list, creating a virtual threesome experience. The split-screen feature enables engagement with both hosts via live chat, tipping, and the activation of hosts’ connected vibrators. It is an unparalleled opportunity for users to elevate their webcam experience.

Participating in GroupCams opens new horizons for hosts. Increased visibility, more chat requests, and enhanced revenue possibilities contribute to elevated earnings, improved member retention and much more fun. The feature also enables hosts to see each other’s streams to coordinate and connect more effectively during the live GroupCam chats.

ImLive remains committed to providing the best webcam experiences. Stay tuned for the 2024 Q1 roadmap, featuring exciting UI & UX upgrades to further enhance the mobile and desktop
experience. ImLive invites users and hosts to explore the new Group Cams feature, revolutionizing webcam interactions. Join us on this exciting journey and share your feedback as we continue to shape the future of webcam experiences.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Adrian Stoneman

ImLive is a leading live-cam platform dedicated to connecting performers with members around the world. With a commitment to innovation and support for our community, we provide a platform where performers can highlight their talents and members can enjoy unforgettable experiences in a
safe and exciting space.

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