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BongaModels: New payment method

BongaModels has recently announced the addition of another payment method to their platform – USDT TRC-20 in cryptocurrency!

USDT TRC-20 is a stable payment instrument that offers reliability, high speed, and convenience in transactions. With this new payment option, withdrawing funds from BongaModels directly to USDT TRC-20 wallets has never been easier or quicker!

BongaModels would like to remind its users that besides USDT TRC-20, other popular payment methods are available, such as WebMoney, Paxum, ePayService, and Wire Transfer. Furthermore, payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Tether USDT (ERC-20) are also accepted.

Choose the payment method that works best for you, and start earning on BongaModels!

Please be advised that when selecting USDT TRC-20 as your payment option, ensure that you provide the correct wallet address – USDT TRC-20 (not ERC-20). Incorrect wallet addresses may result in the loss of funds without refunds.

Cam Sites

Dreamcam: 5 Reasons to Stream in VR Today

Dreamcam is the world’s first VR webcam platform! Unlock a whole new level of fan engagement and connect with new users!

Five Reasons for Models to Stream in VR Today!

  1. Unleash your Creativity

Break free from traditional limitations and explore a whole new realm of creative possibilities, offering your audience an unprecedented level of engagement and excitement.

  1. Find New Audience

Stand out from the crowd and attract a dedicated fan new base of VR lovers who are eager to explore intimate and immersive experiences with their favorite models.

  1. Boost Your Earnings

VR streaming opens up exciting monetization opportunities, allowing models to increase their income through premium content, virtual gifts, and exclusive experiences tailored for VR users.

  1. Stay at the Forefront of Technology

Embrace the cutting-edge advancements in VR technology and be a trendsetter in the adult entertainment industry, establishing yourself as a pioneer in the immersive streaming landscape.

  1. Forge Deeper Connections

With VR streaming, you can establish genuine connections with your audience, providing them with a more personal and authentic experience that will keep them coming back for more, creating a loyal following of fans and supporters.


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Introducing ePlay’s Monetization Feature for Creators

We’re excited to announce the launch of Portal,, ePlay’s newest monetization feature for Creators! Built with feedback from you in mind, is designed to empower ePlay Creators to maximize their engagement and share their content in a Safe For Work environment.

Tired of traditional Social Media’s strict policies? allows you to share those risque links without worry and monetize them too. With this new feature, your ePlay content takes center stage — transforming into Portal Widgets that will give you the opportunity to get your message out there.

From what we heard, this is something you’ve been waiting on! Setting up your own Portal is easy, and you can start today. Check out our quick survey to get started and learn more about the details. Plus, we’re giving away ten gift cards to Creators who complete it. Winners will be announced in early June – what are you waiting for?

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LiveJasmin: Grow Your Fanbase and Earnings with LoyalFans

Utilize your LoyalFans connection and increase your fan base while also boosting your earnings by promoting your profile link on your LiveJasmin page.

Draw in existing and potential followers by regularly updating your profile with interesting and exciting content. In order to make use of this great feature, you must have at least 10 free pieces of content and recent interaction with your fans on LoyalFans within the last 30 days. Capitalize on this amazing opportunity and grow your fanbase faster than ever before!

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