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Brittany Cox

She is an up-and-coming cam model who has achieved success in only three months. She loves to connect with her fans and thank them for their support. What turns on instantly is when her partner comes up behind her and kisses the back of her neck. To keep the spark alive in their relationship, she does little things like bend over in front of him or wear skimpy clothing around the house. She also loves to show her partner that she cares by kissing him and telling him that she loves him.

What would you like to tell your fans?
I would love to first thank all my fans for their support. Without y’all here supporting my room every time I get online, I wouldn’t have made the smash I did in the camming world all in a matter of 3 months! I plan to keep progressing in the adult industry and thank you for continuing to help us grow. And I love all my fans so much. I cannot wait to see what else we accomplish together!

Tell us about a memorable cam experience.
One December night, we got a private request, and he requested boob suffocation in private. Now Ninja and I are new cam models, so we’ve never done this, heard of this, or knew it was a kink…. Needless to say, we broke character. I was suffocating him, and the look he gave me when he looked up at me, I couldn’t hold character, and neither could he, lol. Luckily our guy that requested the private was cool and said it’s part of the show, and he ultimately loved the private and loved and had a great time!

What turns you on almost instantly?
One thing that Ninja does that turns me on instantly is when he comes up behind me, places his hands on my hips, and kisses the back of my neck right below my ear. Oh my God, it drives me crazy, and I’m ready for him to bend me over right then and there.

What do you do to keep a spark alive in a relationship?
It’s the little things that keep a spark alive. For example, I’ll bend over right in front of him sometimes to pick something up off the floor, I dance while I clean and cook, or I’ll wear something skimpy around the house, to give him a personal show.

How do you like to show your partner that you care?
Well, the first thing I always do to ninjas to show him I care is always kiss him and tell him I love him!


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Cam Models


A cam model with a burgeoning career in both the adult and mainstream film industries shares her journey and insights. With her debut film, “Psycho Sex Dolls” set to launch this Spring, she reflects on her aspirations, motivations, and the lessons learned along the way, all while expressing gratitude towards her supportive fans.

I aim to continue my career in the adult industry and am excited about my first mainstream movie, ‘Psycho Sex Dolls,’ launching in Spring. I hope it opens more opportunities. Additionally, I plan to resume coaching others in our community one day.

Success Motivation?
I compete with myself, believing that comfort hinders growth. It’s essential to continuously assess and explore how to improve further.

Life Lesson?
It’s crucial not to rely solely on one opportunity and to embrace change fearlessly. I view every setback as a chance to pursue something greater, believing everything happens for a reason.

Message to Fans?
I’m deeply grateful for my fans’ unwavering support, love, and loyalty over the past six years. Despite recent changes, the overwhelming support has been truly heartwarming.

Handling Jealousy?
Jealousy is a reality in this industry. Success depends on finding a partner who is secure enough not to be affected by the nature of my work.


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Cam Models

Angela Venus

A cam model with a blend of adventure and independence is set to celebrate her third year in the industry with Streamate and Jerkmate this August. Sharing her bold experiences and personal milestones, she offers a glimpse into her life and the unconventional path to success she embraces.

Unconventional Location for Sex?
“I must admit, I have a particular fondness for car sex. An unforgettable moment was engaging intimately in the backseat while driving around the Las Vegas strip with a close friend. It was an exhilarating experience.”

Camming Career Duration?
“This August, I’m excited to celebrate my third anniversary with Streamate and Jerkmate. I like to say they were my introduction to nudity online, marking a significant first in my life.”

Memorable Experience?
“During one of my initial conventions, I was surprisingly unprepared for the level of personal interaction fans sought. An unexpected request for my used panties led me to improvise by removing mine on the spot, spending the rest of the day without them.”

Defining Success?
“Success, to me, is about living life on your terms, enjoying a flexible schedule, and being accountable only to yourself.”


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Cam Models

Raven Fox

She is a cam model with a unique blend of curiosity and authenticity, engaging her fans with a genuine passion for discovery and connection. Her journey in the industry is marked by a thoughtful approach to learning and exploration, whether it’s delving into health and fitness or deep conversations on a date. Raven shares her gratitude for the ability to express herself creatively from the comfort of her home, celebrating the support of her fans and the freedom her career offers.

Greatest Value?
My greatest value lies in my curiosity and passion for learning. Whether it’s understanding more about health and fitness or getting to know someone better, I thrive on diving deep into subjects and uncovering new layers.

Reflections About Daily Job?
Reflecting on my day-to-day life fills me with gratitude. I’m fortunate to have amazing friends, work from home, and express my creativity freely. It’s a dream come true that my career allows me to be myself.

Ideal Date Night
I prefer ‘No-Think Dates,’ where everything is planned for me, from what I wear to what I eat. It’s the thrill of spontaneity and surprise that makes these dates special.

Unconventional Location for Sex?
Have you ever had sex in the driver’s seat of a moving vehicle, passing houses with their porch lights illuminating the moment? Me neither!

Message to Fans?
Seeing familiar faces stick around from the start means the world to me. I cherish each of you deeply—remember to stay hydrated and be ready for what’s coming. Much love to all my good boys!


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