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Uncovering the Fetish Videos Lurking on TikTok

It’s no secret that TikTok is full of videos that are seemingly innocent but are actually disguised as fetish content. From bizarre life hacks to footage of someone being tied up, these videos reflect what some people find erotic. What’s more, these videos are being watched by children, which is the minimum age requirement for the app.

Foot fetishists, food fetishists, and those fascinated by messiness have all found a home on TikTok. While the platform does not allow videos that depict sexual fetishes, the definition of what constitutes a sexual fetish can be blurry.

Videos that appear to show a spray-on tattoo application, or a bride cutting a bridesmaid’s dress, can appear to be harmless but are actually porn for someone. To spot hidden fetish videos, we can think back to Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s famous phrase: “I know it when I see it.”

Videos that feature cheesy soundtracks, leering camera angles, and an excessive buildup to an anticlimactic reveal are all signs of potential fetish content. Foot fetish videos are particularly popular, with videos showing people giving foot massages and stepping on gross items. Food fetishism is also prevalent, with videos featuring feeding fetishes and weird recipes.

Sploshing is another popular fetish involving someone being covered in a messy substance, such as food, mud, slime, or paint. Although it’s unclear what kind of effect this content may have on children, it’s worth noting that it’s out there and being watched. Letting people who will do anything for views potentially influence the psyches of our youth is a dangerous experiment that we’re conducting on humanity.

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Enhancing Your Live Cam Show with Top 5 Toys

Live cam shows are becoming increasingly popular, and with that comes a need for more advanced, interactive toys that can help make the experience even more enjoyable for viewers and performers alike. From the iconic Lush Vibrator from Lovense to the sophisticated Cowgirl sex machine, there is a whole world of toys that are perfect for live cam shows. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular toys that are making waves in the live cam industry.

1) The Lush Vibrators From Lovense
The Lush Vibrator from Lovense is one of the most iconic toys in the live cam world. Shaped like a U, it is designed to hook inside of a cam girl, stimulating both her clitoris and G-spot at the same time. The result is often an orgasm so intense that it can bring some models to their knees. Moreover, the toy is Bluetooth-controlled, meaning that viewers can take control of the toy’s power and send the cam girl into sexual ecstasy. It is a powerful tool that can’t be faked, and it is no wonder it is a popular choice for live cam shows.

2) The Cowgirl
The Cowgirl is a high-end sex toy designed to provide intense pleasure to the user. It is shaped like a bucking bronco and works by sending a pulse of vibration through the user’s private area until they reach an orgasm. It can be controlled via an app, meaning that viewers can take up the ante of the vibrations and send the cam model’s pleasure into the stratosphere. It is a powerful toy that can be incredibly enjoyable to watch and use.

3) Some Sex Machines are Described as the Bugatti of Robotic Sex.
Sex machines are becoming increasingly popular in the live cam world, and for a good reason. These formidable and industrial-looking machines can provide incredible pleasure to a user, and many of them are Bluetooth-controlled, meaning that viewers can take control of the machine’s speed, power, and position. Some of these sex machines are so powerful that they have been compared to having sex with the Terminator, and others have been described as the Bugatti of robotic sex. If you want to see a cam girl take one of these machines on, you will usually need to go into a private room with her.

4) Liberator Pillows
Liberator Pillows are perfect for helping cam girls stay comfortable while performing. They are also great for helping them to achieve awkward positions that their fans love. Many of these pillows are fully customizable and come with special compartments for toys and accessories, making them incredibly convenient. They are also incredibly easy to clean, making them a great choice for live cam shows.

5) A Magic Wand
The magic wand is another iconic toy in the live cam world. Originally designed as a massage aid, it is now a staple of the industry and rarely fails to bring about a hypnotic orgasm. It is usually quiet enough not to be distracting and is a great way for cam models to keep their viewers coming back for more.

The Technological Advances in the Live Cam Industry are Skyrocketing!

The live cam industry is rapidly advancing, and it is clear that there is a strong bond between some of the world’s most advanced sex toy companies and some of the most cutting-edge live sex cam sites. The possibilities for the future of live camming are endless, and it is certainly something to look forward to.

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Survey Reveals: 3 out of 4 Teens Have Been Exposed to Online Pornography by Age 13

A survey from Common Sense Media, a nonprofit child advocacy organization, has revealed that most teenagers have been exposed to online pornography by the age of 13, with 12 being the average age of first consumption.

Of over 1,300 teens between 13 and 17 surveyed, 73 percent reported having seen explicit content, 44 percent have done so intentionally, and 58 percent accidentally. As the proliferation of pornographic material on the internet has made it easier for youth and teens to consume, certain states have taken action to protect children from the dangers of online pornography. For example, Louisiana now requires those looking to view pornographic websites to present a government-issued ID.

The survey also found that LGBTQ+ youth are more likely than their peers to consume pornography, with many citing it as a way to explore their sexuality. Additionally, most respondents feel “OK” about the amount of pornography they consume, but half of them expressed feelings of guilt or shame afterward.

Overall, the survey highlights the need for greater education on the potential dangers of online pornography. Those viewing the content may be too young to understand, potentially leading to poor mental health, sexual violence, or other negative outcomes. In addition, older teens who consume pornography may have unrealistic or dangerous expectations of healthy sexual relationships.

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Trends in 2023: Focusing on Mental, Physical, and Sexual Well-being

If you are aiming for a healthier lifestyle, it might be best to leave behind certain toxic trends. Here are some of the trends that you might want to avoid:

1. “What I eat in a day” videos

Trying to emulate someone else’s meal routine is not a feasible solution, as everyone is unique, and restrictive eating can have a detrimental effect on both physical and mental health.

Nine times out of ten, these “What I Eat in a Day” videos, which are usually created with positive intentions, promote an unrealistic view of healthy eating and, in some cases, even normalize unhealthy eating habits and an obsession with food.

Despite being told that the video is “for inspiration only,” it is likely that someone trying to lose weight will follow the diet without looking into its potential health benefits or risks.

Instead of obsessing over what your favorite influencer eats in a day, take the time to take care of yourself by eating nutritious food and finding an exercise plan that is right for you; this can help to prevent a range of physical and mental health issues.

 2. ‘That Girl’ and other unrealistic wellness routines

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to achieving optimal health; the wellness habits that you see people sharing on social media, such as early mornings, green juices, long skincare routines, taking supplements and wearing athleisure, are not the only way. There are plenty of other options that can be just as effective, and are simpler, more affordable and sustainable. Each individual’s health needs are unique and should be tailored to them.

   3. Self-diagnosing on TikTok

Due to the proliferation of wellness influencers on social media, there is an abundance of misinformation and generic advice circulating on the internet. This makes it simple for individuals to trust the professional opinions of so-called “doctors” featured in viral videos.

It is important to speak with a medical professional and get accurate tests done in order to accurately diagnose a medical issue, as relying on videos for medical advice can be dangerous and damaging as the content may not be based on any plausible medical facts or evidence. 

Wellness trends to look out for in 2023

As the health and wellness industry progresses with the changing world, each new year brings a fresh set of trends that make it easier for us to reach our health goals. We have already identified some wellness trends that will be at the forefront in 2023, so let us take a closer look at what to expect.

Wellness travel

Traveling for wellness can be beneficial for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social health. It can be calming by giving travelers the opportunity to explore different cultures while also providing them with a chance to focus on their well-being

Companies are capitalizing on this trend by creating specialized wellness packages that feature activities like sound baths, recovery lounges, and “preventative” spa stays.

In the past, a vacation was an opportunity to abandon our diets and exercise regimens. Now, however, we plan our trips with a focus on relaxation, as well as personal growth and wellbeing.

Brain care

In 2021, just as we adopted self-care due to the pandemic, the upcoming year of 2023 will bring with it its own “care” trend, namely “brain care.” Nurturing your mental and neurological health goes beyond the typical idea of self-care; while self-care is any activity you do to maintain your overall well-being, brain care is a crucial element of overall health.

Taking care of your mental well-being is essential for improving your concentration, problem-solving skills, and stress management. To do this, you can engage in activities that can reduce stress and help sharpen your mind, such as reading, meditation, and playing chess.

Caring for one’s brain is connected to one’s mental health, and can be supported through activities like therapy, participating in support groups, and engaging in mindfulness practices to cultivate a positive outlook and emotional steadiness.

Sexual Wellness

The popularity of sexual wellness is projected to increase over the next few years, with the goal of helping people of all genders, orientations, and sexual experiences to become more at ease with their bodies and sexual decisions.

Different forms of sexual wellness, such as sex therapy, self-love, healthy communication, contraception and sex education, are becoming increasingly accepted. This is reflected in the growing availability of sex toys and other sexual wellness products in stores, as well as a reduced stigma surrounding pleasure.

As technology progresses, more apps and services have been developed to assist people in understanding their reproductive health, while an increasing number of individuals are having open conversations about issues like consent, body image, and pleasure related to sexual wellness.

As more data is made accessible, individuals are able to take a better informed stance on their sexual health and well-being.

Habits to continue in 2023

We don’t believe wellness needs to be a one-size-fits-all approach; it should be tailored to the individual. Drinking a matcha latte in the morning and practicing yoga daily may not be what works for everyone, but as long as your daily habits and lifestyle choices make you feel better than the year before, you are on the right track.

The good thing is, it all begins at home. Therefore, continue to adhere to these 5 fundamental wellness principles in 2023 to attain a healthier, more content version of yourself:

1. Ensure you get at least 7-hours of sleep

2. Move your body daily

3. Eat well-balanced meals

4. Build healthy habits

5. Prioritize your self-care. 

You don’t have to follow the latest wellness trend or buy expensive products to be healthier; only you know what is best for your body and your needs, so it is up to you to decide what is healthiest for you.


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