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From £12K per year to £8K per month: The success story of a Cam Model

Here is another cam girl successful story, which can encourage many others to take the plunge and give it a go. Emily Kathleen, 27 yo, has gone from practically homeless to now holding an agency with 550 models employed, and that in just one year!

Emily was working as a customer advisor during the pandemic in 2020 where she earned just £12K per year. During the lockdown she decided to try her luck as a cam girl, on the first night she earned £400, which is more than she would normally earn per week. Currently she’s earning a huge £8K per month, which dwarfs her old £12K salary.

Some may be surprised to discover that this is not just about Emily stripping off her clothes on a webcam, she also gives her clients what is called the ‘girlfriend experience’, this typically includes chatting, flirting and forming a relationship with them.
It didn’t take long for Emily to fall in love with her new job, so then in May 2021, she set up her own cam girl agency called High Society Models, and she now has almost 550 models working for her.

Emily is an advocate for the empowerment of her models, and looks don’t matter, she will employ all shapes, sizes and ages, and help the women to become free from their old low-paying day jobs.
She’s now started a TikTok page about her new agency, it already has 12,000 followers. She says “Webcamming has completely turned my life around. I was practically homeless a few years ago about to lose my council flat. I can’t believe where I am now, and I absolutely love what I do and it helps that I earn really decent money. It’s not for everyone, but I found my calling and became my own boss. I want to try and break the stigma around the industry and show how empowering this work can be for women.”

While working in her office job, she had found the ‘pressure’ of Covid too much and so got signed off with stress. She says “I have never been ill from stress in my life! It was a very difficult time. I had nothing to lose so I thought I’d give webcam modeling a go. It was scary leaving my job, but I found something I loved doing.” In Emily’s new role, she would turn on her laptop every day and keep her clients entertained via her Internet connection. Some clients simply wanted to chat. Altogether it was on average around 20-30 hours per week of work.

She explains “I strip and have fun with them if I feel comfortable. I provide a ‘girlfriend experience’ which is about building an online relationship with someone. Men are there to speak to an actual person – otherwise they could go and watch porn. I would chat to them, flirt and just have a laugh.”
With her new-found knowledge and power, she decided she wanted to financially empower other women too, so that’s when she started up her own webcam agency.

Emily explains “I wanted my models to have full control over videos and outfits. In webcamming, nudity is preferable but not essential. Most important to me is that they feel comfortable and empowered by what they’re doing.
“We have women of all shapes and sizes – one of our biggest earners is a size 20 girl. We even have couples who do webcamming together. I still can’t believe how much I love my job and the fact I’m not living paycheck to paycheck anymore. I want to help women gain confidence and live a better quality of life by finding the same financial freedom I did. It’s completely changed my life – and I hope I can do the same for others.”

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Finance & Business

Uncovering the Paxum Bank Behind Trump Media’s $8m Russian-Tied Loan

Federal prosecutors in New York have been investigating whether Donald Trump’s media company violated money laundering statutes by receiving $8 million suspected to have ties to Russia. The inquiry has delayed the potential merger of Trump Media’s Truth Social platform with a blank check company, Digital World (DWAC). This merger would have provided the company with up to $1.3 billion in capital and a stock market listing.

The first $2 million payment to Trump Media arrived in December 2021 from Paxum Bank in the Caribbean. The wire transfer identified Paxum Bank as the beneficial owner, but the promissory note identified an entity called ES Family Trust as the lender. Two months later, ES Family Trust received an unexpected second $6 million payment.

Angel Pacheco, the trustee of ES Family Trust, was simultaneously a director of Paxum Bank. The possible Russian connection being examined by prosecutors centers on Anton Postolnikov, a relation of Putin ally Aleksandr Smirnov. Smirnov held various roles in the Russian government, including Russia’s first deputy minister of justice until 2014.

The opaque nature of the two loans caused alarm in Trump Media. In the spring of 2022, Trump Media’s then-chief financial officer Phillip Juhan weighed returning the money, but it was never returned. The two payments ostensibly came from two separate entities, Paxum Bank and ES Family Trust. The money was wired through Paxum Bank, which has a history of providing banking services for the pornography and sex worker industries.

Trump Media’s since-ousted co-founder turned whistleblower Will Wilkerson alerted the US attorney’s office for the southern district of New York to the payments on 23 October 2022. It is unclear whether Trump, who was the chairman of Trump Media at the time, was aware of the opaque nature of the two loans.

The extent of the exposure for Trump Media and its officers for money laundering remains unclear. Prosecutors need to show that the defendants knew the money was the proceeds of some form of unlawful activity and the transaction was designed to conceal its source. However, the optics of borrowing money from potentially unsavory sources could cloud Trump’s image as he seeks to recapture the White House in 2024.

Sources: The Guardian, Forbes

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Finance & Business

BCAMS Magazine, the 15th issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Our February edition of BCAMS Magazine is here to tantalize!

We start with featuring over ten hot cam models that will leave you breathless. We then explore the UK’s Sexual Wellness Spending Habits and the most Influential Financial Media Organizations, where women are taking the reins and creating a powerful legacy.

BCAMS Magazine also offers tips for young married couples on How To Keep Life From Ruining A Marriage in 2023 and Redefining the Soulmate: Celebrating Love Beyond Valentine’s Day.

In selfcare and sexual wellness, we have Uncovering The Fetish Videos Lurking on TikTok and Enhancing Your Live Cam Show With the Top 5 Erotic Toys.

Finally, in tech and IT, we have an article on Managing Your Business Efficiently With application for camming studios – the must-have application for any camming studio.

Don’t miss out on the February edition of BCAMS Magazine – it’s an absolute must-read!

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Finance & Business

BCAMS Magazine, the 14th issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Hello and welcome to BCAMS Magazine 14th issue!

Dear friends, it is evident that this upcoming year holds much promise, and we look forward to a time of business opportunities and great celebrations! Happy New Year!

If you get the chills, some of the most amazing beauties are here to warm you up! Don’t miss our Interview Series Christmas Special! The best possible treat on a cold winter day, we’d say! Get ready for some hot, spice sprinkled interviews!

“BCAMS Magazine is a fast-growing one, and each issue proved the strong connection made with the live cam industry. Thank you for your trust and support.”

Moving on, our annual spotlight shines on the official winners of the BCAMS Expo Awards 2022. Hats off to the people who have been putting in consistent efforts to make a positive impact in this industry!

We discuss the Top 10 Most Profitable Youtube Niches in 2023 and how to make money as a content creator, according to influencers.

We also recorded the major online fashion events in 2022, influencing movements and setting trends. We explain why PH Make-up is trending on TikTok.

Furthermore, for this upcoming year, we identified the top 2023 wellness trends, so let’s check them out!

All this and more awaits you in our third issue of BCAMS Magazine!

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