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LALEXPO 2022 cancellation


With deep sadness and great disappointment, I address each one of us who are part of this great and misunderstood industry. You more than anyone know how much we have worked at LaLexpo for the promotion, formalization and legalization of our industry.

As some may already know, yesterday the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office denied the necessary permits for the development of our expo. We deeply regret and reject this decision which, as you will understand, forces us to officially cancel it.

It is false, as has come out in some media, that we did not comply with the legal requirements to obtain the necessary approval for its realization. This is a political decision that ignores our rights, sets a very bad precedent, puts our right to work at risk and affects the dignity of thousands of people who daily derive their livelihood from this business.

The adult entertainment industry is not only legal and duly approved by Colombian regulations, but its rights have been recognized in several Constitutional Court rulings. With the measure taken by the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, like that of Cartagena a few weeks ago, an obvious discrimination is being generated and fundamental rights that we as a society cannot ignore are being violated.

It is incredible that for the Nation, as well as for the territorial entities, we are legal to pay taxes, but we do not have the right to organize our annual Expo. Together with the legal team, we are evaluating different measures aimed at protecting the industry and the rights of more than 150,000 people.

The decision to move the venue to Barranquilla was made, among other reasons, because the mayor, from the first moment, offered all the necessary guarantees for the development of the event. As was evident in his various interventions in the media, there was a public support for the Expo that we never imagined would be withdrawn. As you can imagine, the cancellation first in Cartagena and now in Barranquilla, has a profound economic impact that we as organizers must assume.

I want to invite you so that, through social networks, the media and even on the street, we can raise our voice of protest, defend the rights we have as an industry and show the need for the country and Colombian society to evolve and leave that double standard that is hurting us.

From my position I will continue to work tirelessly for the industry, its formalization, legality and recognition as an axis of economic development in our country.

We deeply regret the effects this decision may have on your travel plans. Those who have questions, concerns or even comments can contact us through where we have a team ready to help you.


Anthony Rivera -AJ

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BCAMS EXPO 2022, the comeback edition, was a blast!

Our coming-back edition turned up better than we expected!
The fantastic locations, together with the huge amount of cam studios, cam models, and the 12 cam sites that stepped our threshold, made our conference reach the highest level of networking. Playing independent wasn’t easy at all, but it helped us to deliver to our guests quality and not quantity.

The BCAMS AWARDS Gala was a glamorous night with loads of artistic moments sprinkled with well-deserved awards for cam sites, cam studios, cam models, and content creators who have dedicated loads of time to make this possible. The Awards Show was hosted by the one and only Andy Wullmer, the well-known Traffic Captain.

Old companies, and new ones, made new connections with the new and old cam studios. This year was just a warm-up when it comes to the BCAMS EXPO 2023, so get ready for next-level networking and also for getting to know all the new cam studios, the gorgeous independent cam models, together with the biggest cam sites, affiliate companies, payment companies, and so on.

Time is flying fast, so get ready for our 2023 edition, which will take you to new connections that you weren’t even thinking about!


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Networking at the highest level: TESS 2022 & WMA Cyprus

We just had a marathon of events, and OMG how many connections we’ve made, but also the good experiences we had at both of the conferences.
But let’s take them step by step.

TES 2022 was hosted again in beautiful Prague. There were so many participants and so many ways to network at the highest level. It took place in the same great hotel as usual, and yes, doing business while you mix it with pleasure is the best way. Exquisite parties and dinners, meeting all your friends, which become family after you meet them so many times. That’s totally a yes for us!

Carrying on to the next conference, WMA Cyprus, the flight towards it was the craziest we ever had! A special charter only for us, and you can imagine the fun we all had.

The WMA felt more like a holiday networking, as there were beach parties, beach meetings, and swimming pool meetings, but also really good networking. We met so many people that we never had time to meet at the other conference. We created new friendships and also we found new ways to connect our projects with this beautiful industry. And we can’t wait to go back!


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LALEXPO announces upcoming 2022 and 2023  line up of events!

As announced during the closing party of Lalexpo 2022 and through its social networks, this was the last edition of the main event in Colombia; however, every year the traditional Lalexpo Workshops will continue to be held in different cities of Colombia and Latam.

We are decentralizing LALEXPO, instead of bringing everyone into 1 huge event (5.174 attendees this year), We will conduct 6 workshops in different cities of Colombia throughout the year, each workshop planned for 1.000 attendees, so we will have LALEXPO reach 6.000 attendees throughout the year in Colombia.

In addition, in 2023 it will be Lalexpo VIP, which will host the paradisiacal island of Curacao, and for the second time the LATAM Tour will be held,  including Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

Another novelty is that Lalexpo, in partnership with Juan Bustos, will launch FanGirl Expo, an event focused on the adult content creation industry. 

Although Lalexpo 2022 was the last edition held in Colombia as a big scale event, the decision comes as a result of a very strategic aggressive expansion plan for LALEXPO  the event continues cross borders, to conquer new markets, increase the number of attendees and contribute to the growth and professional development of the industry.

The main highlights of the future events:


Its duration is one day and, as previously mentioned, the capacity is 1000 attendees. The main purpose of these events is the professional training of models and studios. 

This year’s first workshop will be held on October 23 in Bogota, followed by Bucaramanga on November 20 and Medellin on December 11.


This will be the first international expo for the adult content creation industry, which will be held from  February 7 to 9,  2023 in the city of Medellín. An attendance of 2000 – 3000 attendees is expected.


This is a new concept that seeks to create a truly intimate networking environment, which will include activities for the top companies and members of the webcam industry from around the world: studios, models, affiliates and platforms.

As this will be a more intimate and exclusive event, attendees can establish closer business relationships and friendships with the top participants from Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Romania and CIS countries.

Lalexpo VIP will take place in March  2023;  The exact dates will be announced shortly.  The event will have approximately 250 – 300 attendees.


After the success of this year’s pilot, Lalexpo will hold its second LATAM Tour. For each edition, approximately 500 attendees are expected. These are the dates for each workshop:

Mexico – Mexico City: May 4, 2023

Brazil – Sao Paulo: May 7, 2023

Argentina – Buenos Aires: May 11, 2023

Expect more news from us soon!

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