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LALEXPO 2022 cancellation


With deep sadness and great disappointment, I address each one of us who are part of this great and misunderstood industry. You more than anyone know how much we have worked at LaLexpo for the promotion, formalization and legalization of our industry.

As some may already know, yesterday the Barranquilla Mayor’s Office denied the necessary permits for the development of our expo. We deeply regret and reject this decision which, as you will understand, forces us to officially cancel it.

It is false, as has come out in some media, that we did not comply with the legal requirements to obtain the necessary approval for its realization. This is a political decision that ignores our rights, sets a very bad precedent, puts our right to work at risk and affects the dignity of thousands of people who daily derive their livelihood from this business.

The adult entertainment industry is not only legal and duly approved by Colombian regulations, but its rights have been recognized in several Constitutional Court rulings. With the measure taken by the Mayor’s Office of Barranquilla, like that of Cartagena a few weeks ago, an obvious discrimination is being generated and fundamental rights that we as a society cannot ignore are being violated.

It is incredible that for the Nation, as well as for the territorial entities, we are legal to pay taxes, but we do not have the right to organize our annual Expo. Together with the legal team, we are evaluating different measures aimed at protecting the industry and the rights of more than 150,000 people.

The decision to move the venue to Barranquilla was made, among other reasons, because the mayor, from the first moment, offered all the necessary guarantees for the development of the event. As was evident in his various interventions in the media, there was a public support for the Expo that we never imagined would be withdrawn. As you can imagine, the cancellation first in Cartagena and now in Barranquilla, has a profound economic impact that we as organizers must assume.

I want to invite you so that, through social networks, the media and even on the street, we can raise our voice of protest, defend the rights we have as an industry and show the need for the country and Colombian society to evolve and leave that double standard that is hurting us.

From my position I will continue to work tirelessly for the industry, its formalization, legality and recognition as an axis of economic development in our country.

We deeply regret the effects this decision may have on your travel plans. Those who have questions, concerns or even comments can contact us through where we have a team ready to help you.


Anthony Rivera -AJ

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Lalexpo 2024: A Complete Success with 5605 Attendees and Unparalleled Support

This year, Lalexpo exceeded all expectations by bringing together more than 5,000 attendees from the online entertainment industry, making it the largest and most vibrant event to date. This achievement not only highlights the continued growth of the industry but also the importance of this event as an essential meeting point for professionals, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from around the world.

One of the highlights of Lalexpo 2024 has been the overwhelming support of 101 sponsors, whose commitment and active participation have contributed significantly to the success of the event. From start-ups to established industry leaders, their support has demonstrated the vitality and growth potential of the online entertainment sector.

In addition, the support of government entities such as the Secretary of Government, the Secretary of Health, Immigration, the Ministry of Labor, and the Mayor’s Office of Yumbo has been fundamental in consolidating Lalexpo’s reputation as an event of national and international importance. The official recognition and support of these institutions underscores the relevance of the conference and its contribution to the economic and cultural development of the region.

The different conferences offered during Lalexpo 2024 have been very well received by attendees, standing out for their relevance, thematic diversity, and quality of the speakers. From discussions on technology and market trends to debates on regulations and industry policies, these sessions have provided an invaluable platform for the exchange of knowledge and the exploration of new ideas.

Three days provided an unparalleled platform for knowledge sharing, strategic networking, exploration of the latest industry trends, and networking opportunities that marked the frenetic pace of this meeting.

Relive our event in our after-movie:

We sincerely thank all attendees, sponsors, and partners for their unwavering support and look forward to meeting again at Lalexpo 2025. This year is not over yet for us, so we look forward to seeing you at our Latam Workshops on May 19 in Mexico and May 24 in São Paulo and our VIP Lalexpo on the spectacular beaches of Punta Cana from August 15-18

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PR: LALEXPO 2024 announces official show hotel and a big surprise “LALEXPO CONTENT DAY”

We are pleased to announce the Dann Carlton, as the official hotel of Lalexpo Cali 2024. Where elegance meets comfort to create an unforgettable experience, in the heart of the Sucursal del Cielo and with first class services, the Dann Carlton Hotel is the perfect choice for your stay during our event. Additionally, by staying at our official hotel, you will have the following benefits that will make your stay much more enjoyable: Airport-hotel transportation, transportation to the event and activities, registration and information point, networking with attendees at the hotel, strategic location, among many other benefits.

To make sure you get the most out of your Lalexpo experience, we recommend you book your room with us as soon as possible. Rooms are limited and demand is high during our event.

Book your room directly at:

And now for the good news:

Lalexpo 2024, will have a new activity focused on content creation and monetization of followers, Lalexpo Content Day, in which we will have the best exponents of this new revolution, sharing their experiences and tips that have led them to success in various content platforms.

On the other hand, nominations for our Lalexpo Awards are open, you can enter and nominate your favorites. Remember that our nominations close on January 8, 2024.

Make your participation in Lalexpo an unforgettable experience. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

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Because you asked for it: LALEXPO Announces 2024 dates

Months ago, we announced that our main event would not be held again in Colombia due to the many problems and inconveniences that happened to carrying out our eighth edition, which finally concluded with a resounding success.

However, our followers, sponsors, and the different companies and organizations that are part of the industry asked us to continue holding the event in Colombia and encouraged us to move forward.

Cali, the city that has always welcomed us with open arms, will once again host Lalexpo. Get ready because we will arrive with many surprises, and, as usual, we will have the best conferences, guests, activities, and parties in the industry.

Our ninth edition already has dates: March 11th, 12th and 13th. Very soon, we will provide you with more information about our event. For now, we assure you that nowhere else you will be able to live what you will experience in Lalexpo 2024. In short, there will be no words to describe this experience.

So, we invite you to keep a close eye on our website,, and our social media to be one of the first people to secure your spot for Lalexpo 2024.

More news about the best industry event in Latin America is coming soon!

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