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What is the metaverse?” This question has been asked a lot lately. The word “Metaverse” means something beyond the universe since the word Meta in Greek means beyond.
Theoretically, we have multiple universes in the cosmos, including the one we live in.
Whether these universes are parallel to ours or not, this concept of multiple universes is called the “multiverse.”

In virtual reality, each simulation, application, or game can be considered one universe. An entire collection of multiple such simulations or applications can be called a Metaverse.
We can see today only the start, but the metaverse is designed to be more than simply a collection of gaming universes. It’s a hybrid of virtual and augmented reality and physical reality. Read full article here


Gabi Sabanovici – Adviser for BCAMS 2022

Meet Gabi Sabanovici!
Gabi, has 11 years of experience in web mastering, creating affiliate platforms for the camsites, and helping cam models and cam studios by creating the perfect channels between them and the platforms. He also did the mastering of the SEO around the adult products (social media, redirecting promo tools for models,etc).

Gabi Sabanovici

This year we are bringing a new concept to the BCAMS 2022, and Gabi was very happy to be part of it as an adviser for the industry. He is very excited to bring all the know-how he built during all these years in relation to top cam models and top online creators, which will help BCAMS EXPO 2022, the independent event of the live cam industry, to reach the highest level of networking!

BCAMS is Powered by Infinity Telecom, The Romanian Internet Service Provider for the live streaming industry!

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