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Let’s Celebrate Breasts!

There’s something about breasts that strike a chord with many people, male and female alike. They come in all shapes and sizes and have a multitude of names. Breasts, Boobs, Tits, Bangers, Mammaries, Baps, Knockers, Puppies, Jugs, Bosoms, Charlies, Rack and Globes. In fact, according to an article in Cosmopolitan in September 2021, there are at least 99 different words for breasts. According to one Australian website, there are 300 alternative words for breasts!

The word ‘Boobies’ has been used for at least 160 years. As far back as the 1500’s they were called ‘Paps’ and in the 1600’s came other names such as globes, apples and lily white balls. In around 1680, one of the most used slang words ‘bubby’ came into use. Some say that it comes from the Latin word ‘bibere’ which means to drink. By the 1800’s the word had morphed into ‘booby’ which later became Boob.

Interestingly when slang terms were first being used, they were almost always used in an offensive or blasphemous way and not really considered sexual.

What is clear, is that the interest in breasts is huge and with such a variety, it’s hardly surprising that there are so many different, individual preferences.

Small Breasts

There are a number of reasons men like small breasts. They can appear more natural to the eye and perhaps even make the owner seem to be younger looking. If they are small enough not to produce a cleavage, they may even be less intimidating for some.

The Cleavage

For some the cleavage is the pinnacle of sexiness. It’s a place to get lost in, a place of wonder and in some cases envy. An invite into a forbidden world, where only those exclusively invited get to visit. Clothing, or more specifically bras are the main producers of the cleavage.

It is however a fairly recent word to be introduced into the words that describe a part of the breasts. The word was first used in the early 19th century in geology and mineralogy and used to mean the tendency of minerals and crystals to split along definite planes. By the mid 19th century it was generally used to describe a splitting along a line of division into 2 or more parts.

Perhaps the most famous cleavage of all appeared in 1994. Who can forget the traffic stopping ‘Hello Boys’ billboard for Wonderbra, with the gorgeous Czech model Eva Herzigova? It’s been voted the most iconic advert of all time!

Globe Breasts

There are few women who can boast of having natural globe shaped breasts. Some of the more curvaceous amongst us ladies have amazingly pert boobs, even when they exceed the C cup. They are extremely lucky, despite having those pounds to carry around. Their voluptuous figures are in tune with having larger breasts and hips, together with a cinched in waist.

Large Breasts

A few women are extremely large breasted by natural creation but in the main, those with enormous boobs are more often than not, fake. One of the ways to tell if they are enhanced is to see whether the persons overall shape matches their large breasts. If they look very top heavy, they are probably fake.

Annie Hawkins-Turner holds the record for having the largest natural breasts in the world. They measure a staggering 102 ZZZ! Her bra size is a 52L and each breast purports to weigh around 56 pounds.

The first breast augmentation was performed in 1895 by Dr Vincenz Czerny, in Germany. It was actually a reconstruction for an Opera singer who had a tumour removed from her left breast and found it difficult to deal with her resulting appearance.

Silicone implants are more recent and the first recorded cosmetic procedure was in 1962 when Timmie Jean Lindsey went from a B cup to a C cup.

Many men (and women) like big breasts. Whether that’s due to a maternal instinct or just being overwhelmed by the sheer size is hard to say. The same amount will probably find very large boobs off-putting and intimidating.

One pair of breasts that had huge numbers of followers belonged to Marilyn Monroe. The film maker Billy Wilder described her bosom as, ‘a miracle of shape, density and an apparent lack of gravity’.

Whatever your taste and however you like them, there are so many different styles, sizes and types, it would take forever to describe them all. So instead let’s celebrate their beauty and uniqueness.

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Paedophiles Admit: Abusing Children in Virtual Reality is ‘Stupidly Easy’

The NSPCC has highlighted the disturbing ease with which predators exploit children in virtual reality (VR) worlds, following an in-depth investigation supported by the National Crime Agency (NCA). The study revealed that inadequate age verification and regulation have allowed offenders to craft scenarios, like VR strip clubs, to exploit children.

The immersive nature of VR, paired with avatar use, often desensitizes both the child and the perpetrator, facilitating abuse. An individual, convicted of abusing children through VR, described the ease of accessing servers that cater to such criminal activities using VR headsets.

The rise of advanced technologies, including “phantom” or “simulated” touch, which replicate physical sensations, further entices abusers. James Babbage from the NCA voiced concerns about the technology, especially “haptics” – tactile sensations in VR that mirror real-life touch.

The Online CSA Covert Intelligence Team (OCCIT) stated, “Virtual reality and the metaverse present significant challenges for law enforcement and the safeguarding of vulnerable individuals.”

While only 6% of households possess VR, its popularity among teenagers in the US suggests future demand in the UK. There have already been instances of UK children being groomed, notably through VR environments.

The report remarked, “VR’s unique blend of physical presence, online anonymity, and often sexualized ambience makes it a haven for offenders.” Some platforms also discreetly set lower age limits, and the kid-friendly appearance of many VR games can mislead parents. The absence of rigorous identity checks in VR allows offenders to operate without fear of repercussions.

Highlighting the severity, the study cited a user review that labeled a major platform as a hotbed for predators. The NSPCC warned of the potential manipulation by sexual predators using seemingly innocent avatars, like the reported case of an offender posing as a cartoonish ginger cat.

Richard Collard of the NSPCC stressed the importance of integrating emerging technologies into the Online Safety Bill and advocated for a collective effort from educators, parents, policymakers, and tech industries to ensure child safety.

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BCAMS Magazine, the 18th issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Step into a world where August’s warmth envelops captivating stories of grace, resilience, and charm embodied by sizzling models. Immerse yourself in their life narratives, uncover the secrets behind radiant skin, and find inspiration in the latest fashion trends. This issue seamlessly blends beauty insights with empowering tales, becoming your essential summer companion.

In a branding-driven era, witness an unexpected clash between a New York eatery and adult industry titan Mindgeek over a disputed logo. This clash highlights businesses’ efforts to protect brand identities. Simultaneously, the digital landscape of live webcam performances evolves with platforms like and Sex.Cam offering a dance between intimate premium shows and expansive freemium content. Empowering performers through a unified signup, these platforms optimize visibility, engagement, and earnings.

Amid self-expression and digital progress, emerge two subcultures spotlighting human passions. “Dollification” unveils individuals embracing transformation as life-sized dolls, transcending gender norms. Simultaneously, the rise of cosplay showcases modern women’s shift from passion to profitable profession, uniting through the capacity to reimagine oneself.

Navigate the dynamic landscape of human sexuality where personal inclinations meet societal discourse. Enter Toronto’s ‘Come As You Are’ store, championing bespoke pleasure. Explore the complexities of the “free use” fetish, igniting debates about consent and the digital shaping of desires. On platforms like X, the fusion of meme culture and NSFW content explores the duality of exploitation and empowerment, delving into the connections between morality, technology, and society in the digital age.

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Clash of Logos: Pornhub’s Legal Battle with a New York Eatery

In a quirky clash that underscores the importance of branding and trademark protection, adult site Pornhub’s parent company, Mindgeek, has set its sights on a small New York eatery’s logo, raising concerns of potential customer confusion. The legal dispute revolves around Döner Haus, a charming German restaurant, and its logo which, according to Mindgeek, strikingly resembles their own, and has the potential to befuddle users.

A Bizarre Battle Unfolds

Mindgeek’s latest legal escapade comes in the form of a trademark skirmish with the modest yet well-loved Döner Haus. The heart of the matter lies in the uncanny resemblance between the two entities’ logos and names. Mindgeek asserts that this likeness poses a legitimate threat of confusion among its users, who may mistakenly associate the restaurant with the explicit content it provides.

Döner Haus, a fast casual dining spot with a focus on authentic German flavors and family-friendly ambience, was left bemused by the accusation. Its logo features a similar aesthetic but incorporates a German umlaut over the “o” in “Döner,” making it distinct from the adult site’s branding. Despite the clear differentiation and the restaurant’s unrelated nature, the legal gauntlet was thrown.

The Cease and Desist Letter

Mindgeek’s legal team issued a cease and desist letter to Döner Haus, pressing for a change in logo and name. The letter underscored the potential confusion that could arise among Pornhub’s clientele, urging the restaurant to align with their demands before August 7th, 2023. If the request remains unmet, Mindgeek threatens to escalate the matter to the legal arena.

A David vs. Goliath Narrative

In a classic David vs. Goliath scenario, Döner Haus finds itself in a position of disbelief and frustration. The restaurant’s representative, Pauline Phan, expressed incredulity at the suggestion that diners might confuse savoury German cuisine with explicit content. Phan dismissed the notion as “comical as it is preposterous,” emphasising the substantial differences between their establishments.

Stephen L. Baker, the attorney championing Döner Haus’s cause, raised valid doubts about the legitimacy of Mindgeek’s claims. He questioned the evidence supporting the assumption that consumers in the United States would associate a family-oriented eatery with a risqué website.

Trademark Tussles in the Business Landscape

This dispute is hardly an anomaly in the world of business, where companies of all sizes zealously protect their intellectual property. Trademark battles are commonplace as they can lead to detrimental customer confusion, potentially granting undue advantages to one party at the expense of the other. In a global marketplace where ideas and identities are shared and often replicated, safeguarding intellectual property has become paramount.

Conclusion: Defending Distinct Identities

As the clash between the playful Döner Haus and the powerful Mindgeek unfolds, it brings to light the significance of visual identities and the lengths companies go to protect their brands. In a world where even the most unlikely contenders can end up in legal duels, the need to differentiate and defend one’s identity remains crucial. Time will reveal whether Döner Haus can preserve its distinct character in the face of a titan’s claims or if a truce will be reached to satisfy both parties’ unique appetites for recognition and success.

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