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Rich Girls Studio wins the “Best Live Cam Studio” award at the Live Cam Awards 2022

Rich Girls Studio is the winner for the “Best Live Cam Studio” category at the Live Cam Awards 2022!

The Live Cam Awards 2022 hosted at the Finca Mas Solers in Barcelona, was full of sparkles and hope, where Rich Girls Studio’s hard work was recognized when they won the award for the “Best Live Cam Studio”. 

We want to congratulate Rich Girls Studio for their perseverance and hard work!

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Studio One – a premium cam studio

Studio One is a premium cam studio based in Bucharest, Romania. Starting with a fresh new perspective on the live cam industry in Romania, the cam studio made its way through the market. It made itself visible by adopting new strategies such as being represented by public figures. Their motto is “Be the ONE, not anyone!” which also helped the cam studio choose its name. We had the pleasure to talk to Studio One, and we are glad to share their story with you.

Please tell us a few words about your studio.
(When did you start? The studio’s name; how did you come up with the name? Where is it located, etc.)
Be the ONE, not anyone! This quote led to our name choice, as our business always keeps the model on the focus. Our goal is to create TOP models, and we trust every girl can become one with the support of a professional team. We currently have one location almost at its maximum capacity and are already looking to expand to a second one. Also, we will soon launch our revolutionary franchise system, enabling other business enthusiasts to open a successful studio and run their businesses at the highest standards.

Did you receive any advice/consultancy from any other studio or any other experienced person in this field when you started?
As we were set for success, we had the support of one of the most experienced consultancy agencies in the field,, ensuring a pole position in our start and good business practice according to the industry standards. This way, we successfully followed our business plan from day one and generated high incomes in a short period. Read full article here

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CHARM Studios wins the award for “Best Live Cam Marketing Strategy” at the Live Cam Awards 2022

Charm Studios is the winner at the “Best Live Cam Marketing Strategy” at the Live Cam Awards 2022.

Full of surprises, that’s how the Live Cam Awards show was. This year’s edition was held in Barcelona, at the Finca Mas Solers. The competition was tough, but still Charm Studios came out ahead with their marketing campaigns and so their efforts were recognized when they won the award for the “Best Live Cam Marketing Strategy”.

Congratulations Charm Studios for all your achievements.

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Models4Models the winner for the “Best Freemium Cam Studio” at the Live Cam Awards 2022

Models4Models and its owner, Evelina Cirlan are the winners of the “Best Freemium Cam Studio” and “Live Cam Businesswoman of the Year” categories at the Live Cam Awards 2022.

Live Cam Awards was held this year at the Finca Mas Solers in Barcelona, and as the night was going the more it became brighter for Evelina and her studio when all their hard work and devotion were rewarded.

Congratulations to the whole Models4Models team for all the hard work and devotion!

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