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Models4Models the winner for the “Best Freemium Cam Studio” at the Live Cam Awards 2022

Models4Models and its owner, Evelina Cirlan are the winners of the “Best Freemium Cam Studio” and “Live Cam Businesswoman of the Year” categories at the Live Cam Awards 2022.

Live Cam Awards was held this year at the Finca Mas Solers in Barcelona, and as the night was going the more it became brighter for Evelina and her studio when all their hard work and devotion were rewarded.

Congratulations to the whole Models4Models team for all the hard work and devotion!

Studios News

PR: Studio20 in The Movie Miami Bici 2. The Industry That Changes Lives

The most beautiful and wealthy girls are in Romania thanks to Studio20

No, it’s not just a movie, but a reality that many girls dream of. It’s worth mentioning that Studio20 has a few values that turn dreams into reality: Action, Perseverance, Respect, Education. Sure, your collection car may be different from the one in the movie. Your dream house can have as many floors, the biggest pool, and palm trees. Anything is possible.

Romanians help each other

Solidarity in Romania is a fact. Solidarity in the Studio20 trust is a reality.
We take pride in a well-organized team, a creative Marketing department, state-of-the-art technology, the most luxurious locations, and the education we consistently provide to our team. Sexuality is not something that is taught or learned in a short time. Relationship skills are not taught in schools, sometimes not even in families. Taking care of each other? Only if we’re lucky.

Studio20 is the family where every woman can learn the Art of Seduction and how to relate harmoniously in a secure environment. Moreover, Studio20 is the place where you will experience our care and commitment to the goals you have set because everything that is important to you becomes important to us.”

Author: Studio20

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Studio20 Triumphs in Legal Battle Against ANAF

Studio20 has announced a significant legal victory over ANAF, marking a noteworthy decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU). This ruling symbolizes not only a win for Studio20 but also a stand against what the company describes as ‘an abuse of power‘ by fiscal authorities in Romania.

Studio20 expressed relief and satisfaction with the court’s decision in their statement. The company emphasized its commitment to legal compliance, expressing frustration over the challenges it faced due to perceived prejudices and injustice. Studio20 highlighted the contrast between how businesses are supported in other countries and their experience in Romania.

The victory is seen as a crucial step towards ensuring fairness for legal entities in Romania. Studio20 hopes this outcome will encourage other companies to stand firm against institutional abuses. The company remains optimistic about a future where legal entities can operate without fearing unjust treatment from state institutions.

Source curia.europa.ue studio20

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Trump’s CNN Suit Dismissed; Recent Battle Tied to Porn-Linked Entity

A federal judge has dismissed a defamation lawsuit filed by former President Donald Trump against CNN, marking the latest failure in a series of defamation claims by Trump. District Judge Raag Singhai dismissed the claim that CNN used the phrase “the Big Lie” in connection to Trump’s false claims about voter fraud, likening him to Adolf Hitler. The judge ruled that the phrase did not support a plausible inference of defamation.

Interestingly, in recent legal actions, Trump’s social media company sued the Washington Post for $3.8 billion following a report that a porn-linked entity would “gain a sizable stake” in the company. This suit was part of a broader pattern of legal battles with media companies and adversaries by the former President, who has frequently deployed similar lawsuits.

Trump was seeking $475 million in punitive damages in the case against CNN, but defamation cases, especially involving public figures, often require substantial proof, including evidence of “actual malice” or a knowingly false statement made with reckless disregard for the truth. As a result, these claims are often difficult to prove successfully.

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