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What turns into sexting, the mind has been testing

In the past, lovers exchanged letters or black-and-white photographs. Presently the opportunities for intimate communication have become much greater. In the era of digitalization, sexting began to take on new “structures”. The capabilities of modern instant messengers allow you to stay in touch in almost any environment, revealing the impressive scope for intimate creativity. Sexting usually contains text, emoji, photos, videos of an erotic nature, and it is also possible to send voice messages. The main goal of this technology is to make people fantasize!

What is sexting and what is its history?
The term ‘sexting’ comes from the word ‘Sex’ and ‘Text and it defines the exchange of exciting messages – erotic correspondence in “separation” or in anticipation of a hot meeting.
Sexting is a term that appeared in 2004, in The Globe and Mail Canadian newspaper. It happened shortly after the scandal with David Beckham, screenshots of whose intimate correspondence became public. In 2005, the word appeared in the Australian magazine The Sunday Telegraph. Almost immediately, sexting was included in the 12th edition of The Concise Oxford English Dictionary.
Is Sexting good or bad?
There is no definite answer, if sexting is good or bad, however, researchers from Indiana University believe that sexting is useful because the exchange of intimate messages and photos has its benefits:
*Reducing to zero the risk of getting pregnant and contracting sexually transmitted diseases;
*Exploring and bringing to life your sexual fantasies;
*Overcoming the shyness and getting rid of the constraints;
*Releasing sexual desires;
*Adding spice to your sex life
*Maintaining a long-distance relationship
*Getting closer to a partner in the incipient stage of your relationship;

Cautions and warnings!
Such correspondence may also be risky, based on a study made by a group of scientists from the University of Utah. Their study found that 25 % of people using sexting apps, forwarded the photos and videos obtained during the messaging to third parties.
Unfortunately, sexting sometimes can lead to unpleasant consequences such as:
*Violation of confidentiality;
*Intentional/accidental distribution of intimate materials;
*Inability to control person’s addiction and behavior;
*Accusations of distributing pornography;

However, sexting apps prioritize data security and the privacy of correspondence, but many of the users prefer using Instagram, Snapchat, and even Telegram. These apps offer you the feature to set your privacy settings, create secret chats, and change the time of content sharing.

Sexting rules? Oh, yeah!
Of course, there are rules that help keep users safe from unwanted consequences, so we are here to share them.

1 Don’t do sexting if you don’t want to!

If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of sharing intimate photos, messages, etc., and your partner insists on it, you can say a ‘NO’! The main rule of sexting is mutual consent.

2 Use the app you trust the most.

As explained above, there may be some risky moments while sexting.

3 Make Sure You Trust Your Sexting Partner!

Make sure you trust your sexting partner, and a promise like “honestly, I won’t show anyone”, sometimes is not enough.

4 Take it slowly!

Do not rush things or put any pressure on the partner (it also helps to understand his/her intentions)

5 Set the rules and boundaries for playing.

Set the rules before any interaction. For example, you can ask the partner where the files will be stored later and how can he/she ensure your confidentiality. Clarifying these things from the very beginning of the conversation may reduce the risk of feeling uncomfortable.

6 Maintain anonymity.

If you are sexting a person from the Internet but not a permanent partner, the risks of “getting in trouble” are higher. However, if you are attracted by the idea, try to remain anonymous. Try not to talk about your personal life, location, workplace, and of course, do not show your face in the photos and videos.

7 Delete compromising evidence.

Try to regularly delete spicy messages from both chats and the gadget itself. Pay attention to the apps’ rules for deleting the messages.

8 Turn off automatic device syncing.

Hacking iCloud is extremely easy. Use a unique password and two-factor authentication, avoid cloud apps and turn off cloud sync.

9 Don’t ask for intimate photos and videos if you’re not ready to send them.

10 Take time for yourself after sexting.

Sexting can have a direct impact on your psychological state, so we advise you not to judge yourself and just analyze your words, emotions, feelings and reactions.

11 Warn about sending explicit media.

Always ask the partner if he is in a convenient place for “having fun”. Attention, when sending a photo, headline the message – NSFW (“Not Safe For Work”).

12 Learn Emoji codes

As usual, emoji “completes” the message meaning and gives the correspondence a playful tone and sometimes it perfectly replaces words.

Sexting can be the first step to an intimate relationship between partners. Also, it can be relevant for people having a long-distance relationship, or it can be the right solution for you in case you’re unable to satisfy sexual needs in real life. Even it may be risky, do not be afraid to express your sexuality. Most importantly, you are responsible for your own safety. Read more articles here

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Check out the latest Dell’s 2k QHD resolution webcam and built in mic

Dell has announced a new webcam. It features QHD video quality, a premium metal body, and a built-in microphone.

The new model, dubbed the Dell pro 2K Webcam, sits below the company’s flagship 4K Webcam, but incorporates a similar high-end aesthetic and is stable in one key respect.

This more modest resolution helps it hit a lower price of $134.99, but thankfully Dell squeezed in a noise-reducing microphone at this price point — correcting the biggest omission from the 4K model. This new camera is available globally today.

The cylindrical webcam sits on top of any monitor using a universal mount and is powered via the integrated USB-A cable.
According to Dell, the camera can handle a maximum video resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels (also known as 2K or QHD) and uses image processing to apply HDR (high dynamic range) to the video, highlights and shadows when used in poorly lit environments, such as in front of a window.
One of the key features of the new Dell webcam, and one that it shares with its more expensive 4K version, is auto-framing. It uses artificial intelligence to zoom in slightly on the subject (i.e. you), then pans and zooms to keep you centered in the frame.
The Dell pro 2K webcam also offers two fields of view (65 and 78 degrees), and the Sony starvis imaging sensor delivers 2K/QHD video at 30 or 24 frames per second and 1,080-pixel Full HD at 60 can be output with , 30 or 24fps. A 720px HD option is also available and has the same three frame rate options as 1,080px.
The autofocus lens has an aperture of f/2.0 and has a 4x digital zoom. The camera is powered by a 1.5m long fixed USB-A cable. Of course, being fixed means you can’t remove it, and since it’s USB-A, people using laptops with only USB-C cables (like the Apple MacBook Air) must use a dongle.

Being limited to USB-A and having to go the route of adapters or dongles for USB-C compatibility is a bit of a sour point, but the Pro Webcam seems to make fair compromises for that lower price. Ultimately, the picture and sound quality will most likely determine if this is the better buy over the 4K version or competing options from the likes of Logitech, Microsoft, Razer, and others.


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DUREX – Safe sex in the Metaverse

Famous condom company Durex is all set to enter the metaverse and join the non-fungible token (NFT) space.

Mike Kondoudis, a licensed trademark attorney at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), tweeted on July 29, 2022, that the proprietor of Durex has filed a trademark application combining NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

Durex has not yet provided any specific details as to when or how it will make its first foray into the metaverse and NFT realms. However, the company’s patent application outlines aspects of cryptocurrency mining, virtual condoms, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, downloadable media files, and financial services with cryptocurrencies.

The sudden increase in trademark filings demonstrates how Web3’s future is rapidly expanding. Regardless of industry, the emergence of NFTs and the metaverse is appealing to everyone.

In recent weeks and months, there has been a rise in the level of interest shown in the metaverse by businesses of a medium and big scale. More than 3,300 patents associated with the metaverse have been registered with the USPTO by brands from around the world as of this point in 2022.

NIKE, Stella Artois, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton are some of the most well-known firms in the world, and all of them have taken active measures toward expanding their presence in the metaverse

The XFL, a minor professional football league in the United States, has submitted a trademark application for the word “XFL,” signaling that it has aspirations to enter the metaverse and the realm of non-fungible tokens. This news comes after the XFL filed the application for the name “XFL” (NFTs).

The company wants to include an NFT marketplace, virtual goods, and experiences in its future plans, according to its trademark application. The company will offer these.

The metaverse is still in the concept stage. While many big players in the tech industry are trying to define the metaverse and build a foundation, skeptics caution that there’s no clear way to determine in which direction the metaverse will develop.

According to Verified Market Research, the Metaverse market size was USD 27.21 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $824.53 billion by 2030. It is no surprise that businesses are scrambling to expand their market potential in the digital world.


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FansRevenue – Making content creators the ambassadors of tomorrow

The emergence of influencer networks, micro-influencers and in-house programs bring a fresh wave of legal and ethical challenges to address.
Several industry players have shared their perspectives, and most agree on unavoidable principles. Still, only a few have decided to take a stand and make them the heart and soul of their business model.

For FansRevenue, experience shows that an honest and transparent approach benefits everyone, maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.
Spreading a clear message and preserving both influencers’ and brands’ trustworthiness are the only way to lead the next phase of influencer marketing and make today’s content creators the ambassadors of tomorrow.

How did FansRevenue come alive? And what was your purpose when you first started this type of business?

Influencer marketing is one of today’s fastest and most effective ways to increase brand exposure and boost sales online.

Content Creators are becoming professionals and entrepreneurs with a massive audience base, and business opportunities are flourishing exponentially for them.

So those Creators are on the lookout for perfect matches: partnership opportunities with brands that share their values and beliefs, allowing them to remain authentic to themselves, engage their fans with exciting content and earn serious money.

However, complexity and challenges await them along the way. Behind the scenes, a lot of back and forth may occur before an agreement is signed between the Influencer and the Advertiser, as such partnerships imply many legal and fiscal considerations.

Finding the right brands that fit your values is not as easy as it seems, and the process of contacting them, negotiating and completing all the paperwork can often be as overwhelming as it sounds.

In that spirit, being here to help Creators overcome these challenges and ease their path to new levels of success is what FansRevenue is all about. We want them to have all the tools and support they need to reach their desired level of success.

It has been one year since we first introduced FansRevenue, and since then, the Creators and Advertisers we work with haven’t ceased to confirm the validity of our existence.

What distinguishes FansRevenue from other influencer-marketing-focused agencies and platforms?

We believe every voice has the power to bring brand value and positive changes.
For this reason, we aim to support Creators at every step of their journey and make sure they earn maximum revenue doing what they already do.

I like to say that FansRevenue is the perfect medium between a platform and an agency, combining the forces of Affiliate and Influencer marketing for a powerful 360 digital marketing expertise that benefits our partners.

We help Influencers make more money with their fanbase, but not only. We also aim to empower them and expand their notoriety through our network, helping them build their brand, craft powerful messages and find their perfect match among profitable brands that work exclusively with us.

We offer full-blown digital marketing power tools such as Fanstrace, a fully customizable bio page tool that allows our Creators to stand out and monetize their offer links more quickly. We also offer protection against unauthorized use of content and catfish accounts through BranditScan’s brand & DMCA protection service.

Being powered by CrakRevenue, one of the world’s most trusted and respected Affiliate Marketing Networks, provides many advantages for Creators.

They gain direct access to 12+ years of expertise in digital marketing and some of the world’s trendiest brands since a CPA Network like CrakRevenue is always on the hunt for the next cool brand to skyrocket.
FansRevenue also has the largest team in the industry. Our capacity to turn data into actionable insights, develop custom websites and provide in-house creatives needs no presentation.

Needless to say, our deep knowledge of digital marketing practices and trends was fertile ground to give birth to FansRevenue and embrace the Creator Economy.

Using our expertise and workforce to spark new opportunities will also enable us to stay at the forefront of trends and strengthen our capacity to build successful Influencer marketing campaigns!

What is your marketing approach?
Building a worldwide network of Influencers represents a double challenge: crafting an engaging fanbase monetization platform and paving the way for sustainable and efficient practices.

Our experience has shown that an honest and transparent approach benefits everyone, maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.

Spreading a clear message and preserving both influencers’ and brands’ trustworthiness are essential for rewarding long-term relationships.

There’s an army of raw talents out there who still need help developing their personal brand to monetize their highly engaged audiences.

Providing them with relevant tools and support to market themselves better and unleash their full potential will change the game for good.

When it comes to Adult Content Creators, our goal is to become a perfect addition to their current revenue streams by offering models the opportunity to earn extra revenue with their traffic even when they’re not online.
This way, they can promote their favorite platform and complementary brands on a revenue-sharing basis in addition to all the money they make while performing.

Content creation is an investment, so driving new subscribers and purchases to those platforms and products is a surefire way to maximize the return on investment and earn additional income by continuing to do what you do best: create, inspire and entertain.
With this approach, FansRevenue hopes to inspire the industry and blaze a trail for the years to come.
Why should an advertiser explore partnering with your service and Creators?

We’ve built our credibility and trust through 12 years of experience building and nurturing long-term partnerships with brands.

Are you looking to target a specific market or niche? Try our sniper approach. We navigate oceans of data and eat business intelligence for breakfast.

Moreover, we work directly with Content Creators and have the technical expertise to accelerate their go-to-market strategy and boost sales online through compelling social shopping experiences.

Therefore, Advertisers have the opportunity to experience the power of Influencer marketing campaigns and track their performance from day 1.

A powerful example of successful Influencer marketing is how FansRevenue helped BlueChew leverage the power of Influencers and humor to raise awareness and destigmatize erectile dysfunction among young American adults.

Not only did FansRevenue and BlueChew overcome the challenges associated with promoting chewable ED treatments, but conversions and awareness (for both the advertiser and the influencers) went through the roof.

This case has also allowed FansRevenue to win the Best Social Commerce Campaigns prize at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2022, besides IKEA and Mastercard!

What is the mission statement of your business?
Our mission is to build successful, long-lasting partnerships between Content Creators and Advertisers and accelerate fanbase monetization with a unique combination of Affiliate and Influencer marketing.

Where do you see FansRevenue in the next 2 years?
Influencer marketing and social-shopping experiences are becoming key to expanding performance-focused digital marketing efforts.

Data-driven strategies are also becoming increasingly crucial to ensure effectiveness, which motivates our data-smart mindset.
For those reasons, we aim to adapt the Performance marketing model for Content Creators and offer them a fresh new way to monetize their fanbase with an ever-growing selection of resonating brands that intersect with their lifestyles and values.

Sustainability, innovation and inclusiveness are the pillars upon which we aim to build.

We currently have over 2000 onboarded Creators and expect this number to keep growing considerably by 2024.

We also plan to expand our scope with more markets and brands to provide our Creators with even more business opportunities.

Why do you define FansRevenue as the perfect matchmaker for Content Creators?
FansRevenue is a new fan base monetization app & partner backed by 12+ years of digital marketing expertise. Our onboarding process is as simple as Enroll, Post & Get Paid!

Our easy-to-use app allows Creators to browse exclusive brand recommendations based on their audience’s interests and get started in a flash.

Using a unique combination of Performance and Influencer marketing enables FansRevenue to take your success to the next level by matching you with exclusive and lucrative business opportunities and helping you turn your followers into happy customers.

So whether you’re a nano-influencer, a world-renowned celebrity or anything in between, join FansRevenue today and get the most out of your business!


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