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Caitlin Bell – Adult Movie Star

The entire galaxy is feeling the sexual frequency of this phenomenal woman! Her ravishing beauty is of a million diamonds! Caitlin Bell owns the ability to awaken within you the most provocative and erotic thoughts you’ve ever had. Her magical charisma, alluring body and adventurous nature, prove she is a true flash of perfection created to fulfill the imagination of men! Are you curious to know more about this dazzling MOVIE STAR?

Do you ever regret starting your career?
I never regret starting my career! First of all, my career found me, I didn’t find it. I wake up when I want by setting my own schedule. I am my own boss. No lack of vacation days for me. I could never do a 9-5 job, as I was born to do exactly what I’m doing.

Did you immediately agree to work in the adult film industry?
I immediately did agree. All the stars aligned when I was recruited, and it all made sense. After dealing with the Covid crises, I said, “What the hell, why not?” The world would suddenly cease to move, so, live now, not later.

Can you tell about your first shoot?
My first shoot was amazing. It was in Phoenix, Arizona, with the deceased Jake Adams. He was a rising star and could have jolted my decision either way. I respectfully told him I don’t tap out, lol, and I delivered. I was so nervous that I was shaking in the makeup chair. The moment the camera came on, and the lights hit me, all my anxiety metered away. This was one of the craziest feelings I have ever had. I knew right then I was meant to at least try. The shoot was a success and I left with the biggest smile when I came home and immediately passed out. So much adrenaline, OMG! That’s exactly how I live my life; If it’s not fun, challenging, or out of my comfort zone, what’s the point?

What are the most common injuries on set?
I didn’t realize how important a masseuse, consistent stretching routine, chiropractor, and being hydrated would be. I would say cramping up or pulling something is common. I didn’t do any of the following when I first joined and pulled a muscle in my back before my first Brazzers scene. I couldn’t even turn my head if it weren’t for the girls working together to massage the knot out and get me ready to shoot. You must be in your best physical state to perform. We all work on these bodies not just for show, but for stamina.

Have you ever had a moment at work when you thought you weren’t getting paid enough?
I have not. I do what I want, when I want it, and it’s super respectful. We aren’t forced to do anything we don’t allow.

What is the method of recruitment? Is there a casting?
I’m not sure. I was recruited off Twitter and there was no casting for me.

Can you choose the partner when filming or is he proposed by the production team?
We do not choose who we film but do have the option to put certain talents on our ‘No list’. Almost 50 scenes later and still haven’t had to do this.

How long did it take to shoot the longest scene?
The longest scene I have ever done was 8 hours. People have to keep in mind that includes makeup, hair, acting the scenario, pretty girls’ pics, and stills. People think we are f*cking for hours, lol. The Sex is 30-40 min tops and broken up sometimes.

How many videos have you made and what genres? Which is your favorite?
I have made 48 films so far, and I can’t pick my favorite. Every day and shoot is different. Never is the same, which makes it exciting and never boring.

What are the steps when shooting a porn film?
That’s a loaded question. It depends on the crew. Every production company does things differently. Short version, makeup, hair, pretty girl photoshoot, still with talent, creating the scenario, acting it out then sex.

How do you choose which movie to shoot in?
We don’t choose what movies we shoot in. We have dos and don’ts, and they base that off what they are looking for in that specific film. For example, if you don’t want an*l, they aren’t going to ever cast you for a film that requires that.

Can you remember a funny incident?
We have so many bloopers on the set. I’m always laughing. These people are hilarious and love making the day go by even faster by joking around and allowing to have fun.

Do you get tired on set?
Yes, of course. It’s not really tired from the physical aspect, but the mental aspect. Most of us do not eat before shooting, so that takes a toll and creates tiredness due to starvation, lol. I call it industry intermittent fasting. I go 12-14 hours without eating sometimes.

How did you become a porn actress?
Porn found me on Twitter.

How do you usually relax after a hard day?
I love to come home, stuff my face, and smoke a “nice cigarette”. This is the best way to relax after a hard day.

What do you think is the main problem with porn?
The stigma the bad people and companies have created. Porn is fun and safe when done right.

Tell us about your first filming experience with a girl, if there was one.
My first girl experience was epic. Until porn, I was never into girls because I was terrified of how different we are. I was thrown into the lion’s den when they made it live on a cam show, lol. Talk about hitting the ground running. She was so sweet and coached me every step, but wow, my heart never stopped pounding.

Is there a specific reason you chose this stage name?
Caitlin sounded sweet and innocent and bell is like bell, I’m coming from Atlanta. I’m the sweet southern bell who can ring your bell.

What is a “must” you want to do in this life?
I must and I am seeing the world, and will continue to travel until I can not physically pick myself up. If I’m alive, I’m traveling!

If you could choose one superhuman ability, what would it be?
I would choose the ability of mind control. Read more articles

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Fans of curvy ladies with a super wild nature will find Itslaurenxo to be one of the hottest foxes in this industry. Once you check her out, you’ll understand why we’re saying that. She knows how to work it on cam and isn’t ashamed of being naughty in the sheets!She is one of those gorgeous ladies who knows how to keep things seductive and sensual in her performances.

Do you have any regrets since you started camming?

I have zero regrets. Camming has been the best choice I’ve ever made and I’m extremely thankful for everything it has given me. 

What would you like to tell your fans?

I love you all so much and I’m so thankful for all of you that have been here on this crazy, amazing 7 year journey with me!!

What’s the number of times you’ve had sex in a row?

I have a very high sex drive- so I honestly lost count..but if I thought about it, I’d have to say 5! 

Do you prefer to give or receive?

I am a switch, so I enjoy both giving and receiving

Have you ever had an inappropriate crush?

I definitely have had my fair share of falling for people that are off limits. Married men are my favorite!


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Sara St Clair

We suggest that you direct all your attention to seductive beauty Sara St Clair! This gorgeous  model will tease you with her amazing performances, showing her fantastic figure in a playful and incredibly sexy way. Her body is delicious to look at and her appetizing curves will instantly turn you on and make you crave for more!

Do you work exclusively on only one cam site? Or do you prefer several cam sites?

Onlyfans and Sextpanther

Do you have a secret power?

Making men fall in love with me.

The craziest thing you ever did for love?

I was so in love with a man that I dated him for many years knowing he was married and not leaving his wife. That’s definitely crazy!

What is the dirtiest compliment you’ve ever received?

I had an ex who nicknamed me SuperHead because I give awesome blow jobs. That’s my favorite compliment!

What turns you on almost instantly?

I’m a sucker for intelligence! Give me a salt and pepper, middle aged man with glasses and I’ll immediately be soaking wet!

What’s the number of times you’ve had sex in a row?

I think asking about dry spells would be a shorter list. I’m a complete nympho and need sex every day multiple times a day.

Do you prefer to give or receive?

I’m a giver, I get off to making you cum. That’s why I love doing porn- I get so turned on knowing people are getting off to me.

Have you ever had an inappropriate crush?

So many! I had crushes on several teachers, a couple bosses, even one of my step-dads!


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Autumn South

Meet Autumn South, one of the most extraordinary babes out there! We bet you’ve never seen a girl with a temper like that! She is ready for the most insane things and she will make all of them a reality. She sure knows how to arouse and make you feel an unimaginable level of pleasure. Get to know more about her in the following interview!

Do you have any regrets since you started camming?
No I don’t have any regrets at all, camming has allowed me to be with my family more while making bank and I love it!

Tell us a memorable cam life experience.
My most memorable moments have to be the funny ones! I’ve fallen off my chair once, had stuff fall over on me… sometimes I make a fool of myself online, but at least I make people laugh!

Do you prefer to give or receive?
I love both, but I’m primarily a giver! I love making others happy.

What would you like to tell your fans?
You guys FREAKING ROCK. I’m so happy that you guys love what I create and put out into this world, without your love and support I wouldn’t be where I am today! Thank you guys forever xoxo

What turns you on almost instantly?
Laughter. I love humans that can make me laugh! The funnier the better!

Have you ever tried using food during foreplay?
I’ve used a popsicle as a dildo once, it was so cold. But I was told it was tasty, so I’d probably do it again in the future.


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