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BCAMS Magazine, the 6th issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Welcome to our 6th Edition of the BCAMS Magazine. Keeping it fresh and current is a great way in this fast-paced new digital age world. With constant access to all of our previous articles and editions, you – the reader, will have a wealth of knowledge and information on all things in the Adult Industry on

“BCAMS Magazine is a fast-growing one, and each issue proved the strong connection made with the live cam industry. Thank you for your trust and support.”

Start your January with a cup of hot tea or chocolate, and discover the hottest articles, information, and ‘erotic’ news from all around the world, found in the 6th issue of BCams Magazine.

This issue is just about a gold collection of models, that are some of the best performers from all around the world. We’ll let you read their stories and erotic thoughts that will keep you hot this winter.

The cover is talking for itself! We present an exclusive interview with Paul, the CEO of Cherry.Tv. He shared his fresh perspective and future plans with us.

Moving forward, let’s talk about one of the most controversial subjects in the modern world – the G-Spot, as well, the sex benefits found in the articles will leave you speechless!

And, if you think that you’ve tried it all to spice up your sex life, know that there are a lot of items that could help you with this. What about “special” erotic furniture?

The 6th issue is the best way to start your year right, enjoy!

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Finance & Business

“One of the world’s leading journals of arts and culture” was sold to a mysterious media company

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas sold one of the world-leading journals of art to a company registered in Puerto Rico. Right after the company owned the art magazine and its website, they posted on The Believer’s website a list of “25 Best Hook-up sites” for “no strings attached sex.”

Covers of The Believer magazine

Founded by the writers Heidi Julavits, Vendela Vida, and Ed Park in 2003, The Believer was a five-time finalist for the National Magazine Award, with contributors ranging from literary luminaries such as Hilton Als, Anne Carson, Nick Hornby, Susan Straight, and William T.
It didn’t matter for the new owner, as for them, Paradise Media had completely other plans with the magazine.

Why would UNLV hand over the reins of The Believer to such an outfit?
The answer is evident, of course, money!

UNLV announced the last October that they were about to shut down the magazine because it was a big consumer of the resources of the university’s Black Mountain’s Institute, a literary center whose mission is to “bring writers — and the literary imagination — into the heart of public life.
According to documents provided to The Chronicle by the university in response to a public-records request, Paradise Media paid $225,000 for the magazine.
The Believer’s founders were not surprised at all when they found out that the literary nonfiction journal they created and ran for nearly two decades was now a vehicle for posting reviews of hook-up sites.

When The Chronicle talked with Ian Moe, the chief executive of Paradise Media, about the purchase, he said he had been a “big fan” of The Believer when he was in college. He heard it was being shut down, and he sent the university an email. “They said they would hear my offer and were open to selling it, and that’s it,” he wrote. “I explained my idea to add articles that answer specific questions for searchers.”

More about this mysterious company that bought The Believer in the following link:

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BCAMS Magazine, the 8th issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Welcome to the 8th issue of BCAMS Magazine! We would like to start by thanking you for all your trust and support! 

This issue is sprinkled with blooming hot models that will spice your spring season. They are flowering just like the season we’ve just started, and we are glad that we can delight you with their stories. Dive into the sensual energy of our outstanding models and enjoy their interview series.

“BCAMS Magazine is a fast-growing one, and each issue proved the strong connection made with the live cam industry. Thank you for your trust and support.”

Starting a new season is all about new beginnings; what better way to start this beautiful month than by talking to LiveJasmin’s CPO, Zsolt Theiss-Balazs, who revealed to us their way to success which made the cam platform one of the most desirable places to stream. Moving forward to one of the most used terms right now, the Metaverse, in this issue we are approaching a new subject regarding this new concept of hybrid realities, and how it can affect streaming. 


And one more thing, do you know why is sexual wellness the next big thing when it comes to women’s confidence?

All this and more awaits you in our eighth issue of BCAMS Magazine!

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High-quality services have always been our top priority


LiveJasmin, one of the biggest premium streaming platforms, has been on the market for the last 20 years, one of their motto being “High-quality services first”. But most important is that their focus is on their cam models, studios and affiliates, these very important facts will help everyone to experience the results they wish.

Where do you see LiveJasmin in the next few years?
LiveJasmin is currently the world’s largest and most popular premium live cam site. Over the next 2 to 3 years, we will be working to expand our website to ensure it remains the most desirable option in a competitive market. Meeting our users’ needs with high-quality services has always been our top priority. In the coming years, we plan on introducing new ways for our models to earn money and new engaging features for our members to enjoy on our platform.

Which was the most important thing that helped LiveJasmin to have this amazing success?
LiveJasmin is the #1 premium live cam site thanks to over 20 years of hard work and dedication.
We have hundreds of talented people working on the website day in, day out to ensure our users get the best experience possible. An important part of our success is the close relationship we nurture with our partners like studios, models, and affiliates, because we listen to their concerns and suggestions, and implement them in our product’s evolution. Read full article here

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