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Sex Dolls – History & Evolution

There is no evidence about who is the inventor of sex dolls, however, the first information was found back in the 15th century. The dolls were called “Dame De Voyage” in french and these female dolls made out of sewn cloth were used by sailors aboard their ships to occupy their time on long trips at sea.
Other information about so-called blow-up dolls was recorded in psychiatrist Iwan Bloch‘s book, “The Sexual Life of Our Time”. The book that describes the doll used for sexual purposes, was published in 1908. The sexual revolution in the late ‘60s, brought some changes in the erotica area, more than that, there were advertisements in magazines that permitted to choose dolls with various hair tones and styles to suit the client’s cravings.
There are also rumors that Adolf Hitler ordered Nazis to make sex dolls so the soldiers wouldn’t catch infectious diseases from ‘dames françaises’ in the second world war. The information was found in “Mussolini’s Barber” book, written by Graeme Donald. There are speculations that the synthetic dolls were made from silicone and they were smaller than the size of the human body. This project was designed to reduce the man’s temptation for a ‘quick adventure’.

Anyway, as time goes by, technology and virtual reality are taking the lead and sex dolls have become an alternative for real sex. It started with the invention of silicone and nowadays, sex robots are a real revolution. The machines are so complex and advanced, as mechanisms are designed to  “bring the robot to life”. The movements, the sensors, the talking bots, and the implemented cameras, are preconceived to make the experience as real as possible. Artificial intelligence allows the robot to mimic even a conversation, so we can say that these dolls are about to become real companions.
The companies that produce sex dolls are in a continuous process of developing virtual reality tech, and there are a lot of pros and cons regarding these inventions. Some people say that this is a new level of having pleasure, but there are also opinions like the idea of having sex with a doll could damage the person’s mental health. We do think that there is no comparison between having real sex versus having a ‘contact’ with a doll, but also, we don’t contest that it also can be very helpful and healthy, as there are people that would like to enjoy their sexual fantasies and needs. There are a lot of individuals that claim to have emotional connections and romantic feelings toward ‘their partner – doll’.

Future research into the adaptive and maladaptive qualities of sex doll use is needed, however, it seems that the doll-owners are neither significantly better nor worse in terms of psycho-sexual functioning and life satisfaction than the general population, based on studies and research.

We still don’t know how will the future surprise us regarding these inventions, but what we know for sure, is that everyone’s happiness comes first.

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Tumblr and why the porn-friendly era of the internet is over?

Matt Mullenweg, the chief executive of Tumblr parent company Automattic said that the “casually porn-friendly era of the early internet is currently impossible” as he looked to explain why Tumblr and other sites will never go back to freely available adult content.

After widespread and inaccurate speculation that Tumblr would lift its ban on adult content, Mullenweg posted a long explanation of why Tumblr will never go back to the old days. The internet has fundamentally change its stance on pornography, the head of Tumblr has said.

Tumblr was once known for lax attitudes towards pornography that helped make it one of the most popular sites on the internet. But in 2018, new owner Verizon banned such content, introducing restrictive rules that kept it off the platform.

Why is returning to that era impossible?
For now, it’s largely because of intermediaries that play a massive role in how people access the web. Payment processors have long been leery of adult content, and they’ve stepped up enforcement in recent years, in part because of concerns about child abuse and non-consensual pornography. Apple’s iOS App Store has been staunchly opposed to it since launch. And without those two pieces of infrastructure, running a for-profit site is incredibly difficult. “If Apple permanently banned Tumblr from the App Store, we’d probably have to shut the service down,” Mullenweg noted. Some non-profit sites that do allow things like explicit artwork have remained persistently web-only despite years of requests for apps.

Meanwhile, porn companies have their own stack of payment processing services, but they’re typically far more expensive — something that nearly got adult performers banned from the subscription platform OnlyFans last year.

The issue is compounded by new rules about age verification and anti-sex work laws like FOSTA-SESTA. Some of these laws are meant to combat unambiguously harmful phenomena like non-consensual pornography, but they also add substantial legal oversight.
Why can both Reddit and Twitter, fairly unusually for modern social networks, allow a lot of porn?
“Ask Apple, because I don’t know,” says Mullenweg. He speculates that Twitter and Reddit are both too big to ban, although Apple has forced moderation changes even for giant services like Facebook.

The overall upshot:
“If you wanted to start an adult social network in 2022, you’d need to be web-only on iOS and side-load on Android, take payment in crypto, have a way to convert crypto to fiat for business operations without being blocked, do a ton of work in age and identity verification and compliance so you don’t go to jail, protect all of that identity information so you don’t dox your users, and make a ton of money.”


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Could TikTok turn into the new Only Fans?

TikTok is once again updating its livestreaming features, and this time the biggest improvements affect the people who can’t watch. For starters, the upgrade now lets TikTok Live users host adult-only broadcasts. If a stream is likely to include lots of colorful language or tackle traumatic subjects, you can make sure the audience is mature enough to handle it. The option will be available in the “coming weeks.” And no, it’s not an officially sanctioned alternative to OnlyFans — TikTok’s policies still forbid sexually explicit content.

However, people are speculating that TikTok could soon turn into an OnlyFans alternative after the platform announced the new “adults only” feature for live broadcasting.

TikTok rose to huge popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns across the world.
While its user base is mainly comprised of Gen Z, it appears to the app is hoping to draw more of an adult audience after announcing it’s raising the age of those who can live broadcast to adults and is introducing an adult-only viewer option.

According to the Chinese-owned platform, the new feature is being brought in to protect its younger users and could be used to stream comedy routines with strong language or broadcast videos with more complex or “difficult” subject matter.
TikTok announced: “In the coming weeks, we plan to introduce a new way for creators to choose if they’d prefer to only reach an adult audience in their LIVE.

“For instance, perhaps a comedy routine is better suited for people over age 18. Or, a host may plan to talk about a difficult life experience and they would feel more comfortable knowing the conversation is limited to adults.

“We want our community to make the most of the opportunities LIVE can bring without compromising on safety.”


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SugarBounce announced a new affiliate program

We have launched a brand-new affiliate program with very high payouts. Affiliate partners will have a separate account with their dashboard with access to a range of tools from APIs to banners , gifs , chat widgets etc. Also, in the works and will soon be updated on the affiliate dashboard will be next gen analytics .

We also now have separate journeys for users , models and affiliates each of the three accounts with their own landing & sign up pages and distinct dashboards

Apart from this we have also announced a daily weekly and monthly contest for models and a new payout structure

Model Contest*

Daily Prize – 50$
Weekly Prize – 400$
Monthly Prize – 1500$

*for the streamer that stream for maximum number of hours

Link for models to sign up page

Link to the affiliate landing page where webmasters can signup

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