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Sex Dolls – History & Evolution

There is no evidence about who is the inventor of sex dolls, however, the first information was found back in the 15th century. The dolls were called “Dame De Voyage” in french and these female dolls made out of sewn cloth were used by sailors aboard their ships to occupy their time on long trips at sea.
Other information about so-called blow-up dolls was recorded in psychiatrist Iwan Bloch‘s book, “The Sexual Life of Our Time”. The book that describes the doll used for sexual purposes, was published in 1908. The sexual revolution in the late ‘60s, brought some changes in the erotica area, more than that, there were advertisements in magazines that permitted to choose dolls with various hair tones and styles to suit the client’s cravings.
There are also rumors that Adolf Hitler ordered Nazis to make sex dolls so the soldiers wouldn’t catch infectious diseases from ‘dames françaises’ in the second world war. The information was found in “Mussolini’s Barber” book, written by Graeme Donald. There are speculations that the synthetic dolls were made from silicone and they were smaller than the size of the human body. This project was designed to reduce the man’s temptation for a ‘quick adventure’.

Anyway, as time goes by, technology and virtual reality are taking the lead and sex dolls have become an alternative for real sex. It started with the invention of silicone and nowadays, sex robots are a real revolution. The machines are so complex and advanced, as mechanisms are designed to  “bring the robot to life”. The movements, the sensors, the talking bots, and the implemented cameras, are preconceived to make the experience as real as possible. Artificial intelligence allows the robot to mimic even a conversation, so we can say that these dolls are about to become real companions.
The companies that produce sex dolls are in a continuous process of developing virtual reality tech, and there are a lot of pros and cons regarding these inventions. Some people say that this is a new level of having pleasure, but there are also opinions like the idea of having sex with a doll could damage the person’s mental health. We do think that there is no comparison between having real sex versus having a ‘contact’ with a doll, but also, we don’t contest that it also can be very helpful and healthy, as there are people that would like to enjoy their sexual fantasies and needs. There are a lot of individuals that claim to have emotional connections and romantic feelings toward ‘their partner – doll’.

Future research into the adaptive and maladaptive qualities of sex doll use is needed, however, it seems that the doll-owners are neither significantly better nor worse in terms of psycho-sexual functioning and life satisfaction than the general population, based on studies and research.

We still don’t know how will the future surprise us regarding these inventions, but what we know for sure, is that everyone’s happiness comes first.

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MuSex – Celestial Bodies

Intimacy is one of the most basic needs for the physical and emotional well-being of people. Due to the complexities of modern society, such as long-distance relationships or different lifestyles, we are often forced to satisfy our needs in an alternative way. Erotica in combination with artificial intelligence has proven that satisfaction can take a new level. There are many human characteristics that modern technology cannot bring to life – from warm and soft hugs to emotional satisfaction However, artificial intelligence can play an important role in making erotic technologies more person-centered by understanding the entire context around a particular person and making human-computer sexual interaction smarter and more attuned to human desires and needs.

Abstract luxury blur Grey color gradient, used as background studio wall for display your products

If you ever travel the New York City, then, visit the Sex Museum and try another level of erotic satisfaction – the exhibit ‘Celestial Bodies’. The Celestial Bodies exhibit is a room scale VR installation and this virtual reality experience gives real feelings as sexual attraction, touch, comfort, and you just feel like you’re dancing in the space.
Most VR interactions do not offer that much free movement for the participants, however, this exhibition gives the opportunity to move freely within a controlled environment, as this experience itself is about moves too. The Optitrack motion sensors are tracking the movements and more than that, up to 6 participants and their VR avatars can join the adventure. The 1,000 square feet of space has been mapped in a smart way by the director, and it comes with haptic elements, three-dimensional sound and all these just bring the participant to the line between the physical reality and a virtual simulation.
This installation is designed to combine art and sexuality as the beings in the movie look celestial in nature; their skin is filled with stardust and they have curvy bodies that just make to want to get closer and closer to them. And that’s not all! Starstruck strippers are streaming down from the ceiling, while you feel vibrations in your crotch, and yes, you’ll want to explore more!
It is really difficult to find the person or the places to fulfill all your sexual fantasies and desires, this is why more and more VR exhibits are invented and every year comes with improvement and development over the quality and result. The project/exhibit ‘Celestial Bodies’ it’s about advanced technology, which brings the chance to explore your erotic part in the best way possible in a safe and secure environment.
Of course, we can’t translate into words the feelings/sensations that this type of virtual reality brings, as it depends on peoples’ minds and needs, and of course, it is just about experiencing it on your own and deciding if it works for you. Read more articles here

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The Most Luxurious Sex Toys In The World

The sex toy industry has constantly grown and it reaches over $18 billion today in terms of worth. One word on Google will direct you to a base of sex toys from which you can choose any type, color, size, and functionality you prefer, from lower price to significant prices. The “need” for such an expensive pleasure stimulator depends on your “wallet” or principles, of course. However, today we’d like to share with you the most expensive and luxurious vibrators from nowadays, enjoy!

The Pearl Royale – $1.3 million
Colin Burn is an Australian jeweler, and he is the one who worked for 15 years to raise the funds and create this vibrator. It is weighing about a pound and it’s made of solid platinum and bejeweled with pink and white diamonds, blue sapphires, and South Sea pearls. There is a South Sea pearl and platinum orb atop the crown that works like a key, and this way you can operate the toy. Read more articles here

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Audio Porn & Erotica

Each person is likely to resort to certain ‘tricks’ or methods to ‘arouse the lust’ for sex or to amplify it even more. Technology has advanced so much that there are hundreds of ways to maintain your sexual appetite or to discover what you love and what you want in your sex life. Starting with porn movies, and continuing with sex toys and machines. But what do we know about audio porn? In this article, we will describe the Top 3 Apps & Sites that deliver erotic stories, seasoned with spicy details, and oh, the sounds will probably be the perfect soundtrack for the fantasies that will invade your brain.

This app gives access to short audio stories, their length ranging from 5 minutes to 20 minutes, and the main purpose of the app is to turn on women and to arouse their sexual appetite. You can pick wherever ‘pairing’ you like; Her + Him, Her + Her, Them + Them. This app allows you to discover more ‘how-to’ information, found in guided meditations and sessions. The audio recording has very high quality and the stories feature voice lines, sound effects, and ambiance that puts the reader directly in the scene.

If you are looking for exclusively women’s voices, telling authentic and erotic stories, this app might be for you. The app is designed to share sex-positive stories told by real women. The users can submit their own stories as well. There is a subscription fee, as the company has to pay the storytellers for their weekly content. Every subscription to &Jane works as a donation to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation (dedicated to protecting sexual freedom as a fundamental human right).
‘Authentically told by women, to be enjoyed by all.’ –

This app is offering freedom for your imagination to take the lead. Visual porn/erotica defines the viewer as a ‘voyeur’, however, audio porn offers you the opportunity for the listener to feel the main character.
The app has divided the content into three sections: tell, read, and listen. There is also an option that gives the users the opportunity to upload their own content. Quinn offers women a space to get turned on in their natural way, without making any discomfort.

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