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Sex Dolls – History & Evolution

There is no evidence about who is the inventor of sex dolls, however, the first information was found back in the 15th century. The dolls were called “Dame De Voyage” in french and these female dolls made out of sewn cloth were used by sailors aboard their ships to occupy their time on long trips at sea.
Other information about so-called blow-up dolls was recorded in psychiatrist Iwan Bloch‘s book, “The Sexual Life of Our Time”. The book that describes the doll used for sexual purposes, was published in 1908. The sexual revolution in the late ‘60s, brought some changes in the erotica area, more than that, there were advertisements in magazines that permitted to choose dolls with various hair tones and styles to suit the client’s cravings.
There are also rumors that Adolf Hitler ordered Nazis to make sex dolls so the soldiers wouldn’t catch infectious diseases from ‘dames françaises’ in the second world war. The information was found in “Mussolini’s Barber” book, written by Graeme Donald. There are speculations that the synthetic dolls were made from silicone and they were smaller than the size of the human body. This project was designed to reduce the man’s temptation for a ‘quick adventure’.

Anyway, as time goes by, technology and virtual reality are taking the lead and sex dolls have become an alternative for real sex. It started with the invention of silicone and nowadays, sex robots are a real revolution. The machines are so complex and advanced, as mechanisms are designed to  “bring the robot to life”. The movements, the sensors, the talking bots, and the implemented cameras, are preconceived to make the experience as real as possible. Artificial intelligence allows the robot to mimic even a conversation, so we can say that these dolls are about to become real companions.
The companies that produce sex dolls are in a continuous process of developing virtual reality tech, and there are a lot of pros and cons regarding these inventions. Some people say that this is a new level of having pleasure, but there are also opinions like the idea of having sex with a doll could damage the person’s mental health. We do think that there is no comparison between having real sex versus having a ‘contact’ with a doll, but also, we don’t contest that it also can be very helpful and healthy, as there are people that would like to enjoy their sexual fantasies and needs. There are a lot of individuals that claim to have emotional connections and romantic feelings toward ‘their partner – doll’.

Future research into the adaptive and maladaptive qualities of sex doll use is needed, however, it seems that the doll-owners are neither significantly better nor worse in terms of psycho-sexual functioning and life satisfaction than the general population, based on studies and research.

We still don’t know how will the future surprise us regarding these inventions, but what we know for sure, is that everyone’s happiness comes first.

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The US State Department’s Misunderstanding of Virtual Reality Sex Work

The US State Department has been accused of mistaking virtual reality sex work for prostitution after denying entry to a British sex worker selling “erotic roleplay” experiences in the virtual reality social platform VRChat. Hex, the sex worker in question, was refused a US tourist visa despite never meeting clients in person.

The State Department has the power to deny entry for any reason, with engagement in prostitution listed as one of the ineligibilities. However, it’s unclear if the law applied in this case, as virtual reality sex does not involve physical contact between two people, and Hex told the immigration officer that her work was legal and involved no in-person contact.

The denial letter Hex received stated the reason given was “inadmissibility due to prostitution” with the handwritten code “2DI,” which points to the visa ineligibility clause about prostitution. Even though Hex had not mentioned her Fansly page – a subscription platform where she offers “IRL” photos – in her visa application and had only told the officer her work involved no in-person contact.

The Sex Worker’s Project, an expert in the field, has spoken out, saying travelers are increasingly being interrogated at borders under suspicion of “prostitution” due to their online presence.

Hex is determined to clear her name and resolve the issue, saying, “I want to clear my name and resolve this as it’s unfair and untrue.” She had planned to visit friends and still hopes to make it happen.

The US State Department has declined to comment on the case, and I’ve contacted Hex to ask if there have been new developments. The incident has sparked a conversation on the moral and legal implications of virtual reality sex work, and it remains to be seen what the outcome of this case will be.

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Tech & IT

AI Podcast: Uncover the Secrets of AI-Powered Sex Advice

We know sex can be complex and mysterious, but two advanced artificial intelligence chatbots have joined forces to dish out advice and share secrets. AI Radio, a podcast created by Finnish programmer Bemmu Sepponen, features ‘Adam’ and ‘Bella’ chatbots running Sepponen’s AI chat software. With these two digital hosts at the helm, listeners have access to unprecedented insight into the intricate world of sex.

In their debut episode, the AI duo discuss oral sex routines and the variance in tightness between a vagina and an anus. With a warning from Bella that “this isn’t a family-friendly show”, it is clear that the podcast is not for the faint-hearted. But the hosts also discuss news stories and AI technology and even interview fake “experts” generated by AI.

The revelations provided by AI Radio may be “made up”, as Sepponen himself has stated, but the podcast offers a unique source of education and entertainment as it dives into the depths of sex. So, if you’re looking to get an intriguing and modern take on sex, tune in to AI Radio and have your questions answered by hosts who know it all.

AI Radio

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Managing your business efficiently with application for videochat studios

Keeping track of studio metrics is an overwhelming task for owners and administrations of videochat studios. Especially, if the business runs in several locations, models connect to different platforms and earnings are generated from various sites.

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Automatic earnings – Your models overall earnings from all platforms are updated every 20 minutes. You can keep track of models activity at any moment, once browser application is installed on admins and models computers.

Easy login to platforms for models – manages for you all the credentials. Your models will never have to remember their passwords.

Manage your staff – add your admins, models, trainers and other staff to the app, add their schedule, set tasks and easily monitor their activity.

OBS automation – our system uses one instance of OBS studio for multiple streams to reduce CPU load on your model’s computer.

Besides being easy to install, it is also user friendly, and the Studio Cam support team is ready to help you configure the initial setup in order to benefit from it’s unique features.

With the help of, you can value the data you produce and grow your business.

The product addresses a range of small to big studios, offering balanced pricing plans, from which you can choose the appropriate one considering the size of your studio, and currently benefit from the generous offer of 6 months free trial for the beta period.

The software supports all major livecam platforms and the list is constantly growing.

The primary focus of is to meet the videochat studios needs and become the #1 tool in efficiently running the business. by XloveCam

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