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Goddess Anna Katz

She’s going to tease you to your breaking point and she’ll make you confess all your darkest fantasies! Would you tell her all your dirty little secrets? Shh, don’t talk and listen! Listen to the call of her supernatural sexual energy and please, be obedient!

If you could choose one superhuman ability, what would it be?
Since I’m already a superhuman – a Goddess – I do possess such abilities, such as mind control and the power to turn men into mere objects, but if I would have to choose another one, it would definitely be teleportation. My main passion is traveling, so I’d love to be able to do that without the long flights and layovers. Just imagine thinking about the Maldives and spoof, you’re there! Hoping Elon will turn it into reality soon.

What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?
I’m not sure it falls under the weird category, but domination and humiliation are my turn-ons. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching men groveling at my feet, begging for my attention, imploring to be allowed to serve and worship Me. The more I mindf*ck and manipulate them, the hotter I get. I amplify their fetishes and weaknesses and then simply turn them into my pets. I toy with them and with their feelings all day long. They let me do anything I want to them. My power has crushed them and made them completely helpless, vulnerable, submissive.

What is a “must” you want to do in this life?
Swim alongside humpback whales. I already had the incredible opportunity of seeing huge pods of whales and dolphins, but swimming with them would be the absolute thrill for me.

What is the dirtiest compliment you’ve ever received?
He-he. I was passing by a construction site and one of the workers literally yelled at me, “Yo blondie, I can tell by the look of your nose that your clit would taste really sweet!” I was at Uni back then, just enjoying a walk with my friends and we all just burst into laughter. it’s just one of the things none of us will ever forget. So disgusting and yet funny at the same time. We still have a great laugh about it, years later. Women are so Superior…

How long was your shortest sex?
Ha-ha-ha, short! Under one minute! And not for lack of trying! We were interrupted, so I can’t blame it on him, this time. Quickies can be a lot of fun though!

How long was your longest sex?
Oh, well, a whole night. Not really my thing, though. Gets boring eventually. I prefer shorter sessions, but intense and passionate. In my opinion, sex isn’t supposed to last for hours each and every single time. Some men think that they need to impress us and prove themselves worthy by fucking hard and for hours. Just another one of the thousands of things they got totally wrong when it comes to women…

The craziest thing you ever did for love?
Ugh, I had a huge argument with my father and almost left home. I was around 18 years old back then, so young and wild, but if I had to, I’d do it all again. Love is very important to me and I wouldn’t let anyone get in the way of it. Actually, it is the most important thing in my life and essential for my balance and health. If it’s there and it’s real, I’ll cherish it forever.

Could you live your whole life without a serious relationship?
A bit too late for that question, since I already had 2 serious relationships. I’m sure I could live in any condition, as long as I have myself and my health. I’m not the type of woman who depends on someone else for happiness or fulfillment. I am happy by myself. I always had good friends around me, to love and support me and they are really important in my life. Those are serious relationships too. However, if we’re talking strictly about romantic involvement, I do enjoy having a partner, sharing the good times with a special someone, supporting each other and making each other grow. I enjoy what life gives me, but I never lose perspective.

How far did you have to go trying to make someone fall in love with you?
I never tried to make anyone fall in love with me and I would never do it. I don’t like to be manipulative when it comes to real feelings. What I do as a Domme is one thing and my sl*ts understand that it is a roleplay, but I’d never encouraged anyone to fall in love with me for real. If the feelings are mutual, then it’s all good, but tricking men into that…ugh, I find it disgusting and I loathe the people who do it. You need to be a special kind of human being to deliberately do that and still manage to sleep at night. Unfortunately, I do know such women and it’s sad to see what they’re willing to do for the ego and material benefits. Let’s just say that I believe in karma.

What’s the stupidest excuse to get out of a bad date?
I’m proud and very happy to say that I’ve never been on a bad date and the reason is simple: I choose the men I want to date and I’m the one that asks them out. Controlling, right? The ones that actually dared to ask me out didn’t do so in the right way, so they were rejected immediately. I say dared because I can be quite intimidating. The ones I asked out had the balls to say Yes, so we always ended up having lots of fun. I never say yes just to be polite or because I don t have anything better to do because I always do.

What or who do you depend on the most?
Me, myself and I. I’m not saying I love being alone or I don’t like getting support from family or friends, on the contrary. But at the end of the day, I’m counting on myself to be my best fan and supporter. I was taught by my parents from a very early age that no matter what I do, I should always be independent and able to look after myself. I took that seriously and I’m grateful for that teaching to this day. I am also blessed to have numerous friends around me, so let’s hope it never gets to that point where I only have to rely on myself.

What kind of job will you never take?
Any job from 9 A.m to 5 P.m I’m still traumatized by them since I worked for several big telecom companies before I got into the industry. There’s nothing more fake or soul-draining than that. I’m speaking for myself, obviously. Some people need security and discipline, I need Freedom and Independence. I absolutely hated being in sales because I felt like I was cheating people out of their money. The sales I’m doing now are different, because now I give my best to everyone, I believe in the product, which is Me and my content and I work around the clock to improve it. Life’s too short to do something you don’t love.

Tell us about the best night of your life.
Hard to decide between 2 nights. One night was in the Serengeti, in a safari lodge, surrounded by wildlife, literally hearing the lions roar whilst having a huge male African buffalo right under my window. That was a life-changing experience. Very humbling. Definitely connected me to nature as nothing had before. The other one was New Year’s Eve before the pandemic started. I attended a huge house music concert with all of my friends and we had a killer time. Never danced and felt like that before. There was absolute love and joy on everyone’s faces. And then the pandemic came. Lesson learned: enjoy everything while you can. You never know for how long the good times are going to last.

If you could go back in the past, what you’d erase from your life?
Oh, this one is easy. I’d completely erase my Professor of modern English and American Literature from University, an Absolutely disgusting creature. He is the sum of what I hate most: a cocky, paranoid and overrated nouveau riche with an accentuated Napoleon syndrome. Hated his guts. Regarding past events, though they obviously weren’t all happy, I wouldn’t erase a thing, since the sum of the good and bad things that happened to me made me who I am today: a flawless Goddess. No regrets, they don’t really work. I’m just looking forward and trying to improve everything. Read more articles

Cam Models

Ivy Melrose

Emotional, easy-going, and very open, this girl creates mind-blowing shows that stay in your memory for a long long time! Meet Ivy Melrose! Let yourself relax accompanied by this captivating beauty – and you’ll instantly feel an unbelievable energy boost!

Do you work exclusively on only one cam site? Or do you prefer several cam sites?
Can you tell us the name(s)?

LiveJasmin and Skyprivate.

Do you have any regrets since you started camming?
No, I do not have regrets!

Do you have a secret power?
My dark eyes are the most addictive one, just a look and you will tell me about your deepest and dirtiest secrets that you were afraid to share.

What is your biggest turn-off?
Bad manners, begging for free flashes, having no idea how to treat a woman…
I don’t like rude guys, who don’t respect models and generally humans.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve done while alone?
Every day I do something weird :))

If you were able to ask for 3 wishes right now, what would you ask for?
1)Coffee in Paris
2)Big yacht
3)Be young forever

The craziest thing you ever did for love?
Moved to another city.

What is your favorite memory since you started streaming?
When I streamed playing guitar naked.

What do you do to maintain your beauty?
Eat healthy.

What is the main quality that you seek in others?
Kind and smart people with good sense of humor.

Did you ever fall in love with someone met online?
I did get attached, but not in love.

What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life?
Taking my life from the beginning after my mom and sister died.

Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?
In a changing room.

Do you prefer to give or receive?
Both ways.

What do you do to keep fit?
Masturbate and eat healthy.

Have you ever had an inappropriate crush?
Plenty of times!

Have you ever tried using food during foreplay?
Not yet.

How would you make me have an orgasm?
My voice is ready to take control of you and your brain. I’m the one you always have been craving for. Young, beautiful and powerful one …. and a blow job :))

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Cam Models

Nel (They/Them)

Nel loves original looks and always comes up with something unusual to surprise their fans. This charming model captivates with their wit and cheerfulness. The tempting babe told us their story about the beginning of their work in webcam and shared their memories about their lifestyle as a cam model.

Do you work exclusively on only one cam site? Or you prefer several cam sites?

Can you tell us the name(s)?


Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world one day, I would…

Decriminalize sex work and marijuana worldwide, give those who are houseless one of the countless empty homes just sitting around (reportedly over 16 million vacant homes in the US alone), make sure everyone has access to food, shelter, healthcare, and a safe place to be themselves, reform the police, ban genital mutilation (circumcision and FGM in countries it takes place), and attempt to build a world that is safe for people of all walks of life, regardless of their gender, sexuality, shape or size, appearance, or status.

Do you have any regrets since you started camming?

My only regret is not vetting people further in the beginning of my career before working with them, I am more conscious now of who I spend my time with. It’s easy to fall in with people who just want to use you when you start out and don’t know what you’re doing, but I’ve found such a wonderful community for myself now. Other than that, I wouldn’t change anything about my cam career; I’m very proud of everything I’ve done.

Do you have a secret power?

secret power is being able to almost always accurately time my orgasm to be at the same time as my partner’s orgasm, once I have gotten to know the person and we are exchanging a mutual sex act. I remember reading some magazine like Cosmo as a teen (before I had explored my sexuality very much), and seeing a guy say how “if he could do anything in bed,” he wished it would be to time his orgasm to meet his partner’s… So once I figured out I could do that it felt pretty badass.

What is your biggest turn-off?

Being touched, especially licked, without consent (pro tip: don’t EVER do this at conventions). Consent is very sexy. 

What would be the next step in your career?

I plan on continuing to work hard on MyFreeCams, build my Fansly, and soon start posting on a clip site as well. In the next year (ideally October or March) I want to rank in the top #100 on MFC, and continue to build my following into an empire. I plan to own a content creator compound to live in with some trusted friends and be able to host model friends, down the line. I plan on camming for many years to come and hope to bring home some more awards in the near future! I am so incredibly proud of the five we have already won in my two years of camming. One of the next big goals in my career is to be featured on the cover of a magazine, and to host another show (I hosted the Cammy’s).

Tell us a memorable cam life experience.

I recently had a trip to Vegas for MFC Social, and we also had my bachelor party, as I just got married. The night before Social, my model friends and I rented a penthouse and cammed together, and shot some photo sets and content. Social itself was an absolute blast; I have had fun at every Social I’ve been to (this was my third), but this one was the best by far. I love the event staff for MFC and The Artisan – they are excellent people. For my bachelor party after Social, my closest cam model friends went to dinner and a show on the strip (where I won a fake orgasm contest) and a gentleman’s club, and it was one of the best nights of my life. I love my lifestyle as a cam model.

What is the main quality that you seek in others?

I know this probably sounds generic, but honestly the main quality I seek in others is a good sense of humor. I want to laugh together. I also generally try to surround myself with genuinely good people, who have good hearts, because it reminds me to do good myself.

What stands between you and your greatest goal?

Myself! To be totally honest, I struggle with a slew of mental health conditions and a personality disorder (as many cam models do, let’s be real), and it can be challenging for me to maintain consistency in certain ways because of it. It can also be hard to communicate with people when I’m mentally struggling. But I’m getting much better at learning how to manage everything, and the right medication combo plus counseling has been life changing. I know that I will reach my goals one day, it’s just a matter of time!

What is the most courageous thing you have done in your life? 

Leave an abusive relationship that I kept letting myself fall back into. I have never been happier or healthier than I am now, and I am so grateful I’ve found self-worth and learned to love myself. If you are in an abusive relationship, know that you aren’t alone, and there is hope.

What would you like to tell your fans?

I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART!! Thank you for supporting me, for loving me, for voting for me in the award shows, for chatting in my chat room, for tipping me when you can, and for accepting me for who I am and letting me be my wacky, silly, creative, & queer self. I have never felt more at home with a job. This is the field for me! Sex work is real work, and I am proud to be a sex worker. Thank you for letting me be my truest self.

What’s your favorite song or album to make love/have sex to?

For me it’s my Sexy Vibes playlist, it’s over 75 hours long on Spotify. Some of it is silly stuff but most of it is very good for fucking to.

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Cam Models

Rebeca Dune

Meet the captivating Rebeca Dune! Just the name of the sweet babe itself thrills and excites the imagination! The feminine model attracts attention with her truly luxurious figure and exquisite sense of style. Meet this natural beauty right now and she will surely win you over at first sight!

Do you work exclusively on only one cam site? Or do you prefer several cam sites?Can you tell us the name(s)?
Only on one site, Flirt4Free

Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world one day, I would…
I’d have more free time than I have now haha.

Do you have any regrets since you started camming?
Not at all. I was from the beginning really assumed, it’s a normal job for me that brought me a lot of opportunities. I consider that here being assumed is the most important thing, so if anyone wants to start camming, that’s my advice. Saying that, the only regret is that I didn’t start earlier.

Do you have a secret power?
Being myself, I think that’s pretty much of my charm. You think you have no secret power? Try to find yourself first.

If you could rename the cam site you work with, what name would you give it?
I think that the one that I have suits me best, so nope 🙂 

What is your biggest turn-off?
Being rude, or simply disrespecting my boundaries. 

What is the weirdest thing you’ve done while alone?
While trying to hook up with a Guy i made a complete fool of myself.

If you were able to ask for 3 wishes right now, what would you ask for?
Happiness, Money and Inner peace.

What would be the next step in your career?
Becoming known worldwide as the most natural cam girl.

Tell us a memorable cam life experience.
First cum online, didn’t know what to expect, but I got nothing but the best.

The craziest thing you ever did for love?
I forgot who I am.

What is your favorite memory since you started streaming?
I consider it a lifestyle and I enjoy it a lot, but I do have some days with huge incomes that I remember haha.

What do you do to maintain your beauty?
Wash my face haha. I’m a natural beauty as I told you.

What is the main quality that you seek in others?

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