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Goddess Anna Katz

She’s going to tease you to your breaking point and she’ll make you confess all your darkest fantasies! Would you tell her all your dirty little secrets? Shh, don’t talk and listen! Listen to the call of her supernatural sexual energy and please, be obedient!

If you could choose one superhuman ability, what would it be?
Since I’m already a superhuman – a Goddess – I do possess such abilities, such as mind control and the power to turn men into mere objects, but if I would have to choose another one, it would definitely be teleportation. My main passion is traveling, so I’d love to be able to do that without the long flights and layovers. Just imagine thinking about the Maldives and spoof, you’re there! Hoping Elon will turn it into reality soon.

What’s the weirdest thing that turns you on?
I’m not sure it falls under the weird category, but domination and humiliation are my turn-ons. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching men groveling at my feet, begging for my attention, imploring to be allowed to serve and worship Me. The more I mindf*ck and manipulate them, the hotter I get. I amplify their fetishes and weaknesses and then simply turn them into my pets. I toy with them and with their feelings all day long. They let me do anything I want to them. My power has crushed them and made them completely helpless, vulnerable, submissive.

What is a “must” you want to do in this life?
Swim alongside humpback whales. I already had the incredible opportunity of seeing huge pods of whales and dolphins, but swimming with them would be the absolute thrill for me.

What is the dirtiest compliment you’ve ever received?
He-he. I was passing by a construction site and one of the workers literally yelled at me, “Yo blondie, I can tell by the look of your nose that your clit would taste really sweet!” I was at Uni back then, just enjoying a walk with my friends and we all just burst into laughter. it’s just one of the things none of us will ever forget. So disgusting and yet funny at the same time. We still have a great laugh about it, years later. Women are so Superior…

How long was your shortest sex?
Ha-ha-ha, short! Under one minute! And not for lack of trying! We were interrupted, so I can’t blame it on him, this time. Quickies can be a lot of fun though!

How long was your longest sex?
Oh, well, a whole night. Not really my thing, though. Gets boring eventually. I prefer shorter sessions, but intense and passionate. In my opinion, sex isn’t supposed to last for hours each and every single time. Some men think that they need to impress us and prove themselves worthy by fucking hard and for hours. Just another one of the thousands of things they got totally wrong when it comes to women…

The craziest thing you ever did for love?
Ugh, I had a huge argument with my father and almost left home. I was around 18 years old back then, so young and wild, but if I had to, I’d do it all again. Love is very important to me and I wouldn’t let anyone get in the way of it. Actually, it is the most important thing in my life and essential for my balance and health. If it’s there and it’s real, I’ll cherish it forever.

Could you live your whole life without a serious relationship?
A bit too late for that question, since I already had 2 serious relationships. I’m sure I could live in any condition, as long as I have myself and my health. I’m not the type of woman who depends on someone else for happiness or fulfillment. I am happy by myself. I always had good friends around me, to love and support me and they are really important in my life. Those are serious relationships too. However, if we’re talking strictly about romantic involvement, I do enjoy having a partner, sharing the good times with a special someone, supporting each other and making each other grow. I enjoy what life gives me, but I never lose perspective.

How far did you have to go trying to make someone fall in love with you?
I never tried to make anyone fall in love with me and I would never do it. I don’t like to be manipulative when it comes to real feelings. What I do as a Domme is one thing and my sl*ts understand that it is a roleplay, but I’d never encouraged anyone to fall in love with me for real. If the feelings are mutual, then it’s all good, but tricking men into that…ugh, I find it disgusting and I loathe the people who do it. You need to be a special kind of human being to deliberately do that and still manage to sleep at night. Unfortunately, I do know such women and it’s sad to see what they’re willing to do for the ego and material benefits. Let’s just say that I believe in karma.

What’s the stupidest excuse to get out of a bad date?
I’m proud and very happy to say that I’ve never been on a bad date and the reason is simple: I choose the men I want to date and I’m the one that asks them out. Controlling, right? The ones that actually dared to ask me out didn’t do so in the right way, so they were rejected immediately. I say dared because I can be quite intimidating. The ones I asked out had the balls to say Yes, so we always ended up having lots of fun. I never say yes just to be polite or because I don t have anything better to do because I always do.

What or who do you depend on the most?
Me, myself and I. I’m not saying I love being alone or I don’t like getting support from family or friends, on the contrary. But at the end of the day, I’m counting on myself to be my best fan and supporter. I was taught by my parents from a very early age that no matter what I do, I should always be independent and able to look after myself. I took that seriously and I’m grateful for that teaching to this day. I am also blessed to have numerous friends around me, so let’s hope it never gets to that point where I only have to rely on myself.

What kind of job will you never take?
Any job from 9 A.m to 5 P.m I’m still traumatized by them since I worked for several big telecom companies before I got into the industry. There’s nothing more fake or soul-draining than that. I’m speaking for myself, obviously. Some people need security and discipline, I need Freedom and Independence. I absolutely hated being in sales because I felt like I was cheating people out of their money. The sales I’m doing now are different, because now I give my best to everyone, I believe in the product, which is Me and my content and I work around the clock to improve it. Life’s too short to do something you don’t love.

Tell us about the best night of your life.
Hard to decide between 2 nights. One night was in the Serengeti, in a safari lodge, surrounded by wildlife, literally hearing the lions roar whilst having a huge male African buffalo right under my window. That was a life-changing experience. Very humbling. Definitely connected me to nature as nothing had before. The other one was New Year’s Eve before the pandemic started. I attended a huge house music concert with all of my friends and we had a killer time. Never danced and felt like that before. There was absolute love and joy on everyone’s faces. And then the pandemic came. Lesson learned: enjoy everything while you can. You never know for how long the good times are going to last.

If you could go back in the past, what you’d erase from your life?
Oh, this one is easy. I’d completely erase my Professor of modern English and American Literature from University, an Absolutely disgusting creature. He is the sum of what I hate most: a cocky, paranoid and overrated nouveau riche with an accentuated Napoleon syndrome. Hated his guts. Regarding past events, though they obviously weren’t all happy, I wouldn’t erase a thing, since the sum of the good and bad things that happened to me made me who I am today: a flawless Goddess. No regrets, they don’t really work. I’m just looking forward and trying to improve everything. Read more articles

Cam Models

Richard Rall

Richard is an inspiring individual with a passion for understanding the world and its complexities. He values love above all else and defines success as personal progress and balance with the world. He approaches criticism thoughtfully, considering the source and intent, and has the secret power to make anyone understand anything if they expose their ignorance. He is a historian of physics, an explorer of alternative interpretations, and a teacher of life.

What are your passions and interests?
I’m passionate about changing the world through knowledge and understanding. I believe that can only be accomplished by humanity better understanding itself and the world in which it lives. Others are focused on the near-horizon goals of making people better understand our environment and world cultures, so I feel like the more far-flung horizon of “alternative physics interpretation,” as well as “alternative interpretations of history,” are niches that are in need of cleaning up and exploring. So I’m mainly a historian of physics because advancing physics could solve all the world’s problems based on energy. (That’s all of the problems.) This led me toward a secondary interest in how alternative physics interpretation matches up with ancient religions and therefore hints at the possibility of lost ancient advanced civilization on earth.

What do you value most in life?
Love. The central core tenet of the universe is love. When the first two cells joined together to share their life-or-death fate as a multi-cellular organism, the first biological appearance of love began. Whether it’s alien life or artificial intelligence that has no instincts shared with humans, there is still a path of unification within diversity that builds up the universe, which any thinking entity can identify at the root of existence. That primal force is a principle we call love. Even if it’s just huddling up on the couch, unwashed and bad-breathed to play some video games, there’s no luxuriant travel, prestigious party, or other extravagance that could compare to the moments of silly vulnerability and sharing with my partner and I live every day fully appreciating what trillions cannot buy.

How do you define success?
Personal progress. Each person is born into a world or circumstances beyond real appreciable control but is still forced to tie themselves in knots trying to grab hold of it – and themselves – to do the impossible with the weird little set of personal tools they have. Success is found in the daily improvement of one’s internal experience while balancing it with the internal experience of others. It’s living in balance with a world on fire and still finding the peace to live within principles of love and harmony without giving in to insatiable greed at one end of pushing for more or the ineffectual paralysis and depression that lies at the other end of the spectrum. Success is finding the personal daily balance of will and stress and optimizing inner power without giving up or overreaching.

How do you handle criticism?
It depends on if it’s constructive or not. It’s pretty obvious if someone just intends to hurt you about something you cannot change or if they intend to point out something you might want to work on, but not always obvious at the moment. I’ve had so much destructive criticism that even if it’s constructive, sometimes I feel an immediate urge to deflect an “attack,” but generally, I think it through later and see if I think it’s of any merit. I always think through what people say to gauge where they are coming from so I can decide if they are merely projecting their pain or genuinely trying to help. Though sometimes it’s much later in the day after I had immediately reacted by clamming up to keep from lashing out at the perceived threat.

Do you have secret power?
Yes. I can make anyone understand anything if they are willing to expose their ignorance by asking questions. Ignorance is unavoidable; stupidity is a choice.
I’m not going to “mansplain” if you didn’t ask, but I do love to help and teach others who are “with me” on this journey of learning and exploration of life!


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Cam Models

CamSoda Model & AVN Nominated BBW Star Missy Deep Signs with modelRED

Super talented, AVN-nominated, sexy BBW star of CamSoda & OnlyFans, Missy Deep, has chosen modelRED for representation in the adult industry.

“I saw their site, read the About Us, loved how modelRED was a fully inclusive agency across race, gender, body type, and so I reached out,” then Missy Deep added, “I did the initial Zoom interview with Giovanni and Michael at modelRED and got to know them better and how they operate. When they emailed me the contract afterward, I did feel that this was a fit for me and signed!”

A powerhouse of BBW talent, Missy Deep brings a hot and sexy body of work to the table as she looks to increase the amount of content she shoots. “I have to say I have been buying her porn before we met, and my wife and I both love her stuff,” said Giovanni Valentino before adding, “and it’s a joy when you get to work with people whose work you enjoy. It’s an honor for her to join the modelRED family – she brings a depth of presence across a lot of websites and online stores that we can’t wait to help grow sales for!”

Twitter                  @MissyDeepX
ManyVids            @MissyDeep
OnlyFans              @missydeepxxx
SextPanther        MissyDeep
CamSoda             MissyDeep

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Cam Models

Marley Maxwell

She is an ambitious, kind-hearted sex worker passionate about empowering others and leading a healthy and happy life. With her drive and confidence, she can overcome obstacles and strive to improve. She’s looking for someone who has the same life values and respect for sex workers and loves to show her partner that she cares in any way she can. Whether it be through cooking meals, giving massages, or making passionate love, Marley Maxwell is the perfect partner for someone who is looking for someone who can dominate or submit. She is the ideal combination of strong and nurturing.

How do I define success?
I personally believe success is different for every one of us. To some, it may mean getting as rich & powerful as possible, but to me, I find that success is much simpler. Success to me is ensuring I am reaching my goals and leading a happy and healthy life, and the people in my life are as well. I also feel as though being able to push myself to do better & achieve more is being successful.

What would I like to tell my fans?
I would like to tell my fans, THANK YOU! Without such a kind and loving fan base, I would not be able to achieve what I have in the 3 almost 4 years I’ve been in sex work. I could not have ever imagined I’d be in the place I am now. I started camming when I was 19. I had just moved to the west coast from Florida the year before, and it’s safe to say it was hard to take care of myself, being young and new to being an adult. Becoming a cam model completely changed my life and brought me stability, support, amazing people to interact with, confidence, etc. I could never thank my fans enough! All of you are greatly appreciated and valued. People who support SW are some of the kindest, most fun, and most understanding souls of them all.

What turns you on almost instantly?
One of my biggest turn-ons would have to be people who can completely submit to me or are dominant enough to overpower me. It’s something about someone being so willing and passionate to do whatever I ask that completely makes me melt. “Yes, ma’am”, “whatever you want”, “I’m so thankful” – those phrases are music to my ears. But on the other hand, a person who can dominate me and have me on my knees, willing to please them however they want… now that’s pure pleasure. It’s hard to choose just one thing that turns me on when there are so many things!

What qualities do I look for in a partner?
Someone with drive, a kind heart, a sense of humor, and extremely down to earth. Being extremely romantic and touchy-feely is a plus. I love someone with confidence but not too much that they’re cocky. A great partner is someone you can do everything with and love every second, even if it’s just something as simple as cooking a meal together or sitting together in silence watching tv. I look for someone with the same life values as me, and of course, they need to respect sex workers and others in general. At the end of the day, the way someone makes me feel and vice versa decides if they are dating material.

How do you like to show your partner that you care?
For me, I simply love to listen to my partner’s needs and fulfill them. Cooking them meals, giving massages, randomly surprising them with something they love. Having spa nights, intimate dates, and long conversations about what’s on my partner’s mind are all ways I show my love. Seeing my partner smile makes me happy. Any way I can make my partner’s life easier, I am more than willing to help. I’m naturally very nurturing and want to show love in any way. In bed, especially. I love to morph into whatever my partner wants- if they want to be put in their place and used for my pleasure, I would happily do so. If the next day, they want to bind me up and fuck me a slut, I would love that as well. Overall though, my favorite way to show care in bed is showering them with kisses, giving lots of oral, and making slow passionate love. I followed up with lots of aftercare, of course!


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