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We all know that it ain’t a secret that a model’s success depends a lot on how she/he “sells” her/his image. It’s all about your STYLE!
So-called STYLE includes details that you need to pay close attention to. The way you dress up, your behavior, the way make-up looks, your way of communicating, all these are part of your image and style. If you don’t know where to start, we are here to share some tips and tricks.

Lingerie is one of the main things that gets men’s eyes, based on the opinions of many models who have been performing in the industry for quite a while. But what underwear to pick when it comes to “look stunning on camera”? Well, the models have divided opinions, however, the most widely recognized opinion was primarily related to the color of the underwear and refers specifically to neutral ones – white and black. White and black lingerie have a minimum risk of getting a negative visual impact when you are on screen. But! There’s a but, you can experiment and you’ll surely notice what colors are yours.
Combining your tanga and bra in a chromatic and visually vibrant way, it’s necessary because lingerie has always been a tool for teasing men.

You can also add to your wardrobe some full-back panties to arouse men’s curiosity.
Depending on the shape and size of your breasts, choose what is right from your point of view, so that you feel comfortable, feminine, and attractive.

The push-up bra does not push your career forward! 

When it comes to push-ups, absolutely, many women have used it and still use it to adjust some outfits so that the body looks proportionate. However, it can be a disadvantage for a cam model because you can give an incorrect picture of your real breast size to your viewers. Some of them may not see the distinction, however, there may be the individuals who can notice it, afterward, you simply appear to be insecure about your body and this ain’t in your favor. Try not to have a negative outlook about the size of your boobs and be confident, as there are many lovers of meager-chested women. 

Underwear can turn into something fun, use this to make your broadcast spicier. At the point you take it off layer by layer, this can be so tempting, tedious, and playful for users.

Boring sex is what most people run away from, so use underwear as an approach to captivate users.

Heels are a MUST!
Heels make you feel provocative and powerful, right? There are few men that don’t get drawn to see a woman wearing heels, especially when it comes to erotic interactions because heels lengthen your legs and lift your booty. Choosing the right heels is also important, so, always pick the heels regarding your show topic.

Cosmetics is the chapter that truly requires an investment! 

Your face plays a vital role, as men are excellent observers when it comes to makeup.
Our advice about cosmetics is to invest in products that will assist you with concealing little skin imperfections and will help you look as natural as possible. Inform yourself which items are specific to your skin type and choose what is right for you, and do not forget to learn how to contour your face!

Most video equipment (HD) comes with a bright light behind the camera that shines directly on your face. Be very careful with the products you choose and how you apply them, as you will have a velvety face, natural and free of thick layers of makeup. Your users might be those who will give you feedback about your makeup, and you’d better watch out not to have a negative one because it matters a lot!

Accessories? Oh, yeah!
Adding accessories as beautification, can “complete” your outfit in a  harmonious way and make it even sexier and more attractive. 

The choker has been a trend for several years, and it is irreplaceable in the case of a BDSM outfit. In general, try to choose accessories that will not cling to clothes, that won’t be difficult to remove (excessive fasteners). Maintaining the energy in interaction is very important, and it can be ruined very quickly if a user wants to take off your accessories and that will present a challenge for you.

There is no rule or such a thing as “standard” in this industry about how it would be better to introduce yourself to users. Everything is debatable and variable. It also matters a lot how your fans like to see you on screen, and then of course, if you agree, you could take into account their requests regardless of your broadcast. However, we’ve chosen to share through this article some opinions gathered from models, who have experience and success in the industry. 

We hope you find it useful, especially if you are a newbie!

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Latest News

Le Shaw: Byborg Enterprises Unveils Visionary Leaders to Revolutionize Sexual Health Research

LUXEMBOURG, December 6, 2023 — Byborg Enterprises SA proudly announces the appointment of not one, but two distinguished leaders to spearhead its groundbreaking International Sexual Health and Wellness Research Institute. In addition to the industry
luminary Bobbi Bidochka, Dr. Simon Dubé has been named Scientific Director, bringing his expertise in psychology, groundbreaking research in human sexuality, erobotics, and space sexology.

The newly appointed Director of the International Sexual Health and Wellness Research Institute, Bobbi Bidochka, renowned for her multifaceted background spanning academia, business, venture capital, and the SexTech industry, brings unparalleled experience to the role. As the co-chair of The Academic Congress on Love and Sex with Robots and the author of “Sexual Intelligence in Business,” Bobbi is a force of innovation in the field.

Bobbi Bidochka holds a graduate degree in Sex Sociology from the University of Ottawa, and her commitment to transforming public perceptions surrounding Sexual Health and Wellness has been unwavering throughout her career. Recognized as a sex-positive feminist, Bobbi is dedicated to driving positive change in society through open and objective discussions about sexuality.

Dr. Dubé, with a Ph.D. in Psychology from Concordia University and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute, is renowned for his pioneering contributions to the fields of human sexuality and beyond. His leadership ethos, fostering innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, and championing diversity and inclusion, aligns seamlessly with Byborg’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of research in sexual health and wellness.

As Scientific Director, Dr. Dubé will lead collaborations with world-class researchers, focusing on the exploration of sextech, sex work, and sexology. His appointment marks an exciting new chapter in Byborg’s journey, promising a future of groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the realm of sexual health.

Julianna Adam, Managing Director Operations of Le Shaw’s parent company, Byborg Enterprises SA, expressed enthusiasm about the appointments: “Bobbi’s credentials and history are truly impressive and a great fit for us. We are thrilled to have her and Dr. Dubé spearhead our new Sexual Health and Wellness Institute. Their knowledge and expertise will prove invaluable in helping us reach our goals and provide exceptional care and support to our community.”

Byborg Enterprises SA has recently launched its first-of-its-kind research center, dedicated to merging academic research, in-depth studies, empirical data, and independent funding. In collaboration with prestigious organizations such as the Kinsey Institute, Le Shaw aims to provide objective research that challenges societal norms and removes the social stigma surrounding sexual health topics.

The organization’s main goal is to lead conversations on sensitive questions related to sexuality openly and objectively, directing the discourse towards a more informed, data and science centric, sex-positive world.

For further information, please contact:
Bobbi Bidochka

About Byborg Enterprises:
Byborg Enterprises SA is a premium online entertainment company that is redefining
the future of human interaction and reshaping digital relationships through innovative
technology. Our company was founded with a global mindset, aimed at reaching every
corner of the world. With over 40 million monthly users of our streaming and
technology products, we enable people to interact with each other 24/7.

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Sex Toys: A Hidden Source of Toxic Microplastics

A recent study reveals that sex toys are a significant yet overlooked source of microplastics and phthalates, potentially harmful to users. This discovery underscores the need for stricter regulation in the sex toy industry to ensure consumer safety, especially given the intimate nature of these products.


Sex toys release harmful microplastics.
High levels of toxic phthalates were found.
Urgent need for industry regulation.

A new study has brought to light an unexpected source of microplastics and phthalates: sex toys. These findings have raised concerns due to the intimate use of these products and the potential health risks they pose. This revelation calls for increased regulation of the sex toy industry to protect consumers.

Microplastics, tiny plastic debris from consumer and industrial waste, have been found everywhere, from remote mountaintops to ocean depths. Linked to various health issues, their pervasive presence is alarming. Researchers from Duke and Appalachian State universities have now identified sex toys as a personal source of these microplastics.

The researchers found that sex toys can degrade into microplastics and contain phthalates, chemicals linked to health concerns. Despite the taboo surrounding sex in some cultures, the global sex toy market has been growing and is expected to surpass $80 billion by 2030. With such widespread use, consumer safety is paramount, particularly as these products are often used internally.

The study focused on the potential exposure of Americans to hazardous materials through sex toys, posing significant health risks. Four types of sex toys were analyzed: a dual vibrator, an external vibrator, anal beads, and an anal toy. These were tested for nano- and microplastic release using an abrasion machine, which mimics wear and tear.

The findings revealed that the anal toy released the most microplastics, followed by the anal beads, the dual vibrator, and the external vibrator. Spectroscopy identified different materials in each toy, including polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) analysis showed high concentrations of phthalates in all toys, with some exceeding the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s limits for children’s toys.

Phthalates are known endocrine disruptors, impacting pregnancy outcomes, child growth, development, and reproductive systems. While children are more susceptible, adults are not immune to these effects. However, research on phthalates’ impact on adults is limited.

This study doesn’t claim to be a comprehensive risk assessment of sex toys but aims to demonstrate the potential for exposure to hazardous substances. It highlights the need for stricter regulation in the sex toy industry, which is often misclassified by the CPSC and exempt from regulation. The researchers advocate for more studies, including tests with bodily fluids and realistic abrasion, to understand the transport and impact of these harmful substances.

The study’s authors will discuss their findings at the 2023 Society for Risk Analysis Annual Conference, hoping to inspire further research and regulatory action. The study was published in the journal Microplastics and Nanoplastics.

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Speaker’s Past LGBTQ+ Remarks Ignite Backlash

Mike Johnson, the recently elected Speaker of the House, has been known to express strong anti-LGBTQ+ sentiments. Back in 2004, when he was 51, he wrote in a local newspaper from his hometown in Shreveport, Louisiana, that homosexuality was a sign of impending societal disorder and “sexual anarchy.”

CNN uncovered these writings where Johnson depicted homosexuality as “inherently unnatural” and a “dangerous lifestyle” that posed a threat to the democratic fabric of society. He suggested that personal moral judgments, if made outside a common standard, could lead to chaos.

Further writings from 2005 reveal Johnson’s resistance to including sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories in Shreveport’s anti-discrimination employment policies. He argued that these were lifestyle choices, not intrinsic qualities like race or sex, and should not warrant special legal protection.

Before joining politics, Johnson, as a lawyer, was actively involved in cases against LGBTQ+ rights. He worked with the Alliance Defense Fund (now Alliance Defending Freedom – ADF), a Christian legal group focused on preserving religious freedom and traditional values. The ADF was labeled by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-LGBTQ+ hate group due to their extremist views and actions, such as supporting the criminalization of consensual LGBTQ+ relationships and the forced sterilization of transgender individuals.

While at the ADF, Johnson opposed the Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court decision, which invalidated laws against consensual same-sex activities, fearing it would pave the way for the legalization of same-sex marriage – a change that came to pass despite his efforts.

Additionally, Johnson was involved in organizing events opposing anti-gay discrimination protests in schools and established a legal non-profit to champion religious liberty cases.

Since becoming a congressman, Johnson has continued his stance against LGBTQ+ rights, including opposing same-sex marriage legislation and attempting to reverse the Supreme Court’s decision that legalized it.

Now as House Speaker, Johnson’s position gives him considerable power over the legislative process, potentially impacting President Joe Biden’s administration and furthering the Republican Party’s objectives.

Johnson’s office has not commented on these reports.

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