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BCAMS Magazine, the 4th issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Welcome to our 4th Edition of the BCAMS magazine. Keeping it fresh and current is a great way in this fast-paced new digital age world. With constant access to all of our previous articles and editions, you – the reader, will have a wealth of knowledge and information on all things in the Adult Industry on

“BCAMS Magazine is a fast-growing one, and each issue proved the strong connection made with the live cam industry. Thank you for your trust and support.”

This issue has a festive atmosphere, as the Halloween season is about colorful, tasty, and versatile fun. The answer to the question “Trick or Treat?” is that the models we present to you are sweeter than candies! 
This November isn’t only about fun, but about business too! Chaturbate’s COO Shirley Lara was glad to talk about her company and its achievements and history.

And also, you can read about Gaming Adult, and how the company brings alternatives in Pandemic times, by introducing you to a new level of digital sexy art and arousing adventures.

Moving forward, we are happy to introduce you to some of the most interesting International Kinkiest Sex Festivals, and a lot of useful information about the impact of the Halloween Holiday on humans’ sex life.

All this and more awaits you in our fourth issue of BCAMS Magazine!
If you want to get featured in our next issue, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Finance & Business

Chargeback Help – reduce chargebacks by up to 40% and win disputes through representment!

Chargeback is a company founded in 2013 and their main mission is to prevent disputes, to reduce chargebacks and recover merchant revenue lost to fraud. We had the pleasure to talk to Raja Roy-Choudhury, the CEO of Chargeback Help. Here’s the amazing story behind the company’s evolution and services.

How did you get your idea or concept of the business?
With the rise in eCommerce fraud, our founders — who were merchants at the time — realized their fellow merchants were spending a lot of time and money managing fraud and chargebacks, away from their core business. Many were losing their processing entirely from processing too many chargebacks.
So in 2013, we founded ChargebackHelp to help merchants fight back against fraud and chargebacks. This venture has since grown with offices in the U.S., Canada and Europe; with clients ranging from small, high-risk businesses to Fortune 500 firms.

How do you promote your company?
We are big believers in omni-channel marketing. You’ll find us at any convention where affected merchants gather. We are also very active in the digital space: social media, content marketing, PPC and SEO. We’ve also ventured into podcasting spots and are currently excited to be working on some TV ads as well. Read full article here

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Finance & Business

Chaturbate – one of the top go-to destinations for the live cam industry

Chaturbate is an adult cam site providing live performances by webcam models. The cam site was launched in 2011, and quickly gained popularity and interest among audiences from different sectors of the industry. Chaturbate is one of the top go-to destinations for live cam chatting online, and due to the successful marketing and promoting strategy, it has become one of the leading companies on the market, along with other top cam sites. There is something for everyone on this very popular cam site, and Shirley Lara has offered us the opportunity to discover more about the cam site’s history and accomplishments.

Which is the first thing that you are interested in when hiring someone?
When hiring a new team member for Chaturbate, it’s important that they are a forward thinker. I always look for someone that is passionate, committed, and hardworking.

What do you like the most about your job?
The best part of my job is hearing the success stories of Chaturbate broadcasters. I love to see our community thrive. Read full article here

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Finance & Business

BCAMS Magazine, third issue!

The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

Welcome to the third issue of BCAMS Magazine
The independent livecam industry resource for news and tips & tricks for cam models and camsites.

“BIG thank you to all those who read our magazine, we were astonished by the number of views! So thank you for your trust and support!”

We have to admit we are glad summer is over. Don’t get us wrong, we love the long weekends on the beach, tanning, the mojitos while reading the latest ”gossip” in the industry. However, we are of the opinion that all good things must come to an end, and we look forward to fall as the start of something new – the start of our November BCAMS Summit 6th edition , for example.

We have a lot of plans to look forward to, but till then, as the days are getting colder, we are here to warm you up with our 3rd issue super selection of top cam models around the world. You are going to fall for these hot and ardent ladies! Aaand this issue we put the spotlight on Stefano Jakub, our first cam male model feature! Get ready to be intrigued and mesmerized by these gorgeous performers!
Moving forward to business aspects, Alex Lecomte from 7Veils helped us to deepen our knowledge on social media marketing services for adult entertainment. Also you can read all about why sex toys sales went up during social distancing and which is the market trend in the following years.

As you might have noticed on our cover, we have an exclusive interview with CEO – Jon Buckheit, to gain valuable insights into the cam company’s staying power and future plans.
Furthermore, we present to you the story behind one of the biggest studios in Russia, Flirt Studio.
While Carla Sez brings another controversial subject to our attention: gender specifics.

This issue we would like to introduce you also to the Cock Cam! That’s right, there’s now a gadget that fits around a man’s penis and records all the action! How about Sex Robots that have sensors to react to your touch? Intrigued?

All this and more awaits you in our third issue of BCAMS Magazine!
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