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Tips & Tricks for camming while pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful event, however, having a baby, suggests a complete lifestyle change, and furthermore, it can change your working routine, particularly if you would like to work, or you are already working in the live cam industry. It can get challenging, however, according to conducted interviews with pregnant cam models, being pregnant isn’t an obstacle in continuing to work as a performer. What can you do, or how would you deal with the situation? We offer you some foldable options.

The first one is to have fun! You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about your pregnancy, as being a mother, or a future mother, is a blessing and a gift! There will be those who may not understand, but there will also be many who will see the situation as intriguing and worthy of admiration. Camming while pregnant, can lead to narrowing the circle of fans, yet likewise, your fan base can expand and grow, because you can create new connections and friends that are keen to spend time with you.
Your perception of yourself is the most significant, so on the off chance that you feel alright by going live while pregnant, nothing may stop you. Taking care of your family and accomplishing your objectives is still important, and do not ponder about judgments and outward opinions. Be sure, there will be those who will be charmed by your courage!

Another alternative for you is to do exclusive fetish shows if you don’t find it necessary to have the full burden of shows. You can get new clients, new experiences, and you can find that there are individuals who love to see the lactation process, and they are prepared to pay a lot. You can meet a lot of men that find a pregnant body appealing, as man’s nature is programmed with the instinct of reproducing. A healthy pregnancy would turn on certain men, as they comprehend it as a “potential mate”, and as a result, men feel an uncommon attraction for pregnant women. Interesting, right?
In any case, remember, only do things that you are comfortable with! If you find that your pregnancy could be affected by some reasons while camming, then it’s your RIGHT to reject those who are requesting beyond what you can do.

We encourage every model to do what makes her feel confident and happy, so that’s why one of the last alternatives is to quit camming and get back on track when you feel ready again. But do not forget, if you have gained success and you already have a fan base, there is a probability it will be a little harder to get again on top when coming back to business. It is essential to maintain a professional relationship with your clients and keep them updated regarding your pregnancy, shows, and broadcasts.

After long research, we’ve found out that many models talk about re-building their self-confidence! This is an important thing for future mothers and mothers, so, possibly, the enthusiasm of those who are watching you will help you not to feel ashamed of the natural changes of your body. Being pregnant includes body changes, but this can be so exciting!

In conclusion, if you are pregnant, and you decide to stay in the live cam industry, there are many advantages: you can set your own schedule, you are your own boss. There’s no compelling reason to go full time, as said above, the fetish shows are paid, and you can improve your income. Being an adult pregnant model ain’t different from being a “normal” live cam model. Metamorphosis is the only difference. Wishing you an easy delivery and a healthy baby! Read more articles here

Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Are you a Fingerella?

What does better sex mean? Or… what does intense sexual pleasure mean?
Obviously, sexual pleasures and desires vary from person to person, however, nothing can go against everyone’s expectations, we all want “the boom”.
Today we will discuss fingering. This might resemble an interaction, that appears slightly “teenager” however, this is not necessarily true. When you comprehend the fingers’ utility when it comes to sex and once you know the right “buttons” to stimulate your or your partner’s body’s senses, fingering can bring long and “explosive” pleasures.

As many studies have shown, very few women reach orgasm during penetration, and here we are talking about a limit of 20%. The stimulation of the women’s genital organs is essential for “fingering”. This process should be explored by both women and men because practically, it is more important than it seems and the pleasure brought by a “qualitative” fingering, can be quite high, but we don’t mean here an “automated and mechanical” fingering.
We regularly say that we would like to receive more sex pleasure, intense orgasms, or/and a more “open-minded” relationship in bed, however, how often do we still feel embarrassed to say what we don’t/do really want? Shameful questions or deep desires should not stop you from exploring the “hot spots” that bring you levitation feelings. Enjoy being touched!
Of course, there are many individuals who do not like to be “fingered”, many people who don’t like oral sex, or some who don’t use a vibrator for stimulation. Everyone can be open or not to things like that. It’s perfectly normal. In any case, there are certain individuals who are strangers to what fingering can offer. Are you a fingerella? If so, this article is for you.
You can do fingering with your partner, or you can do it by yourself. You already know the beneficial part of masturbation, which includes knowledge about your body.
Before we go even further, we would like to share a reply made by Dr. Eskander, the gynecological consultant at Ganye Center:
“By keeping your fingernails short and clean, you can reduce the risk of infection. Be careful not to be too rough as this can lead to minute vaginal tears which, in addition to taking a few days to heal, increase the risk of catching an STI, particularly if there is an exchange of bodily fluids.”

The hand itself can be an exceptionally sexual tool if you know how to “use” it. Our fingertips are designed to be soft, smooth, and very receptive, and this way, you can feel in a “responsive” way the signals of the vagina, either it’s about pleasure or discomfort.

Here, let’s divide the subject into pieces. We can start with the “delightful” places of the vulva.
The clitoris is the focal point of sexual pleasure. It has about 8000 nerve endings, and even if it seems to be only on the “outer” side, it deepens into the pelvic area and around the vagina. The first thing is to know the anatomy of the genital organ, otherwise, misunderstanding the “functionality” of the vagina can cause the sensation of pain by touching some sensitive areas while fingering.
Lubricant is a real help if you choose to have a “slippery” fingering. The smoother and slipperier the “subject” is, the longer the pleasure will last. The touch is going to be more intense and satisfying. Even if the body produces natural lubricant, it tends to be straightforwardly impacted by hormones, stress, dehydration, and many other aspects.
The process takes time to feel really pleasant, and begins with 15-20 minutes of “warming up”. As we know, women have a different “warming up” process than men. An orgasm needs a beginning, a middle, and an end to be a complete one.

Note for men:
Usually, men go directly to the center of pleasure – the “clitoris”, which is actually the “finish line”.
It is very important for the stimulation to be gradual, and by increasing the speed, the blood flows through the genitals, and this is bringing the woman close to orgasm.
Persistent and rhythmic movements are the key to stimulate the female genital organ. The body’s
“hot” response does not necessarily mean that a change of movement is needed, it is just a kind of “approval” that what is happening is pleasant and it must be continued.
The finger process does not require penetration to be completed. Inclinations change from one individual to another, so asking your partner’s “consent” to “go inside” would be helpful.
Touching the abdomen, legs, and areas that give “goosebumps”, intensifies sexual “emotions”.
At the point the orgasm is close, the rhythm and intensity of breathing change, and the body tension increases. In order not to lose “concentration”, it is important to keep the focus. Every human has a different “happy ending” process. When close to the orgasm, some people love the clitoris to be massaged hard and intensely, someone else loves to keep the soft touch.
The different human construction demonstrates that the “buttons” that produce “erotic pleasure” usually vary. However, most women love “a gentle touch” and a delicate one. Along these lines, learning something about your own body or your partner’s body can prolong your pleasure and fulfillment.

Great sex needs a little variety, however, a good fingering is a rare thing, and on the off chance that you have a partner, don’t spare a moment to talk and to “indicate” where and how you like to be touched.
Many women notice that men are “somehow rough” with the clitoris, and this occasionally creates discomfort and pain, so communication is significant. In the event that you feel alright, you can show him your technique. Your partner can’t mysteriously discover what you like and don’t like, and what’s ideal for your body. Let your partner look when you touch yourself. Furthermore, using sounds as approval of pleasure can help in the fingering process. Communication can bring more satisfying results than a standard “guide” for an appropriate fingering.

The orgasm delivered by fingering is very intense, and this, at times, can take longer than using a sex toy as a “stimulator”, yet the pleasure is worth the time and involvement. Try not to muddle about fingering, yet feel the body’s responses.
The best fingering is the one where the body and the mind are involved, helping each other to get excited about an explosive “grand finale”. Read more articles here

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Ways to embrace your femininity and unleash your inner goddess

When stress levels get high and everyday life gets full, women tend to forget about themselves. And it is never an easy road to get the best version of yourself, and embodying that gorgeous, divine energy can be challenging. Embracing your femininity and connecting to your inner goddess energy is a way of feeling happier, healthier and sexier.
The good news is that there are some super simple steps you can take to rectify this type of imbalance and recalibrate your energy. And with this thing in mind, we invite you to be conscious of the following small tips.

You are more than a physical body
Close your eyes and let your other senses awaken as you focus on the beauty that is your gorgeous female body – your hips, the curve along your side body, the fullness of your breasts. Feel all of the parts of you that make you a woman. Fall in love with all of it and feel the intensity of your goddess energy.
Remember this exact feeling when you are clothed and feel like criticizing yourself for not being what a woman should be. You are everything a woman should be.

Engage in sacred sex
When your brain is going a mile a minute, and you’re constantly thinking about all the things you need to get done, or especially if you are a cam model, sex can therefore become something that’s done mechanically, and without thinking – like you’re on autopilot. Not exactly sexy, right?! Engaging in sacred sex can help you instantly get back in touch with your true feminine energy.This doesn’t have to mean doing something wild and crazy, although it absolutely can, if that’s cup of cake! But it can also be as simple as spending the night connecting with your partner over your meal, defusing some oils, playing some soft music, taking a bath together, having a spirited conversation, and then luxuriate in each other’s physical presence. Lose yourself in the ride! And if you currently don’t have a partner, start to explore your own body. Give yourself coconut oil breast massage, touch, look and explore your beautiful temple and get to know what you desire.

Reward yourself
Rewarding yourself from time to time is good, especially if you are immersing yourself in places, stories or experiences. Sometimes a get-away in your downtimes can help you connect to yourself, and find the best version of yourself. Other times a get-away comes as a well deserved planned holiday, which for sure will reset your mindset. One thing is sure, as long as you surround yourself with what you love and people that you love and love you back, your radiance will shine through.

Dress to impress… yourself!
When you look in your wardrobe, is black the predominant colour? Do you always reach for the darkest, most serious clothes? How about a change? Experiment with colour. Pick clothes not based on how trendy they are, but on how beautiful they make you feel while you’re wearing them. Mix fabrics and patterns, go for swirly, flowy dresses that will make you feel feminine and sexy.

Have an open heart
Living with an open heart means that one is vulnerable to hurt, disappointment, and rejection. Being open-hearted and fully receptive to others involves more than just saying, “I’m an open-hearted person.” It is necessary to get vulnerable, get real, and show gratitude.

We must be proud of our body and our ability to intuitively connect to everything surrounding us. Celebrate yourself by taking the time to connect and honour your body for all that it does for you! Read more articles here

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Gender Specifics

There was a time when the question was a simple ‘Male or Female’? Nowadays, the question has expanded to a whole paragraph, with many people not even understanding some descriptions on the page in front of them.
It comes back to that whole labelling obsession we now have. Society demands we label ourselves and each other and at times it’s difficult to recall which labels we have attached!
If (as a female who may occasionally partake in some female company) I must categorize my gender as no longer simply being ‘Female’, which option should I go for?
I could go the whole way and decide that I am ‘Gender Neutral’. Gender Neutral is a term invented by people who prefer that language, policies and social institutions avoid distinguishing roles according to someone’s sex or gender.
Almost 40% of the world’s population speaks a gender native language. This of course proves problematic for those against any kind of gender based societal practices.

Gender Types
In general terms, there are only 4 genders that apply to living and non-living objects, which are masculine, feminine, neuter and common.
Other more recent listings will have you believe that there are more than 50 different genders, including Androgynous, Bigender, Cis Female, Genderqueer, Non-binary, Pangender, Transexual and many more.
Why the need to produce type after type of different styles and types of being. I am (after all) a product of my parents, born a female and still acting to all intent and purposes, as a female. However, does my sexual activity mean I should be relabelled as bisexual?
The big question is whether it is the individual themselves who wish to be labelled or indeed invent the label, or is it others unable to accept someone outside of the norm, who are making up these labels on (what seems to be) a daily basis?

The Language of Gender
If you play sport, you may refer to yourself as a ‘Sportsman’ or ‘Sportswoman’. That definition allows other people to identify the individual as female or male. It doesn’t necessarily provide any political or social reasoning behind the person participating. If we all start using the term ‘Sportsperson’, doubts and questions are immediately at the forefront of our mind.
If it’s a footballer, those opposed to females playing footie will be desperately trying to ascertain if their interest is piqued or not. I personally dislike watching female footballers and cannot watch female boxers but to be honest, with boxing, which includes males also. I hate fighting – period! For similar reasons I dislike Rugby and Wrestling. Some men feel the same way. It’s nothing to do whether it is a female or male dominated sport. It’s the activity and general feeling behind the sport in question.
There is no denying that when someone excels in an activity normally undertaken by the opposite sex, people generally sit up and take note. Whether it is due to their physique being matched to the pursuit, or achieved through years of training, they are noted and celebrated as going against the norm.

Gender Neutrality and the Human Race
The incidence of individuals being born which are neither masculine or feminine is incredibly small and yet society has introduced any number of descriptions relating to someone who does not fit the typical mould.
The big question is, who requested those labels? Was it the individuals themselves, or those seeking to extract them from a generalised description?
Surely a world where we are all classed as individuals is paramount to allowing everyone to exist in a world of equality. We are (in the main) either male or female because of the chromosome that the male parent contributes. We are born and then grow with a straightforward set of biological structures, depending upon whether we are born male or female. Our parents tend to concentrate on supplying the care required, depending upon our sex.

Some people do not feel comfortable with their allotted gender and struggle from an early age to fit into a mould which doesn’t suit them. Instead of seeing these people as having problems, why do we not see them as simply not conforming to a nominal standard? Why can we not allow them to flourish as an individual human being?
We do not need to label or put them inside a box which conforms to a set standard. Looking beyond what society demands is surely the way forward. Allowing everyone the freedom to be whomever they want to be, at any time they want to be, is surely a better way forward.

Removing the stigma of labelling and anything which does not conform means we progress towards a greater understanding of others. Acceptance is the key to opening up a much bigger and brighter world for all.

Love Carla Sez x

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