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Tips & Tricks for camming while pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful event, however, having a baby, suggests a complete lifestyle change, and furthermore, it can change your working routine, particularly if you would like to work, or you are already working in the live cam industry. It can get challenging, however, according to conducted interviews with pregnant cam models, being pregnant isn’t an obstacle in continuing to work as a performer. What can you do, or how would you deal with the situation? We offer you some foldable options.

The first one is to have fun! You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about your pregnancy, as being a mother, or a future mother, is a blessing and a gift! There will be those who may not understand, but there will also be many who will see the situation as intriguing and worthy of admiration. Camming while pregnant, can lead to narrowing the circle of fans, yet likewise, your fan base can expand and grow, because you can create new connections and friends that are keen to spend time with you.
Your perception of yourself is the most significant, so on the off chance that you feel alright by going live while pregnant, nothing may stop you. Taking care of your family and accomplishing your objectives is still important, and do not ponder about judgments and outward opinions. Be sure, there will be those who will be charmed by your courage!

Another alternative for you is to do exclusive fetish shows if you don’t find it necessary to have the full burden of shows. You can get new clients, new experiences, and you can find that there are individuals who love to see the lactation process, and they are prepared to pay a lot. You can meet a lot of men that find a pregnant body appealing, as man’s nature is programmed with the instinct of reproducing. A healthy pregnancy would turn on certain men, as they comprehend it as a “potential mate”, and as a result, men feel an uncommon attraction for pregnant women. Interesting, right?
In any case, remember, only do things that you are comfortable with! If you find that your pregnancy could be affected by some reasons while camming, then it’s your RIGHT to reject those who are requesting beyond what you can do.

We encourage every model to do what makes her feel confident and happy, so that’s why one of the last alternatives is to quit camming and get back on track when you feel ready again. But do not forget, if you have gained success and you already have a fan base, there is a probability it will be a little harder to get again on top when coming back to business. It is essential to maintain a professional relationship with your clients and keep them updated regarding your pregnancy, shows, and broadcasts.

After long research, we’ve found out that many models talk about re-building their self-confidence! This is an important thing for future mothers and mothers, so, possibly, the enthusiasm of those who are watching you will help you not to feel ashamed of the natural changes of your body. Being pregnant includes body changes, but this can be so exciting!

In conclusion, if you are pregnant, and you decide to stay in the live cam industry, there are many advantages: you can set your own schedule, you are your own boss. There’s no compelling reason to go full time, as said above, the fetish shows are paid, and you can improve your income. Being an adult pregnant model ain’t different from being a “normal” live cam model. Metamorphosis is the only difference. Wishing you an easy delivery and a healthy baby! Read more articles here

Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Is Sexual Wellness the next big thing in Self-Care?

Taking ownership of your sexuality doesn’t have to be a self-destructive experience but an empowering one.
We as women are often told to be more feminine, sexier, more agreeable, more of “this” or more of “that,” but never really asked what we wish for? We all agree that we need more of ourselves, more self-love, and more auto-discovery.

There is no shame in the self-love game! It is a gap about which nobody likes to talk. Also, speaking about sexuality is usually filtered down to a hush. However, it’s time to break down the barriers and get real. We need to shake off the stigma surrounding sexual wellness once and for all. Read full article here

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

Lube trends 2022

So, first of all, what are lubes?
Personal lubricants also referred to as sexual lube or lubes, come in a gel or liquid. They can be applied to the penis, vagina, anus, or sex toys. Lubes can enhance sexual pleasure by helping penetration, relieving pain, and reducing friction during sexual intercourse and masturbation.

Sexual lubrication is in no way a modern invention. There is evidence that lube was used as far back as 600 BC. Carrageenan, a sticky liquid extracted from red seaweed, was used by those in Japan, Korea, and China. This liquid t is water-soluble, viscous, and slippery, making it an efficient lubricant, and it is still used in some lubricants today.
More recently, researchers have also discovered that carrageenan-based gels might help prevent the transmission of versions of HPV, which can cause cervical cancer. Read full article here

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Selfcare & Sexual Wellness

I paused sex, what happens next?

Believe it or not, until the middle of the 20th century, the sexual desire of a woman was considered a type of mental illness. Fortunately, sex nowadays has become a normal thing! However, nowadays, another “fashion wave” has come, and to be specific, this wave is about entering into your spiritual world, by rejecting “carnal pleasures” in exchange for inner growth.
There are numerous adults that refuse sex, hoping to find some useful inner qualities in this abstinence. Psychologists and sexologists come up with some pros and cons, however, you are the one to decide what type of journey you choose.


  • “Abstinance” affects the general condition of the body, making it more vulnerable to viruses.
  • The immunity of women who voluntarily or involuntarily deprived themselves of sexual intercourse is 33% lower than that of those who regularly relieve sexual tension.
  • Having sex promotes the production of collagen, which makes the skin elastic and saves from wrinkles
  • Orgasms are the best cure for depression
  • Prevention of hormonal disruptions.
  • Acne can persist, as sex is the best remedy for healthy skin.
  • Menstrual cycles may change
  • Increased irritability

Sex is a great way to relieve stress. The lack of sex in a woman’s life reduces the number of endorphins and seriously worsens mood. At least in the early stages of abstinence will be very difficult.


  • Abstinence usually helps to save the energy needed to fulfill an individual’s potential. This saved energy can be useful in creating educational activities, work projects. There is a “legend” that artists and athletes abstain from sexual relationships before an important event that requires serious implication.
  • Body rejuvenation. Representatives of spiritual practices are sure that moderate abstinence helps in recovering the body.
    -Sex, in addition to pleasure, also brings the risk of getting diseases. Even protected sex does not guarantee 100% protection. The list is wide,-of course, not having sex reduces the risk of picking up such surprises to zero.
  • The chances of finding the “right” partner have increased.
  • Have fun with romantic partners without sexual involvement, so the relationship can reach a new level.
  • The abstinence supports personal, moral, or religious beliefs and values.

Slow But Sure
Representatives from Cornell University (USA) came up with a theory about abstinence in couples at an early stage of a relationship. Couples who met and interrupted their sex life before moving on to the next level, in most cases, proved to have a healthier and happier relationship than those who missed the period of “getting to know the person ”. One of the studies was based on interviewing 600 married couples and people living in a civil marriage. People were asked about their level of understanding and communication in their relationship, also, how often contradictions occur, and, of course, what is their level of sexual communication. The study also involved other sides of the relationship, such as financial issues, interest in the partner’s activities, and many other issues that provided clarity to this experiment.
The specialists concluded that early sex partially disrupts the process of exploring a partner’s inner world, all these things leading to a lot of “slipping”, instead of consciously deciding how much they need to have sex.
Intense sexual desire can interfere with the development of other aspects of a healthy relationship, such as commitment, rapport, and shared values.

In reality, things are much simpler. Satisfaction in bed is always pleasant if you are lucky to have the right partner. However, if your body and soul feel the need to experiment with a period of abstinence, then, just listen to your inner calling and see what happens next. It is important to take this decision based on your REAL needs, otherwise, it can lead to unpleasant consequences. Read more articles here

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