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Tips & Tricks for camming while pregnant

Pregnancy is a wonderful event, however, having a baby, suggests a complete lifestyle change, and furthermore, it can change your working routine, particularly if you would like to work, or you are already working in the live cam industry. It can get challenging, however, according to conducted interviews with pregnant cam models, being pregnant isn’t an obstacle in continuing to work as a performer. What can you do, or how would you deal with the situation? We offer you some foldable options.

The first one is to have fun! You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about your pregnancy, as being a mother, or a future mother, is a blessing and a gift! There will be those who may not understand, but there will also be many who will see the situation as intriguing and worthy of admiration. Camming while pregnant, can lead to narrowing the circle of fans, yet likewise, your fan base can expand and grow, because you can create new connections and friends that are keen to spend time with you.
Your perception of yourself is the most significant, so on the off chance that you feel alright by going live while pregnant, nothing may stop you. Taking care of your family and accomplishing your objectives is still important, and do not ponder about judgments and outward opinions. Be sure, there will be those who will be charmed by your courage!

Another alternative for you is to do exclusive fetish shows if you don’t find it necessary to have the full burden of shows. You can get new clients, new experiences, and you can find that there are individuals who love to see the lactation process, and they are prepared to pay a lot. You can meet a lot of men that find a pregnant body appealing, as man’s nature is programmed with the instinct of reproducing. A healthy pregnancy would turn on certain men, as they comprehend it as a “potential mate”, and as a result, men feel an uncommon attraction for pregnant women. Interesting, right?
In any case, remember, only do things that you are comfortable with! If you find that your pregnancy could be affected by some reasons while camming, then it’s your RIGHT to reject those who are requesting beyond what you can do.

We encourage every model to do what makes her feel confident and happy, so that’s why one of the last alternatives is to quit camming and get back on track when you feel ready again. But do not forget, if you have gained success and you already have a fan base, there is a probability it will be a little harder to get again on top when coming back to business. It is essential to maintain a professional relationship with your clients and keep them updated regarding your pregnancy, shows, and broadcasts.

After long research, we’ve found out that many models talk about re-building their self-confidence! This is an important thing for future mothers and mothers, so, possibly, the enthusiasm of those who are watching you will help you not to feel ashamed of the natural changes of your body. Being pregnant includes body changes, but this can be so exciting!

In conclusion, if you are pregnant, and you decide to stay in the live cam industry, there are many advantages: you can set your own schedule, you are your own boss. There’s no compelling reason to go full time, as said above, the fetish shows are paid, and you can improve your income. Being an adult pregnant model ain’t different from being a “normal” live cam model. Metamorphosis is the only difference. Wishing you an easy delivery and a healthy baby! Read more articles here

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Will genetics progress make sex bygone?

According to Hank Greely, the director of Stanford Law School’s Center for Law and Biosciences, human reproduction may become automated faster than you realize.
Greely believes that within three decades, people will no longer have sex as a way to reproduce, and instead rely on genetically edited embryos grown from skin-derived stem cells, not the combination of an egg or sperm, The Independent reported.

According to Greely, this process ensures that the embryo is free from any devastating genetic diseases, and would also be cheaper in the long run because of the money it would save in healthcare over the years. What’s more, Greely predicts that couples would be able to choose other genetic traits in their children, such as physical features and intelligence.

“I don’t think we’re going to be able to say this embryo will get a 1550 on its two-part SAT,” Greely said this week at Aspen Ideas Festival, Quartz reported, “But, this embryo has a 60% chance of being in the top half, this embryo has a 13% chance of being in the top 10%—I think that’s really possible.”

This may sound far-fetched, but the gap between sex and procreation has been widening for the past 50 years thanks to the rise of fertility drugs, embroynic genetic testing, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Over the last ten years in the UK, egg freezing has increased tenfold, from just under 230 cycles in 2009 to almost 2,400 cycles in 2019. IVF birth rates in 2019 were three times higher than in 1991, and the use of egg and sperm donors has risen, too. “Now, maybe three or four per cent of the babies born in the developed world are conceived in some manner other than sexual intercourse, and I think in the future that percentage will go up,” Greely adds.

When scientists figure out how to make this work for humans, infertile and queer couples could have biological babies without needing to go through costly and risky procedures like IVF, donors or surrogates. Single people, meanwhile, could produce ‘uni babies’, using both eggs and sperm grown from their cells.

The idea may sound far-out, but according to Quartz, it already happens on a much smaller and limited scale as a way to prevent certain diseases. Although extremely expensive at the moment, advances in stem cell technology will help to drive down the cost. In addition, the amount that the government would save on not having to take care of sick babies would also make this more cost-efficient.
As many of you may worry, this is not the end of sex because recreational sex will always be with us, but it’s the end of sex as a way of procreating.
It will not be the complete end. People will still get pregnant the old-fashioned way, maybe for religious reasons, for philosophical reasons, for romantic reasons or maybe because they are teenagers and the back seat of the car is there.

“Eugenics is a slippery word; it means many things to different people. To some, it’s state-enforced reproductive control. To some, what we had was state-enforced sterilization. To some, it’s any kind of reproductive choice, but those are different things. For me, I think coercion is much more important than the issues of selection. The concern about the state or the insurance company or someone else, forcing you to pick particular babies, worries me a lot more than having parents make choices, though that raises its own set of questions.” Greely said.


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Sports increase your sex drive

Very few people know that sport is about more than just performance and calories. Because sport also promotes performance during sex and the desire for it, this makes your life a lot better than without it.

The sex act itself is usually not classified as a sport. However, the question arises: is sport a sexual activity? During sex, both partners are in motion and perform an activity. Accordingly, an increased calorie consumption takes place.

Although this is not as high as jogging, as a marathon runner or as intensive training sessions. Nevertheless, the relationship is strengthened and your brain releases a mix of positive messenger substances, such as dopamine.

Research suggests that engaging in exercise, sports and other physical activities result in an increase in flexibility and agility among people, thus aiding sexual prowess and performance. Also, it boosts levels of self-confidence, thus allowing you to believe that you are sexually desirable, (due to increased levels of fitness and toned musculature) which in turn also positively affects sexual capability- in providing higher levels of satisfaction to your partners. Apart from these, there are several other factors of sexuality that are also improved due to engaging in sports or exercise, like:

Decreased risks of Erectile Dysfunction (ED): One of the most essential benefits of engaging in sports and exercise is that it lowers the risk of erectile dysfunction in men, due to an increased level of blood flow into your penis as a result of widening of the arteries. In this regard, research also suggests that you don’t necessarily need to be overly fit or sporting to reduce chances of ED – even a brisk half hour walk works wonders.

Improved quality of semen: Research has found that if you exercise or are engaged in some rigorous sporting activity for at least 15 hours per week, you will have higher sperm counts than your inactive counterparts.

Increased libido: High levels of exercise pumps up testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women, which leads to better muscle growth and an increased sex drive in both sex.
Increased chances of achieving orgasm in women: If you work out frequently, then the process of arousal works quicker for you and chances of orgasm is faster and with higher intensity, it gets increased exponentially.

Heightened sensitivity: In women, the clitoris contains over 8000 nerve endings, which makes it very sensitive to stimulation, and increases arousal exponentially. Increased physical activity heightens the effect of this stimulus and makes sexual stimulation much more pleasurable.


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Get paid to test Adult Sex Toys

Start-up sex toy company Bedbible has just hired someone from their head of porn research job and now they’re on the hunt for a sex toy reviewer. And it can be you!

BedBible have an opening on their team for a potential candidate to join them in the less conventional working environment of reviewing sex toys.. And the potential candidate would be trusted with everything from “magic wand vibrators and clit suckers to penis pumps” to try out.

The brief job description says the candidate would be:

·       Testing a variety of sex toys in whichever way you’d like

·       Describe the pros and cons clearly for the overall review

·       Advise who you think the toy is most suitable for

A BedBible spokeswoman added: “The ideal candidate should love all things sex-related, be passionate about mind-blowing orgasms, be willing to sample a variety of sex toys, and possess excellent communication skills. The lucky candidate will receive five sex toys from a category of their choice.”

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