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Meet our model – Elecktra She rocks an unprecedented sense of style, savory lips and mouth-watering breasts! Her electrifying sexuality can charge you up in seconds, but she is going to take care of you, not to get burned-out. Take one look at her in action, and you’ll catch a great show that you will never want to end.

Finish this sentence: If I ruled the world one day, I would…
If I ruled the world one day, I would try my best to make everyone feel the real happiness in this world, to feel less sad or have fewer negative thoughts and make everyone see what a beautiful life we are living, giving each person the possibility to see how great life is. It depends only on us, how we see it and how we live it. I would give everyone the possibility of having everything they are lacking in this world, and try to do my best to make everyone happy and make their life easier and better. We don’t know what everyone is going through, but sometimes all someone needs is a kind word and a smile. Kindness can help more than we can imagine, and sometimes a smile from the heart and a good word can change a person’s day completely.

Which are your guilty pleasures?
My guilty pleasures? Oooh, don’t we all have our guilty pleasures? Ha-ha! Well, I think I have two guilty big pleasures. One of them is chocolate! Ha-ha! They say chocolate can be a big aphrodisiac! I suppose that is why my heart is sometimes so happy when I taste a little chocolate and why my sex appeal is so strong as well! Win-win! And my second guilty pleasure, if I could call it like that, would be driving. I speed up more than recommended, and I am also an addict to this type of adrenaline.

How would you describe yourself?
I would describe myself as a normal person, a passionate woman that loves life very much. I look for a better life, and the most important thing is to make the people who are close to my heart happy. It is quite difficult to describe yourself, as you tend to think about certain things, depending on your day or mood. But I would say I am in general a very optimistic and passionate woman.

What is your idea of a perfect date?
The perfect date is always different, it depends on each one of us. For me, a perfect date would be with the person dear to your heart (or eyes) at the candlelight dinner, moonlight, a bottle of champagne, red roses around, and good music. I am a very romantic soul deep down, even if perhaps I do not show it quite often. Oh, let’s not forget chocolate as well to complete all of my pleasures!
Orr… another vision about a perfect date, would be somewhere at a car racing event! I have never joined any event like that, although I do fantasize about it!

Which part of your body are you most proud of?
Uh, well, I believe if I ask my sweet fans about it, they would definitely say that the part of my body that I am most proud of, is obviously… my breasts! Ha-ha, I am well-known and loved for my generous big breasts, which of course I do love very much as well. But besides that, I would say my eyes, my green eyes. I love “the effect” I have over men when I look deep in their eyes and how much they love my confidence and how it makes them feel. Eye contact will always bring the most intense feelings ever!

Rough or romantic?
I believe we all like it rough from time to time. A little adrenaline only spices up things! But even if I like to switch and experience different feelings, I am definitely a romantic lover. So, I would definitely go for romance all the way! There is nothing more intense than when you forget about everything and just let your bodies feel love and passion, just like time would be stopping in its place.

If you could have sex anywhere in the world, where would it be?
I would try some “shouldn’t do things” and explore some “public places”. Well, not in front of other people, ha-ha, but I would try, for example, to have sex on the roof of the tallest building in the world, where we would have privacy, but also we would feel free at the same time.

Is there any advice you would give to future webcam models?
I’ve been a cam model for so many years. It is not an easy journey, it can have its ups and downs. The road sometimes can be like a roller-coaster, but what I strongly believe is that any woman is beautiful in her own way. We are the powerful, strong sex! A woman that believes in herself and keeps her mind on a good track, keeps being optimistic and positive, for me, is a confident, strong woman. Who could ever stand against a confident woman? No one! So, keep fighting, believe in yourself! We all have bad days, days when we need a break, or a cry, or a long sleep day…
It’s not going to be an easy journey… But, rest, take a day off if you need one, drink your coffee, listen to the music that makes you feel better, spend time with the person dear to your heart, and come back being the beautiful strong woman that you are! We can do everything in this world as long as we believe in ourselves and have the passion and desire to make our dreams come true!

How did you decide to become a model?
I had more than one reason when I decided to become a model. I wanted a better life, to live my life under my own terms, and to be able to offer myself and especially to my family, a better life with more opportunities. Another reason was to have the freedom of traveling more, which is one of my biggest passions. And of course, when I decided to become a cam model, I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into or what it meant. I was talking to my very best friend and also my mentor, the One and Only – Lourdes. It was exactly right before she was coming to Romania, to explore the world and start her own Kingdom. I knew I could trust her, I never doubted her. I feel just as happy and proud as I was back then for taking this path and growing together. Every model that will have the chance to be under her wing, will see and understand better why I say she will be an amazingly lucky model!

What’s your favorite thing about the cam site you work with?
I have many things that I enjoy about the cam site I work with. My favorite thing is when I get in front of the camera, it’s like entering a whole new different world. Even if I have a low day or a problem, or I feel sad or whatsoever, the moment I get in front of the cam, it’s like I close a door and open another door where with the help of my fans, I forget about the low things instantly and have so much fun. I love how they challenge me and change my mood instantly, and love to do just the same thing for them as well!

How do you get ready for broadcasts?
I wake up very early in the morning, make myself a coffee, take a shower, do my makeup, my hairstyle. I put on music that gives me good vibes in the morning. Also, I smoke a cigarette, put on a sexy outfit for the day, take 2-3 selfies, and finally, I get in front of the camera and get online with a good morning vibe and ready to make everyone’s day happier and more exciting! Read more articles

Cam Models


Fans of curvy ladies with a super wild nature will find Itslaurenxo to be one of the hottest foxes in this industry. Once you check her out, you’ll understand why we’re saying that. She knows how to work it on cam and isn’t ashamed of being naughty in the sheets!She is one of those gorgeous ladies who knows how to keep things seductive and sensual in her performances.

Do you have any regrets since you started camming?

I have zero regrets. Camming has been the best choice I’ve ever made and I’m extremely thankful for everything it has given me. 

What would you like to tell your fans?

I love you all so much and I’m so thankful for all of you that have been here on this crazy, amazing 7 year journey with me!!

What’s the number of times you’ve had sex in a row?

I have a very high sex drive- so I honestly lost count..but if I thought about it, I’d have to say 5! 

Do you prefer to give or receive?

I am a switch, so I enjoy both giving and receiving

Have you ever had an inappropriate crush?

I definitely have had my fair share of falling for people that are off limits. Married men are my favorite!


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Cam Models

Sara St Clair

We suggest that you direct all your attention to seductive beauty Sara St Clair! This gorgeous  model will tease you with her amazing performances, showing her fantastic figure in a playful and incredibly sexy way. Her body is delicious to look at and her appetizing curves will instantly turn you on and make you crave for more!

Do you work exclusively on only one cam site? Or do you prefer several cam sites?

Onlyfans and Sextpanther

Do you have a secret power?

Making men fall in love with me.

The craziest thing you ever did for love?

I was so in love with a man that I dated him for many years knowing he was married and not leaving his wife. That’s definitely crazy!

What is the dirtiest compliment you’ve ever received?

I had an ex who nicknamed me SuperHead because I give awesome blow jobs. That’s my favorite compliment!

What turns you on almost instantly?

I’m a sucker for intelligence! Give me a salt and pepper, middle aged man with glasses and I’ll immediately be soaking wet!

What’s the number of times you’ve had sex in a row?

I think asking about dry spells would be a shorter list. I’m a complete nympho and need sex every day multiple times a day.

Do you prefer to give or receive?

I’m a giver, I get off to making you cum. That’s why I love doing porn- I get so turned on knowing people are getting off to me.

Have you ever had an inappropriate crush?

So many! I had crushes on several teachers, a couple bosses, even one of my step-dads!


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Cam Models

Autumn South

Meet Autumn South, one of the most extraordinary babes out there! We bet you’ve never seen a girl with a temper like that! She is ready for the most insane things and she will make all of them a reality. She sure knows how to arouse and make you feel an unimaginable level of pleasure. Get to know more about her in the following interview!

Do you have any regrets since you started camming?
No I don’t have any regrets at all, camming has allowed me to be with my family more while making bank and I love it!

Tell us a memorable cam life experience.
My most memorable moments have to be the funny ones! I’ve fallen off my chair once, had stuff fall over on me… sometimes I make a fool of myself online, but at least I make people laugh!

Do you prefer to give or receive?
I love both, but I’m primarily a giver! I love making others happy.

What would you like to tell your fans?
You guys FREAKING ROCK. I’m so happy that you guys love what I create and put out into this world, without your love and support I wouldn’t be where I am today! Thank you guys forever xoxo

What turns you on almost instantly?
Laughter. I love humans that can make me laugh! The funnier the better!

Have you ever tried using food during foreplay?
I’ve used a popsicle as a dildo once, it was so cold. But I was told it was tasty, so I’d probably do it again in the future.


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