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TES Affiliate Conference – the “must-go” digital marketing event – returned in Prague

After the amazing conference in Marbella, people were so excited to meet again like they used to, before all the maddens with the Coronavirus. As always, TES was about great networking connections, digital marketers and affiliates who showcased many different affiliate promotions, affiliate traffic resources and much more, but also about people finally seeing each other, friends meeting after such a long time.

This is the place to be and the most important affiliate promotional event after the summer months where all affiliates can look to pick up different affiliate products to promote, push affiliate links and find the very best affiliate traffic sources. As there were many companies participating from all around the world, high measures were taken so everyone could safely attend the conference.
Not only that, the YNOT Awards Gala took place there too, celebrating famous cam sites and companies as winners in various categories. Awards like “Best Cam Platform (North America and Europe)”, “Company of the year”, “Best Traffic Services”, “Best Billing Company”, “Best Adult Gaming Company”, were given to the best companies for their hard work and persistent passion for what they do. The conference was held in a great hotel, Vienna Diplomat Hotel, in the amazing Prague.

We were so happy to be there, and this was the exact same feeling that you could read on everyone’s faces. We can’t wait for the next TES Conference that will take place in February! Read more articles here


TES Affiliate Conference 23-26 February 2022, Barcelona

Your Networking Conference & Expo for Digital Products Is Back!

As usual, the TES Affiliate Conference is about a 3-day networking event, covering a wide range of industries, from the financials, entertainment industry, e-commerce, to gaming, gambling, dating, forex, nutraceuticals, and health.

Over 150+ exhibitors participate in the Meet Market which is a highly charged, 3 hour networking event where exhibitors & delegates gather for the first time to showcase their products/services and meet up with all the attendees.
The second and third days, the main conference & expo days, feature an intense schedule comprised of specialty seminar tracks, expert-to-expert panels, product presentations, speed presentation sessions, and keynote speakers.
In conclusion, the 3-day conference will be about; Thai Massage, Click Multiplication, Live Cam Awards Show, and many more. Presentations and topics as supporting adult workers, Ad Fraud (scale, risk & protection), and how AI is transforming email marketing. Also, many companies as BlackHat are coming with a lot of useful information about how to make cash by using their services.

From the very beginning, the goal of the TES Affiliate Conference has been to create a network of professional connections among event visitors. In our high-tech world, it is still extremely important to develop and maintain interpersonal relationships, as this is one of the main ingredients for building a successful business.

The schedule of conferences and meetings looks promising and it presents a great opportunity for informal networking sessions that will open the doors for new contacts and deals! Read more articles here

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, BCAMS family!

BCAMS PARTY 17th of December

Dear friends, another year has passed, and we want to thank you all for being part of BCAMS family!
May the Christmas spirit transform your winter holidays in a wonderland!
We really hope that this New Year will be a continuous celebration of our friendship, wishing you only positive changes and good fortunes!

From our house to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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BCAMS Xmas Party is now a tradition!

BCAMS PARTY 17th of December

While going through the photos of the event, we have goosebumps, as the energy of the evening was one to remember!
Thank you, our dear friends for attending the greatest party of the year – BCAMS Xmas Party!
Christmas with BCAMS is about love, friendship, warm moments, unforgettable memories and beautiful people, so when we are together, nothing and no one stops us from dancing and feeling good!
You all are close to our hearts and your presence at this celebration brought us an immense amount of happiness. Our main goal was to reunite our dear friends from livecam industry once more!
You are part of our new tradition, so every year, in the magical month of December, we will spend the best time together, at BCAMS Xmas Party!
The BCAMS Family cherishes and thanks everyone for attending the party!
Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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