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FINEST – fully dedicated to improve your payment strategy and help you grow your business

Patrick Carlo Friedrich

photo: Patrick Carlo Friedrich – FINEST’s CEO

For over a decade, FINEST online payments experts have built solid relationships with merchant acquiring banks around the world, which enables them to offer their clients secure, innovative, and cost-efficient domestic and cross-border payment solutions in full compliance with the latest legal PCI standards. FINEST is fully dedicated to improve your payment strategy and help you grow your business in an expanding e-commerce market, filled with exciting opportunities.
This issue, we are delighted to have FINEST’s CEO as a guest, Patrick Carlo Friedrich, who is bringing more info and insights over their business model.

Can you tell us a few words about FINEST?
FINEST is located in the banking city of Frankfurt, in the heart of Europe. We are considered as a seasoned professional partner for online processing. Our expertise goes beyond the aspects of credit card billing and alternative payments. We also provide additional services for Risk and Fraud topics. Dispute management for example is a service we provide to keep Chargeback ratios on a low level along with great savings on the cost side.
Although we are constantly growing, we do not lose our character as a boutique solution, combined with German precision and integrity, which is especially important when you are responsible for your customers’ money.
Like this Finest has built solid relationships with merchants and acquiring banks around the world which enables us to offer our clients and partners secure, innovative and cost-efficient domestic and cross-border payments solutions in full compliance with the latest regulations and policies.

What does a typical FINEST customer look like?
We work with small growing merchants up to large merchant groups.

Which verticals can FINEST serve?
Finest specializes in the so called high risk business which includes verticals like Cam sites, Dating, Adult, Gaming, etc.

What is your core competence?
As mentioned, we act like a boutique solution. Therefore we can support high potential merchants of any size with the development of their business , and also complement large established merchants or networks with our expertise in the area of payments.
We adapt ourselves to their needs.

How do you see the live cam industry in Romania?
We know that Romania is leading as one of the largest markets, driven by the motivation and intelligence of the current generation of smart young local professionals. We expect to see far more successful ventures arising from this market.

How was the 1st half of 2021?
Business wise it was outstanding but a bit poor in terms of direct meetings and conferences we usually attend. We hope to return soon to get the chance to meet our business partners and the potential as we used to. I think we share this sensation with anybody in our community.
What brings FINEST new on the market?
We are constantly developing new services to keep up with the dynamic development of our industry. Currently we released a new service with Novoky, our new company.
Novoky cooperates as a preferred partner of ethoca (mastercard) and Verifi (Visa) for Dispute management and CB control.Furthermore, we have created a seamless and easily accessible payment product for crypto currencies. A new product will be released shortly to meet the new Mastercard regulations for the adult industry

Thank you Patrick for your time and for the insights, it was a pleasure!

Thank you for having the chance to introduce ourselves in your magazine. It was a pleasure, and we look forward to seeing everybody at the B-Cams soon! Read more articles here

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