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BongaCams announces their new payment option – DogeCoin!

DogeCoin gained continuous popularity in the crypto industry, and this is just the beginning!

DogeCoin gained continuous popularity in the crypto industry, and this is just the beginning!
As we all know, DogeCoin has intense support on the market, as it is promoted by many celebrities. Elon Musk is one of them. He has given great remarks about the gained success and the future possibilities of DogeCoin, calling it the “future currency of the world”.
BongaCams is one of the biggest cam sites, providing live webcam performances and all visitors are able to join general chat rooms, while models can earn money in private shows and by getting tips from registered users.
BongaCams are professionals which consistently are satisfying clients’ needs and their efforts and involvement have been rewarded many times, by taking home multiple awards at various competitions related to the livecam industry. 
At the point, when BongaCams announced the new payment method, it just made their customers happier to join their livecam site. Payment using DogeCoin makes the process faster, more secure, and even anonymous. The improvements added to payment methods are a great marketing move.
The research, made by financial analysts, has shown that DogeCoin has become literally a new alternative for payment options.

BongaCams is offering helpful information for those who are interested in purchasing DogeCoin.
Congratulations to BongaCams and DogeCoin!

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Cam Sites

Join ParcheWeb, the largest forum for webcam models from Latin America, and win $100!

World’s largest Spanish-speaking forum for everyone involved in the webcam industry!

Want to learn the most interesting things from the webcam world and connect with other models?

We are happy to present, the largest Spanish-speaking forum for webcam models where you can always find answers to any questions, share your experience, get useful tips and just have fun!

– Stay up to date with all the key webcam news!
– Find useful information!
– Get answers to any questions!
– Communicate and talk about your experiences!
– Share your impressions!
– Participate in contests and win prizes!

Join today and participate in a new contest “My First Experience in the Webcam Industry” with a $100 prize!


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Cam Sites Wins at YNOT and AW Summit

At the YNOT awards, won Best Emerging Company and AW Summit Awards, won Best Emerging Platform

DELAWARE, USA — Just two months after their launch, is already racking up industry awards and nominations.

At the YNOT awards, won Best Emerging Company. Additionally, for was also nominated at YNOT for Best Marketing Campaign, and three models received nominations at YNOT as well.

Meanwhile, at the AW Summit Awards, won Best Emerging Platform, and’s VP, Paul Ashworth, was nominated for Businessman of the Year. was also nominated for Best Emerging Company at Bucharest Summit.

As he reflected on’s exciting progress to date, VP Paul Ashworth stated: “Working on such a complicated project during quarantine wasn’t easy. Not being able to meet as a team in person (for two years) definitely took its toll on us, but we pulled through and persevered–and here we are. We definitely learned a great deal from this process as well.”

“For one, we saw there is a huge gap between products nowadays and the way the new generations are looking at things.” Ashworth explained, “I think it’s extremely important for platforms to listen to feedback from both models and users, and this is what we are trying to achieve with”

He continued: “We will always aspire to improve the experience on our platform and innovate. In the end, no one wants to be the next MySpace or AOL. Our product aims to give the best experience to models and users who use the latest technology and apps.”

A rep added: “In other words, look out world! The ‘revolution’ is already underway–and we are only getting started! Our hardworking team couldn’t be more honored or humbled by these recent wins, especially since we are still so new.”

Ashworth agreed: “I couldn’t be more proud of the creativity and dedication that goes into We are so grateful for everyone’s support, and we look forward to growing even more in the future.”


Award-winning platform aims to provide the ultimate experience in adult live streaming by blending gaming and social elements with the excitement of watching your favorite performers in real-time. Created by a team of professionals with 20 years of
experience in the adult and gaming industries, brings a fresh perspective that will change the cam game and revolutionize the sector. Our goal is to become the #1 live streaming platform and enable millions of people to connect in a fun and engaging fashion. For more information on, follow (@CherryTV ).

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Chaturbate presents 1st Annual “Health and Wellness Week”

The workshop was a success and COO Shirley Lara approved that.

The 7-day workshop had a positive impact on broadcasters and there were discussed useful topics about how to improve mental health, how to listen to your body needs, and of course, the spiritual part was not omitted. Every day came up with interesting meditations as “Meditation of the soul”  and informative subjects like “Yoga for Sex”, “Cooking for Sex”.

In an interactive, kinky, and fun way, the workshop was a success and COO Shirley Lara approved that.

 “As a community-centric platform, our goal at Chaturbate is to provide our broadcasters with informative and educational resources so they can lead healthy and happy lives. We were very pleased with the turnout and response we got from the Chaturbate community and have decided to make this an annual event,”  Shirley explained.
Also the COO, Shirley Larra added that “The health and wellness of Chaturbate broadcasters is one of our top priorities.”

The week of the “Health and Wellness” workshop had as guests the therapist Elliott Endre (Pinneaple Support), as well, the sex educator and professor Angela Jones was present at the event and she spoke about “Queer Sex-Ed: LGBTQ + Sexual Health”.

“It was a pleasure to host Chaturbate’s “Queer Sex-Ed” workshop during health and wellness week. I am so grateful to have been in conversation with such amazing broadcasters,” Angela added. “The open and honest dialogue was both moving and informative. Panelists provided critical information regarding resources and tips for caring for our sexual health as LGBTQIA+ people.”
Jessica O’Reilly, PhD, a sexologist and relationship expert who presented the “Business of Sex” workshop added “I was overwhelmed by the support and response from the community of broadcasters”

“These conversations about relationships, mental health and physical well-being are essential across all industries — and especially important in the adult industry where performer voices and needs ought to be amplified,” O’Reilly said.

We would like to congratulate Chaturbate and all those who contributed to the workshop!

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