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From Bucharest to Tenerife a new approach to the webcam industry

Architecture not only houses bodies but also choreographs them, connects them, and conditions them. The body does not just inhabit architecture, but architecture inhabits the body.
That being said, decorating cam studios is not very different from decorating in general. Interior design enables a space to serve a particular function, whether it is camming or something else. It produces and increases the value of a space, as well as the capital of its occupants, be it social or sexual.
The usual studio setup takes on a domestic appearance, producing a sense of authenticity, by making it seem like the model is working from home. By disguising the professionalism of the studio and the technical aspects of camming, the interior decoration of these spaces gives the work on display visual legitimacy, while also contributing to the sexual capital of the worker within a field in which the domestic and the personal are associated with the erotic.
But what happens when you level up the architecture and interior design of the cam studio setup? For DivaMansion, moving their location to Tenerife was both a challenge and a dream. Their motto ”Dare to dream” pathed their way to this beautiful Spanish hacienda with astonishing views, which lets them think outside the box and helps them build a new, more complex and aspirational cam studio concept.

Andrei, what determined you to open a studio in Tenerife? And why Tenerife?
Now, when I think about it, I think it was a mixture of feelings: the desire to go on a new adventure and a holiday I took in 2017, when I first visited this amazing island. Tenerife is undoubtedly a special place to be. The people here are very open-minded and you can enjoy the so-called “endless spring” weather which gives you the possibility to be online outdoors even in winter times.

The new studio setup attracts more members than the classic one?
This type of studio together with our team of professionals makes a great combo, which has brought us amazing results. The traffic arrives naturally and artificially using bought traffic from different platforms in the industry.

With this new remarkable location, are you trying to set a new aspirational standard in the industry? Did Instagram influence your decision to move to this distinguished location?
Yes, I am trying to keep a high standard for DivaMansion, while offering a quality experience for our models. As well, I have a devoted team in place to make sure our models: earn well, live well, eat well. I would say it is a costly approach, and it lowers for sure the studio profit margins, but we are thinking on long term. Instagram is one of the many social media platforms we use to gather traffic and attention to our model branding. Of course living in a paradise is a plus and our content creating costs are very low and very accessible here.

The new location facilitates in some way the recruitment process of the models?
Actually, it makes it harder for a few reasons. Firstly, here we do not have an infrastructure and awareness of the live cam jobs, as we are the first studio here we had to take every local model from 0 and train her. Secondly, minimum wages in the Canary Islands are 3.5x times higher than in Romania, so the expectations from local people are higher in terms of income. And with the experienced models we are bringing from Romania is complicated as well, as we provide accommodation, plane tickets and legal assistance to get their residency permits, work permits and working contracts. So either way, recruitment is harder than it would be in a well-developed area in terms of cam studios. I am not saying we have an issue with either of the options we got, just that it is a bit more challenging.

How much does the ambiance and setup of a studio really matter? The fact that you have chosen to go out of the classic pattern, opting for a unique location, which offers you the possibility to film even outside the pool, with a dreamy background, does it offer an aura of authenticity that members are looking for?
Thank you for this question! Of course it does! What we are doing is so uncommon and rare that it has had tremendous success regardless of the models that do outdoor pool shows. Together, they are a guaranteed hit! We do not use only outdoor shows, I believe a mix of outdoor shows and indoor shows works the best for us. Every model will participate in such a show at least once a week. Our project tries to offer more to the models and members as well, and this is why we are always seeking for new technologies and new ways to connect better with the audience, while giving the best support we can for our highly prized models.

Thank you, Andrei and DivaMansion for these awesome pics! Now we can all dream of the ”Island of Eternal Spring”! Read more articles here


Investing in our Cam Models drives the studio’s success to the maximum!

This time, we are delighted to present to you Cam Stars Studio, a premium studio founded in 2008, based in Bucharest Romania. Their business model is investing in models so they can reach their most professional form. They’ve created a safe environment for the girls who want to work for them, training them constantly to reach the income they desire. Read more about Cam Stars Studio in the following article.

Managing Partner

Please tell us a few words about your studio
Cam Stars Studio is a Romanian studio based in Bucharest since 2008. Our mission was, from the start, to develop top cam models, working in a safe and legal environment based on transparency and team values.

What determined you to open up a livecam studio?
We started many years ago and we knew from the start what we wanted from this business and what we wanted to achieve. Obviously, sometimes you have to work years to achieve what in the beginning seems so easy.

Did you receive any advice/consultancy from any other studio or from any other experienced person in this field when you started?
Back in the days when we came into this business, things were a lot different. It was a new business in the Romanian market and of course way less competitors. Everything was slower and you really needed to figure it out by yourself. Fortunately, we were 3 associates from scratch and everyone did his part well.

Is there any financial difference between last year and this year? Is there any increase in profits?
We prefer a slow and constant growth by retaining our new models. In order to engage our models, we permanently invest and try to improve their way of work so it is easier for us to forecast this year. Based on our data this year will be at least as good as the last one and we are satisfied with these margins.

Describe how you’ve responded to competitive threats in the past.
We do not consider the rest of the studios as a threat to our business because competition is making all of us stronger and better. Our business model relies on experienced people with unique skills, and individual and team values which make it self-defensive.

What method did you use to create strategies that led to the success you have today?
From the beginning, we tried to create a reliable and powerful brand and our core value is respect for our models work. It is not just about helping them succeed in this business it is also about finding the best version of each and every one.

What type of cam sites are you working with?
We only work with premium websites (ImLive, Jasmin, AdultWork, Streamate) and we are totally against freemium.

What expectations do you have from the cam sites you are working with?
we are very satisfied with the partnership we are having with the sites we are working with. We are working closely with them in growing our models on their platforms and the most important thing is that we have a fast and easy communication channel with all of them.

How many working places do you have/ or how many locations?
Currently, we have 3 locations translated into 20 working places.

Which is the model’s salary growth expectation compared to the average salary in the economy?
A model’s revenue is always based (in this exact order) on her level of commitment, general knowledge, level of English, look. So any model who wants to work with us has to understand that she can meet her financial expectations if she will work hard and improve her earnings monthly. Read more articles here

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Studio One – a premium cam studio

Studio One is a premium cam studio based in Bucharest, Romania. Starting with a fresh new perspective on the live cam industry in Romania, the cam studio made its way through the market. It made itself visible by adopting new strategies such as being represented by public figures. Their motto is “Be the ONE, not anyone!” which also helped the cam studio choose its name. We had the pleasure to talk to Studio One, and we are glad to share their story with you.

Please tell us a few words about your studio.
(When did you start? The studio’s name; how did you come up with the name? Where is it located, etc.)
Be the ONE, not anyone! This quote led to our name choice, as our business always keeps the model on the focus. Our goal is to create TOP models, and we trust every girl can become one with the support of a professional team. We currently have one location almost at its maximum capacity and are already looking to expand to a second one. Also, we will soon launch our revolutionary franchise system, enabling other business enthusiasts to open a successful studio and run their businesses at the highest standards.

Did you receive any advice/consultancy from any other studio or any other experienced person in this field when you started?
As we were set for success, we had the support of one of the most experienced consultancy agencies in the field,, ensuring a pole position in our start and good business practice according to the industry standards. This way, we successfully followed our business plan from day one and generated high incomes in a short period. Read full article here

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Candy Models Family

Candy Models Family is a non-nude cam studio based in the capital of Ukraine – Kyiv. The story of the studio started 5 years ago, in 2016, having as a workspace only one room and one thought – ‘let’s make some quick wallet money’. In time, things started to take shape, so now, Candy Models Family represents two brand-new studios that are fully professional. The studio’s philosophy is to help any girl in “touching” the livecam industry with no nude performing and earn a lot. We had the pleasure to talk to the owner of the studio – Illya, and we are glad to share the interview with you!

What determined you to open up a livecam studio?
Actually, I opened my first studio after I was fired from a real estate company and I just needed some money for living. At that time, I had a friend who was an owner of livecam studios, and it seemed to have success, so I’ve decided to try it myself. Well, that was the right decision.

Did you receive any advice/consultancy from any other studio or from any other experienced person in this field when you started?
Yes, I had some technical advice about PCs, cams, and lights. Unfortunately, this was the only advice I had at that time. I had to make all the next steps on my own. That was hard but very interesting. A few years later, when I started, I met some people at AW Summit who gave me some really simple but important advice. Read full article here

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