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From Bucharest to Tenerife a new approach to the webcam industry

Architecture not only houses bodies but also choreographs them, connects them, and conditions them. The body does not just inhabit architecture, but architecture inhabits the body.
That being said, decorating cam studios is not very different from decorating in general. Interior design enables a space to serve a particular function, whether it is camming or something else. It produces and increases the value of a space, as well as the capital of its occupants, be it social or sexual.
The usual studio setup takes on a domestic appearance, producing a sense of authenticity, by making it seem like the model is working from home. By disguising the professionalism of the studio and the technical aspects of camming, the interior decoration of these spaces gives the work on display visual legitimacy, while also contributing to the sexual capital of the worker within a field in which the domestic and the personal are associated with the erotic.
But what happens when you level up the architecture and interior design of the cam studio setup? For DivaMansion, moving their location to Tenerife was both a challenge and a dream. Their motto ”Dare to dream” pathed their way to this beautiful Spanish hacienda with astonishing views, which lets them think outside the box and helps them build a new, more complex and aspirational cam studio concept.

Andrei, what determined you to open a studio in Tenerife? And why Tenerife?
Now, when I think about it, I think it was a mixture of feelings: the desire to go on a new adventure and a holiday I took in 2017, when I first visited this amazing island. Tenerife is undoubtedly a special place to be. The people here are very open-minded and you can enjoy the so-called “endless spring” weather which gives you the possibility to be online outdoors even in winter times.

The new studio setup attracts more members than the classic one?
This type of studio together with our team of professionals makes a great combo, which has brought us amazing results. The traffic arrives naturally and artificially using bought traffic from different platforms in the industry.

With this new remarkable location, are you trying to set a new aspirational standard in the industry? Did Instagram influence your decision to move to this distinguished location?
Yes, I am trying to keep a high standard for DivaMansion, while offering a quality experience for our models. As well, I have a devoted team in place to make sure our models: earn well, live well, eat well. I would say it is a costly approach, and it lowers for sure the studio profit margins, but we are thinking on long term. Instagram is one of the many social media platforms we use to gather traffic and attention to our model branding. Of course living in a paradise is a plus and our content creating costs are very low and very accessible here.

The new location facilitates in some way the recruitment process of the models?
Actually, it makes it harder for a few reasons. Firstly, here we do not have an infrastructure and awareness of the live cam jobs, as we are the first studio here we had to take every local model from 0 and train her. Secondly, minimum wages in the Canary Islands are 3.5x times higher than in Romania, so the expectations from local people are higher in terms of income. And with the experienced models we are bringing from Romania is complicated as well, as we provide accommodation, plane tickets and legal assistance to get their residency permits, work permits and working contracts. So either way, recruitment is harder than it would be in a well-developed area in terms of cam studios. I am not saying we have an issue with either of the options we got, just that it is a bit more challenging.

How much does the ambiance and setup of a studio really matter? The fact that you have chosen to go out of the classic pattern, opting for a unique location, which offers you the possibility to film even outside the pool, with a dreamy background, does it offer an aura of authenticity that members are looking for?
Thank you for this question! Of course it does! What we are doing is so uncommon and rare that it has had tremendous success regardless of the models that do outdoor pool shows. Together, they are a guaranteed hit! We do not use only outdoor shows, I believe a mix of outdoor shows and indoor shows works the best for us. Every model will participate in such a show at least once a week. Our project tries to offer more to the models and members as well, and this is why we are always seeking for new technologies and new ways to connect better with the audience, while giving the best support we can for our highly prized models.

Thank you, Andrei and DivaMansion for these awesome pics! Now we can all dream of the ”Island of Eternal Spring”! Read more articles here

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Cam Studios

JHstudios’s interview

Starting the year with enthusiasm and energy, JHstudios is ready to take on the challenge of becoming one of the top studios in Colombia. With the essential part of caring for their models and offering advice to those just starting, JHstudios is well-equipped to accommodate all cam sites and provide quality service to every model. They recognize that working with models can take days, months, or even years and that learning new things and being present throughout their professional journeys is integral to success.
With this in mind, they have set ambitious goals for this year, including expanding internationally and continuing to grow by 400%, as they did in 2022. Last year they completed two studios in Colombia with more than 127 luxury rooms, and they look forward to achieving even more success in the coming year.

Jorge & Heiber

What essential part should a studio owner take care of?
I would think that something specific is difficult to know since too many big or small factors make a company successful. However, the most important thing for studios is always their models, but the advisers in charge of them are characteristics of great importance that we must take care of, which is why for JHstudios, its advisers and leaders are fundamental and are key to the success of the model.

As one of the bigger studios from Colombia, what is your advice for someone that starts this year?
JHstudios is a specialist in advising studios and also those that are starting their creation. For JHstudios, the most important advice for those who are starting is to always think about the quality of your company in terms of infrastructure, technology, and human quality, but above all, worry about the little things that arise every day since it is an industry that is always evolving. I always say the small details make the difference.

Heiber & Jorge

Do you work with all camsits platforms? Explain why? Or if not, explain why also?
JHstudios we are a brand of free pages, we have access to several of the best-known pages, but we are specialists in Stripchat. Our models only work with one or two pages Maximum since working with many pages is the worst decision someone can make. As we always say, you are one hundred percent of you as a person working on a single page means that one hundred percent Attention to those users. Working on 2 or more means that this percentage will change significantly.

How much work with a model until she is a top model for your studio?
Working with a model can be relative and can be days, months, or even years. Being a top requires a lot of perseverance, patience, dedication, and discipline. Acquiring all this is sometimes not so easy. Our role is to understand that there is always something new to learning and teaching. It is important to dedicate quality time to a model, especially advice and accompaniment, throughout her professional path.


What plans do you have for this year? What will it be?
JHstudios has an international projection. We are currently advancing on some projects outside of Colombia as well as a working modality for satellite models on webcam and content pages. The idea is to be able to cover several countries in South America. In the same way, we open a brand of Lingerie in which we are working.

Do you end 2022 with all plans achievable? What was it?
JHstudios in 2022 had a growth of 400% in relation to the past years. Between them, we completed two studios in Bogota and Medellín, Colombia, adding up to 127 luxury rooms in two modern buildings with a capacity for almost 400 models and more than 150 direct employees between administrative and consultants. Our vision is clear, and we always work to improve and advance. Our motto is “Moving Forward to the Future”.

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Welcome to BabeStation

Let us introduce you to the UK household brand Babestation! With a 20 year history and experience, the studios started as a broadcast studio to support the Babestation TV shows, which has been broadcasting since 2002. From chat rooms to live cam feeds, streaming from their studios, 24/7, Babestation brings you brand new XXX content shot exclusively in house. We got to talk to Mo Noorollahi, Babestation COO, and found out more insights on their activity.

What type of cam sites are you working with?
Babestation owns and operates two of its own camsites, and We also work with Streamate to allow UK based models to gain more traffic and exposure.

What expectations do you have from the cam sites you are working with?
Communication and support! Those are the two most important things.

What is your leadership philosophy?
“Models first”! We would not have a business if it wasn’t for our models.

How do you build the model’s confidence?
We have a talent management team that works tirelessly with our models. As well as the talent management team, we have a production team who work closely with the models 24/7 to get the best out of their shows.

What advice would you give to a newcomer?
Don’t run before you can walk! It’s a very exciting industry and things can move very fast. Spend time understanding the industry and how to best create a career path within it.

How many working places do you have/ or how many locations?
We have 3 studios in the UK. Milton Keynes, London and Manchester.

What is your method of finding models?
Any model can apply to our agency from seeing adverts on our TV channels or websites. We do have a dedicated team of headhunters that look for models who would fit the brand as-well.


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3F Models Studio – a business that could stand a war 

3F Models Studio was founded 10 years ago in Kharkiv, Ukraine and operates a few other studios under the same umbrella in Odessa and Kyiv. The business stands by its name – The Federation of Force & Freedom, as it’s operating still under the harsh conditions of the Ukrainian – Russian war. 

What determined you to open up a livecam studio?

The first studio we opened before 3F Models.

 It was the best time to start this business, it was easy money for models and fast growing for a business. After that, there were a lot of branded studios popping up and the business was getting harder year by year. Then we decided to start working in the right “European way”.

Did you receive any advice/consultancy from any other studio or from any other experienced person in this field when you started?

As a model, I started for the first time with another studio. They were charging me a lot of fees for nothing and they paid me a lower percentage than they told me at the interview. So I cannot say I had a good first experience. After I founded the 3F studio and started my own studio, for Ukraine, back then, it was a bigger and absolutely new level, I got my best experience in 3F. Here models have everything that a studio must give them.

Is there any financial difference between last year and this year? Is there any increase in profits?

We do not advertise our earnings, but year by year we have a new higher level of earnings, and we have a goal for that. And I can say every year we are closer to our highest targeted earnings. We will see how 2022 will end up because everybody knows what’s happening in Ukraine right now. The war kind of ruined our plans, but we are keeping strong and doing everything to save our models and earnings.

Describe how you’ve responded to competitive threats in the past.

We never wanted to start the war, but if somebody wants to play with us – always welcome =D

What method did you use to create strategies that led to the success you have today?

First of all, we are studying other European studios. It was the first step of our “new generation” strategy. Then year by year different things changed. We are always looking for a good strategy, the best way to succeed is through the experience itself. If we have an issue, like in any other kind of company, we have to fix it fast and change our strategy fast if that’s needed.

What type of cam sites are you working with?

Freemium, a small part of our models works as “premium” models.

What expectations do you have from the cam sites you are working with?

Serious partnership, innovations inside a system and mobile apps

How many working places do you have/ or how many locations?

Before the war, we had 11 or 12 studios in Kharkiv, 2 studios in Kyiv, and 3 studios in Odessa. 250+ models had a working place. Now we have 4 studios in Kyiv, 4 studios in Odessa, and 3 studios still working in Kharkiv under daily bombing. Few studios were bombed and the main and biggest studio was destroyed by Russian bombs.

Which is the model’s salary growth expectation compared to the average salary in the economy?

It does not depend on the economic situation. We are earning $ and don’t care about the currency rate. It affects the percentage of withdrawal, but it’s anyway better than for a business like a coffee shop or restaurant.

How do you build the model’s confidence?

Our experience is the main visit card. Models believe us – because they know what happens in other studios, where owners think only about themself. Our models are happy with us, they are always waiting for the next contest from our company where they have the chance to win something like an iPhone, a MacBook, or a new car. In our experience, we made a few contests with the main prize being a car. And every contest was true and transparent, all the models know – they can trust us.

What advice would you give to a newcomer?

For a model – don’t lose your first 2 weeks, don’t be shy, and never be tired in your broadcasts. These 2 weeks will be the most important for your business.

For a new studio – respect your colleagues, respect your models, you are starting a serious business, it’s not fast and easy money. If you start your business with this thought, you will lose your studio after half of the year. Pay good commissions and salaries for your staff, because without them you are nothing.

Which are the 3 top goals to achieve as a company?

Get the trust of your partners, team members, and models. Join the webcam community and know what happens in the industry. Get rid of services from outside. Develop a department for each type of employee of your company. Designers, admins, SEO, programmers, marketing, photographers, video editors, content makers, etc.

In your view, what risks do you face as a cam studio?

The worst already happened on the 24th of February.

What is your leadership philosophy?

The philosophy of leadership of 3F Models is to give everybody a chance to earn big money for everybody. Everybody wants to be rich, not only a studio owner.

What methods have you used to motivate your models in the past?

Regular contests, regular gifts, parties for every holiday, regular bonuses and we are always helping models to buy a car, apartments, etc If they don’t have a full amount.

What is your method of scouting models?

We have a department of marketing, advertisement, call center, and first interview center. We are using all methods possible.


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